Searching Head… and Finding Hands

Several times in the last few days a new and very satisfying phenomenon has started to happen:
Every time, it begins with my looking for something I need but can’t remember where I have put. I look and look everywhere, my focus on my search growing so intense I feel I am becoming a kind of ‘searching head’!… But still I don’t find what I am looking for.
And then comes a point when all this will-powered effort to find, stops, suddenly feeling its own inadequacy and inefficiency, and something else then starts happening just spontaneously: without my understanding why, my body goes in a certain direction, following directly the lead of my hands, who apparently somehow know where to look for what I want; when my body arrives at the right spot, my hands on their own reach out to some specific place there and, lo and behold, retrieve from under other things that were hiding it the thing I was looking for!!!
What was the first instance, I didn’t note down, so now I don’t know any more; but the two next ones I did note down, to make sure I would remember, and I do.
Visitors to this blog have to realize I am fully back in my house by now, yes, all my things are back inside those walls, but not all are yet sorted out and put back in their proper place; as I have so many other things to do too (including this blog to write) a lot of books, clothes and other stuff is still packed by broad categories in big bags piled up here and there, waiting for me to have the time and the energy to deal with them. Having had to move everything out two months ago within the few hours left before that second cyclone, ‘Nilam’, was supposed to strike in full force, my humble but many possessions got all pretty much mixed up that first time I moved; then during the month and a half that I stayed in another house, I patiently re-ordered all that I could already, at least enough to be functional again for the main activities that had absolutely to go on.
But finally it became possible to go back into my real house, so a second time I had to move, everything had to be brought back there, at a more leisurely pace, but a fast one nevertheless, as the other house had to be entirely vacated before the first Guests who had booked it would arrive… which was in a few days only. So again a great mix-up happened, in spite of all the precautions and care I did put in properly packing things; and you always have those last minute trips back and forth between one house and the other, when you cannot be in both at the same time to supervise the people who are helping you, and they end up putting together the last items in rather unexpected ways, so later on you have a hard time figuring out where this or that might be, when you need it. And sometimes you yourself forget where precisely you have put some precious little thing you especially cared for and placed safely somewhere…. but where?!
That’s what happened with my dear translucent salmon-pink ear-rings:
I have them since years, one of the only little things I was able to buy for myself last time I was in France, that is, in 2006. They are nothing really great in themselves, not an expensive piece of jewelry, simple ‘pure plastic’ (!) ear-rings, but once I wear them, for some reason they fit me specially well, color and shape; so well that they are my all-time favorites, always noticed by other people, yet not showy like some other pairs I have with brighter colors. Those ones, delicate and discrete, I wore whenever I was more in ‘soul mood’, so I particularly wouldn’t have wanted to lose them.
Soon after settling down temporarily in the other house I realized I was missing them. And also the nicely hexagonal transparent glass ‘crystal’ that with its short chain I always loved to use as a pendulum to select the particular cream that my hair or my skin wanted at any particular time; it looked beautiful, it was a pleasure every time to use it, so I was sad to be missing that too. I vaguely remembered putting it away in a small well-protected bag… together with the ear-rings, in fact… but where?…

Even after moving back home, I had not yet found them.
Yesterday morning I was dressing up especially for the exceptional evening out I would have to have that night, to attend a meeting of the French Aurovilians with the French Consul, a very friendly person who comes often to meet us informally in that way around some simple dinner, the event being arranged by the few French Aurovilians most involved in the activities and development of the French Pavilion, the space used being generally the Tibetan Pavilion that is already existing in the same area of Auroville. The way I felt like dressing for that evening should have included those pale-pink ear-rings, so with renewed determination I set again to find them, but to no avail. Suddenly, in my growing despair, my personal will abdicated; instead, a prayer rose in my heart that I may at last recover my dear ear-rings. The result was instantaneous and astonishing: my body leaned towards a small bag of toiletries I had already searched several times in vain, so I was quite surprised that still something seemed to be there; but already my hands, of their own volition, were aiming straight at a thin, almost invisible pocket on the outside of it that I didn’t remember was there … once inside that small pocket my fingers immediately felt the ear-rings indeed, and right at the bottom they found also the crystal pendulum!… A flow of pure joy and gratitude filled my heart. I wore my ear-rings yesterday evening, with delight – and that pendulum is back in its daily use too.
And this morning again it happened:  a nice young woman staying with me as a Guest was asking me for some short texts by Sri Aurobindo; I  remembered having tucked away my favorite booklets as a separate pile somewhere in my small Research office, right when I moved back into my house, to make sure I would find them again easily… but where did I put that pile?… For a good hour I looked and looked, and couldn’t locate anywhere that specific pile. Then the personal will in me finally gave up and asked inwardly for help. That worked liked magic: instantly my body turned around towards the extreme right corner next to the low chair; there indeed was a pile I had somehow forgotten about and overlooked; already my hands were searching knowingly inside that pile, and coming back up triumphantly with just the booklets I was looking for!!!
This time I was almost afraid, it was so unbelievable, it seemed eerie; and then my fear spontaneously turned to utter joy that such things were becoming not only possible but increasingly frequent, a new way of functioning that apparently is more and more just natural for my body in its more and more awakened consciousness …

Oh my… What a fantastic new way of functioning! I love it…

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