Update on February 2013 in Repos, Auroville

The month of February has been as usual very full – even fuller than usual, as we added this year a new celebration, one that in previous years was not observed in Auroville; here is the text through which we sent around our invitation:


We invite you and your beloved to a Special Dinner Celebration on 
Valentine's Day, this Thursday night 14th February 2013 (and possibly 
also on the following nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from 6 to 
9 pm:

Even though in Auroville, as Mother advised, couples generally don't 
'marry', it is simply because true love between the two beings is the 
only really important thing, the one thing that truly ensures an 
enduring relationship - and that's what we want to celebrate in our own 
Aurovilian way for Valentine's Day!

It will be a candle-lit and star-lit dinner, with probably some moon 
light too already. We'll have a special menu composed by our AVI France 
master cook Francois. The cost will be 450 Rs for couples, 250 Rs for 
singles. It might be a nice additional touch if some Auroville or 
visiting musicians play also some soft, classical or romantic music - 
let's see...

Please let us know before 3pm on Thursday if you want to come so we can 
plan accordingly.
See you soon in front of the ocean...
Repos Team"


Just the right number of people showed up for the cooking and serving capacity of our small team, everything went very smoothly. Early in the night a storm gathered its dark clouds over our heads, threatening to flood our outdoor event; but with some inner concentration on the part of my special Guest Isis, and of myself, the clouds went away and we did have the candle-lit, starlit and moonlit dinner promised!!! The food too was very nice, so everyone left quite happy.

The next Thursday, the 21st,  was Mother’s Birthday, with of course celebrations all around that kept everyone  gone here and there in other parts of Auroville or at the Ashram in Pondy for the ‘Darshan’.

Two days later, on Saturday 23, some of our Guests here were aware that it was my birthday, so besides my normal close friends, that day saw also quite a few other persons coming to my house with flowers or small presents…  In the morning, the main  employee we have in Repos, our genius of a maintenance-man, managed to fix for good the electrical supply to my house. As it was a Saturday, in the afternoon my best friend came as always for watching some episodes of ‘STAR TREK TNG’; and for the first time in the forty years I have lived in Auroville, a special dinner was prepared in my honour, in supposed secrecy, with as the main dish my dear ‘couscous’!!! It was delicious, and so were also the other items on the menu… the five of us will long remember that birthday dinner full of sweetness and fun that we had together. I had had a quick look at my email and Facebook messages, a lot  was there waiting for me, which I answered the next day, a nice way to make that day too a part still of the same happy celebration…

Then, so fast, it was already the 28th, that is, Auroville’s own Birthday!
I woke up before dawn and had a meditation right there and then, still in bed, at the same time as many people were also having the usual collective meditation around a great, beautiful bonfire, all the way up in the amphitheater next to

Matrimandir, at the centre of Auroville.

It was a very intense and luminous half-hour for me,  that much I can say, and the whole day went on in the same very special way all along. When dressing up for the day, I put on for the first time the gorgeous pale orange (the Auroville colour)  ‘churidhar’ I had many months ago found at my beloved ‘Free Store’… I had never tried it on before, but the tunic and pants set was fitting perfectly, raising cries of admiration later on among the other people present for our daily ‘Early Breakfast’. My mood too remained remarkably perfect the whole day, which was another good thing!… When the night came, no exhaustion either in spite of those many hours spent making sure that everything was going fine… Back at long last in bed, I was even able to have a short moment of inner concentration again before sleep took finally over. Wow. I don’t remember having ever had a full day in my life feeling so incredibly harmonious – like a ship gloriously going, all sails open, on the vast ocean, by a beautiful weather…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dykewriter
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 17:51:38

    I can;t see to like your posts either

    I updated some security addons and it’s made the browsing experience non-interactive for me.



  2. dykewriter
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 17:52:13

    thank you for sharing reports when you can

    that event sounds like it would have been pleasurable



    • Bhaga
      Mar 02, 2013 @ 15:22:08

      It has indeed been pleasurable, and I would have been so happy to have you around for the occasion!!!.
      As for my sharing reports, I’d love to be able to do that more often, but all the work to be done for Repos at present eats up all my time during the day, and at might I am tired, being spontaneously an early sleeper and early riser… I’ll soon post more about that, by the way…



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