The New Normality

Every year I have some friends from different countries who are more generally friends of Auroville too and come here for a few weeks during the cool season, which ends around this time.
A dear lady friend of mine who always visits me while she is here spent again some time with me one morning in February. We are both deeply into our process of Conscious Evolution, so it is the main topic we mostly talk about every time.
As usual we were sitting together on my sofa downstairs, in the living-room. At some point this time she said to me, like a kind of confidence, ‘I feel sometimes that I would like to be ‘normal’…’

I was stunned, and remained speechless for a few moments. 
Then I found myself asking her with great intensity:
‘But which kind of ‘Normality’ are you talking about???
Don’t you see that the Old Normality is fading away into the Past, and that a New Normality, coming from the Future, is emerging, which is shared by more and more people in the world? It is up to you which Normality you choose to be part of.’

It was her turn to be stunned and speechless. She stared at me for a while, then asked hesitantly if I myself felt really like that; I said a strong ‘Yes’, and we went on talking about this, so intensely something in her was deeply touched and moved, she started experiencing some new feelings, a new way of looking at herself and at life, telling me aloud what was happening in her as it kept happening in answer to what I was saying: a new faith, a new enthusiasm for the ‘New Normality’ was flooding her consciousness and even her physical being, particularly her eyes, in which she sensed what she described as a kind of happy sparkle; she was smiling, with an almost mischievous glee in her smile, as she spoke of a celebration in her inner being, as if with some (inner) champagne!

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration (Photo credit: US Embassy New Zealand) The Past Normality

The change in her was indeed fascinating to watch as our strange conversation went on outwardly, with its inner repercussions being announced outwardly as well moment by moment. It was mirth and glee, I could see that in her face, in the way her whole body was now  comfortably resting on that sofa.

This went on and on, until we were interrupted by someone else’s arrival, I had to attend to that other person’s need, and it took some time; when I came back inside my house, my friend was no more there; but I had felt a sense of completion before I had gone out, so my friend’s departure only confirmed that.

She and her husband were about to go back soon to their country, so we had no chance to meet again after that particularly meaningful morning. I hope some of its remarkable effect has lingered on and has revealed itself to be a long-term result in her. Another lady who happened to meet her still in Auroville just before she left, told me later on she had said I had helped her. May the Divine Grace, and not ‘me’, be thanked for that.
As for myself, I am grateful as well: since then I have felt a reinforced inner strength that is most welcome too.
May that inner strength become part of my own ‘New Normality’ for ever henceforth… 

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dykewriter
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 17:18:58

    there always seems to be a new normal

    but then, my situation is a recovery process towards a tolerable normal….



  2. Bhaga
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 08:06:06

    To dear Nina:
    I remember in the last few months there has been a time when you did mention some inner sweetness in your being, or something like that? Is that gone? I mean, did you let go of that?…



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