Healing: A Method for Miracles, from Russia

Two Saturdays ago, a friend of mine brought me the photocopy of an article published in October 2012 by the Indian magazine ‘Life Positive’, with this fascinating title: ‘RECREATE YOUR CELLS’.
What I read was so fantastic I would have perhaps discarded it as not real if the photocopy hadn’t been given to my friend by a most serious senior Ashramite lady from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram itself. So not only did I finally keep carefully the article, I also started researching on internet this whole topic. I became really interested, to the point of wishing I had some way to get the direct experience of a workshop about this.
A few days later our little internal weekly newsletter comes out, and what do I find among the various announcements?… This one:

Russian Healer
3 day workshop

The New Knowledge to cosmic consciousness is used for the rescue and harmonious development of the world. This workshop is based on the research of Russian scientists around Gregori Grabovoi. It is all about taking responsibility for our own healing and the healing of the world. We raise our consciousness through perception. The spiritual expansion leads towards a change of reality and we are acting on our Creator level.
This practical seminar will provide you with a wide range of methods you can use to expand your concentration, raise your awareness and thereby achieve your results. We are learning various techniques which allow us to renew the cellular information, as well as there is the possibility of recreation of organs, teeth, etc… Your concentration can bring immediate results.

Facilitator’s comments: Since many years I have been learning and teaching different holistic healing methods. The ‘New Knowledge’ actually helped me a lot to understand what happens during healing. Practicing with this method brings clarity and a sharp focus towards healing, which leads to amazing results.’

I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Here was the very workshop I had wished for…!
As soon as I recovered from the joyful shock of this incredible ‘coincidence’, I phoned the facilitator and registered my name at once.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dykewriter
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 16:12:36

    it’s wonderful when events like that occur



  2. Jamie Dedes
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 18:09:00

    Thanks for sharing it.



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