Laboratory of Evolution: Report from Bhaga for 2012-2013

LABORATORY OF EVOLUTION  Personal Progress Report from BHAGA,

1/ Various Workshops

During this last year of research and teaching work, like in the
previous recent years, because of the work I had to do for Repos as
well, the workshops that I can give and often do were not publicised
or otherwise mentioned anywhere, not even in Auroville’s own weekly
internal Newsletter. Still, there has been coming to see me in
Repos, on the Auroville beach, where I live, a constant flow of
individuals seeking to know more about the spiritual dimension of
Auroville, the evolutive vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and
Mother, and even this rather less known topic that is the
consciousness of our body-cells.

Looking back at the precise persons who happened to come and work
with me for a week or more at some point during those twelve months,
some facts are especially striking, which had started already
becoming apparent the year before:

– A strong proportion of the people who came (all Westerners, a
majority of women) were themselves teachers of Hatha Yoga,
Meditation, or other methods of spiritual awakening.

– Some knew me already from previous years, returning to Auroville
and meeting me regularly every year, but most were visiting
Auroville for the first time, and they had just heard about me while
they were here.

– A remarkable number of those persons, as part of their own work,
were teaching some approach or the other to our body-cells, but were
not satisfied any more with the method they had been taught and were
teaching. They had heard about The Mother, and felt the need to
study more precisely what had been the work that the Mother herself
had done with her own body-cells.

To be able to point out to each of those new persons in which way
her usual method was different from the one used by the Mother, I
asked each of them to give me a sample of what they were practicing,
by giving me a session of their own teaching.

This entire process has been extremely interesting also for me,
giving me the opportunity right in my own home to get the experience
of some of the teachings which are trendy at the moment in the West,
particularly regarding this topic of Cellular Consciousness.

When we came then to the second part of our work together, each
person had become in that way more familiar with me as well, more
trustful, and so more able to speak openly of their doubts regarding
their usual method. Conversely, they were more open also to hear
about the subtle but important differences between that usual method
of theirs and the way it had all happened for Mother and her body.
For them to understand fully why those differences were so
important, it was often necessary to review the whole approach to
Conscious Evolution that Sri Aurobindo and Mother created and called
‘The Integral Yoga’.

In all those cases the persons concerned have expressed how much
enriched they felt by the explanations they had received (most often
directly through texts from Sri Aurobindo and Mother themselves) and
by the moments of practical application also provided, which helped
them integrate these new elements into their own life first, but
with the intention to keep studying and experimenting, so as to
follow as closely as possible the indications given by Sri Aurobindo
and the Mother, and start presenting them in their teachings as

2/ Research Blog (

As explained in my Progress Report of last year, 2011-2012, writing
regularly posts for the Research Blog I started two years ago has
become an important way to communicate internationally with other
persons in the world interested in Conscious Evolution.
Unfortunately in May my laptop stopped functioning: the motherboard
needed to be changed. After two months looking vainly for the part
in India, It is only a week ago that the needed motherboard, ordered
directly from China where that brand of laptops is made, could be
installed and I could become ‘operational’ again for all things

After such a long interruption, with complete silence on my part, no
new articles appearing on my blog, as I couldn’t leave Repos for the
long hours needed for using internet somewhere else, I have now to
build up again my own regularity in writing, in order to
re-establish the daily contact and expectation from those who were
interested in my research work and appreciated my writing style…
Same thing on Facebook.

Another consequence of not being able to communicate normally by
internet has been that during that whole period I have not been able
to alert people of good will, in Auroville itself and elsewhere,
when their inner help might have been useful again, like in previous
occasions, to protect Repos from further degradation due to coastal
erosion etc. That so interesting ongoing experiment in collective
inner action has also been interrupted; this year, the Divine
Protection alone is to be thanked that Repos still exists, and my
own house here is still standing as well (at the time of this writing!).


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dykewriter
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 17:36:09


    I was wondering about the structures

    workshops? that’s what I’ve been considering but my heart isn’t in it



    • Bhaga
      Jul 24, 2013 @ 07:32:35

      The structures? Do you mean, the structures of Auroville?
      The workshops? What had you considered? Taking some? Giving some?…
      Please kindly say more… ?



  2. dykewriter
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 18:09:10

    just following a hunch that you might get a …chuckle… from this:



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