Call for Inner Help about the Ocean

Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation

Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation (Photo credit:



All right, this one will be brief but important:


I suddenly realize that after all these months of forced silence because of no internet and no laptop either, the situation has now changed… the Divine has graciously given me back both, a few days ago.


It didn’t occur to me yet to use these recovered means of global communication to call again all persons of goodwill to send  any manner of inner help to this area of the Coast of Coromandel to protect it from further erosion by the ocean. It is a seasonal thing, but made stronger and more aggressive by the mistakes of human beings. The neat result right now is that the ocean’s waves, in this phase of current going towards the North, are digging away the sand and shortening the beach, getting day after day closer and closer to… my house, which stands by now alone that much in front, the first in line for the possible next destruction by the waves after those that occurred so dramatically last year.


There is no cyclone at least, so these are the normal waves for the season, but they do make a lot of noise every time crashing down at a short distance of the shore – and almost every time the shock sends tremors directly into the ground that make the walls and the very floor of the house vibrate. Nothing to really panic about, it’s not downright alarming, but let’s say it is rather unpleasant, day and night like that, and it keeps my body-consciousness in a state of too much awareness that the ocean is slowly moving on towards the house.


It will all stop and reverse this action once the current in the ocean reverses, and starts going towards the South: then on the contrary each succeeding wave will build back the beach  – to some extent at least – both in thickness and in distance from the shore.


So what is needed at this point is that this change of direction in the current, supposed to begin soon anyway, starts to happen perhaps just slightly sooner than it would otherwise – soon enough for the ocean to leave my house alone and untouched!


This is where I need everybody’s inner help…


Please pray, visualize, speak to the ocean, whatever, but this change in direction of the current should somehow start to happen soon – as soon as possible in fact, for there are only a few meters left by now between the most stretched in waves and the  wall of my house facing the ocean, which they almost reach.


There! Now you have the information, let’s see once again if the collective thought-power  can have the desired result, as indicated by Sri Aurobindo and Mother (and other such knowledgeable persons) and as already happened in similar circumstances before.


The local Government is also planning some measures to stabilise the situation in this area, but in the meantime it is essential of course that no further damage occurs to existing buildings and habitations such as the one where I live and do this present work…


Thanking you all in advance,





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  1. dykewriter
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 16:27:05

    Reblogged this on dyke writer and commented:
    This is why we need a stronger international co-ordinated effort

    to minimize impact on the environment of major harbour/port operations – not just for fuel spills, but the wake and greater erosion impact.

    In British Columbia, the infamous Fast Cat Ferries were designed to travel at speeds that resulted in massive damage to delicate econosystems by the wave wake of the ship passing.

    Sonar and detonations of bombs carry a fequency wave through the water that is rupturing whales and other sea life’s ability to hear and navigate waters – damage to their sonar organs means they starve to death out of sight

    wave breaks help to protect the shoreline, but again, that changes the currents and impacts sea life ecosystems

    we have to shift to sustainability adn that means maintaining the environment

    not paving paradise to put up a parking lot



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