Great Start! Please Keep At It…

Since this morning I wanted, but only now before going to bed do I finally find the time to give this live feedback to all those who in response to my call yesterday, have taken the trouble – and the challenge – of concentrating their thought power with the deliberate intention of influencing the ocean on this coast, from wherever they happen to live on the planet:

Congratulations!… When I woke up and looked at the ocean, there was quite a visible difference already as compared to what I described yesterday night. I was stunned once again by the amazing  result this kind of collective inner action can have:

The ocean was much quieter, the waves and the sound they made were  much softer. This effect not only persisted the whole day, but became even more pronounced as the day went on. And it wasn’t just some kind of subjective impression: all the persons who come here daily noticed the difference and felt like mentioning it aloud, so marked the change was as compared to yesterday and the days before.

But now as the night progresses it’s a bit rough again, a bit more noisy, and some of the waves are coming closer. Also, the current is still from right to left when you are standing in front of the ocean. It still needs to reverse to its left to right, nice beach-rebuilding direction.

So please, all those who can and don’t mind, please keep at it for a few days more perhaps! This is likely to do it.

With all my thanks for your kind participation in this…


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