Bhaga Is Going to the Hospital

(Translation of my previous post "Bhaga s'en va a l'hopital", with the help of Nina's "Google Translate" version. For some reason, words typed didn't fall into the usual neat positioning over the lines, and I couldn't find any way to correct that, so be prepared for some unusual reading of words in some places,  as you can already see... Sorry for that! )

August 2, just past, was the 41th anniversary of my arrival in India - unknowingly just in the year of the Centenary of Sri Aurobindo, 1972, so August 15 became my first "Darshan" for this memorable occasion.

This year, August 2 was remarkable because the previous night, when I lied down to sleep, I had to sit up again as best I could, suddenly assailed by a searing pain all along the ribs on the right, including the muscles of the abdomen under the ribs. I was unable to find a tolerable position, until finally after an hourI resolved to take two paracetamols, fortunately after the normal half an hour took effect, and I could finally fall asleep.

In the morning, the painkillers were still active, but I still felt despite all my right ribs, which showedthat the problem, whatever it could be, was still there.

At breakfast, surprised at my lack of appetite, a friend of Auroville who lives near Repos and eats here often, when I responded to her question, instantly and imperatively ordered me to come with her on her moped to Auroville's Health Centre, up the road, where I could consult Aurovilian doctors.

So here we are at the Health Centre, where the doctor that I was hoping would be there was indeed there,  a able to receive us immediately. As I preferred not to take again any paracetamols to avoid masking the eventual other symptoms, pain that slowly resumed was soon accompanied by insufficient breathing and tachycardia, hence the ECG done immediately on site, which confirmed minor heart irregularities, but the pain was always significantly only on the right side, indicating rather a problem of liver and / or gall bladder, for which an ultrasound scan was necessary, but was possible only in bigger other hospitals in the region of Pondicherry. I chose the 'PIMS' Hospital, where I already had the opportunity to go and from where I am not irresistibly running away as it happens to me in general in other hospitals.

My motorized guardian angel continuing to transport me faithfully, half an hour later we were at PIMS, eight kilometers further away from Pondicherry than is Auroville as a whole: eight kilometers beyond the place where is more precisely Repos, on the highway here called 'ECR'. for 'East Coast Road' (because it connects Chennai and Pondy along the east coast of India).

The rest of the day saw us both, one leaning on the other silently, going from office to office and specialist to specialist in order to make as soon as possible all the tests and examinations that may shed light on the exact nature of the problem that made me suffer so suddenly, but is probably an older problem hitherto unnoticed. About four o'clock in the after-noon, each of us, famished, took a small sandwich and a relatively natural fruit drink at the internal restaurant of PIMS before everything in this large complex of several buildings started to close - except, of course, for patients whose condition was severe enough to require their stay there, which fortunately was not my case! ...

The next morning, after a good night thanks to two special pills 'quick effect'  given 'just in case' the day before by my sweet doctor, and taken with gratitude when the pain woke me up this time around midnight, the effect of the pills allowed me to return, again accompanied by my benefactor, to the Health Centre, with the full crop of x-ray, scans and other test results harvested in the different sections of PIMS.

As all possible causes indicating a really major problem seemed luckily absent, I could be left alone at the Health Center for the urine analysis which was the next step, ordered by my doctor in our patient search for the actual cause, not only of my sudden pain, which seemed to fade by itself, but also of the enormous fatigue that had been overwhelming me almost all the time for several months: a clear evidence of that, I had to lie down on one of the beds at the Health Centre, and I just as soon fell asleep for over an hour, not being able to sit at the laboratory to await the first results of the analysis. When I finally awakened and went back to get the results for showing them to my doctor, she confirmed that a urinary tract infectionwas at least part of the problem as to my general condition.

The most complete and detailed results are tomorrow Tuesday, so I'll go back again to the Health Centre ...Meanwhile, my pendulum has told me which one of the three drugs eventually prescribed would be truly useful for my body, so I have already taken that one for the last two days, and find myself already much better: it is in fact a simple 'probiotic', medically intended just to counter-balance the harmful effect of the antibiotic that I was also assumed to take, but that I decided not to take, my pendulum having so far strongly advised me not to absorb it.

I hope that tomorrow my doctor will be sufficiently understanding and broad-minded, even as the allopath she is, for not judging me mad if I have to reveal I'm using a pendulum to determine what is actually beneficial for my body when I ask the question, including as regards simple foods and beverages.

Several years ago it was a good sized renal calculus (a complete surprise that time already ...!) that forced me to let me be taken as an emergency to PIMS, where a scan confirmed the diagnosis, but instead of the operation envisaged by surgeons too easily, I was able at least to demand that it be replaced by the non-invasive method of crushing the stone  with ultrasound, which was successfully done shortly after at a specialized medical place in Chennai.

Since then, everything seemed to go well in the left kidney, but one of the results of the scan this time is indeed to have revealed some stones again, discrete recidivists in the left kidney - which does not explain in the least my present pain in the right flank, the cause of which we should continue to look for, but does at least indicate another problem which needs to be addressed urgently too, failing which we might seeit re-emerge as a bonus while we would be trying to settle the problem already for my right side!

I was surprised in recent weeks that my pendulum advised me categorically against the mint or flowers syrups which I have used for quite some months in the water I drink all day long scrupulously, to avoid precisely the return of any renal calculus; this has probably been a mistake on my part, alas, not to stick to pure "aqua simplex" that keeps the kidneys nicely washed and in good condition, safe from the mineralized deposits that, I'm realizing it too late, are almost inevitable with other drinks, or those syrups I kept addingto my water ...

Now that I understand the insistence of my pendulum  that I no longer take any syrup, it is again simple water that I drink now; a water even better than "simple", in fact: not only it is already as the basis the water called "Aquadyn" produced specially to Auroville, and so called because that water is re-energized, re-bioenergised by natural methods which make it particularly beneficial for the body; additionally, for my personal use, I still improve upon this basic water "Aquadyn" thanks to a process discovered by a scientist with "New Age" inspiration, which results in an increase in the natural solvent power of water, and therefore in its ability to dissolve any substance that water would be containing.

How did I get provided with such a precious invention? ...

Well, it came to me when I needed it!

Precisely at the time of this unfortunate kidney stone, I was supposed to participate in a one month workshop (including exploration of Auroville) offered specially for people of French language. They arrived from many different partsof the world, but the majority did arrive from France. Those participants soon had to be made aware of my renal misfortunes, as those were forcing me to reduce the time originally planned for myown contribution to this workshop, offered in collaboration with another member of our team of at the "Laboratory of Evolution ".

Several months later, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a little mysterious package from France: one of the lady participants, without saying anything to me, moved by the acute problem she had seen me live, had discovered this invention and had bought for me the recommended dose, presented in the form of two large glass vials contained in one same package ... the one that was now resting on my knees.

Very touched that such a nice gift, I told myself that I had to make it last as long as possible, that gift of two vials the Divine was sending me through this compassionate human intermediary. It was then that I recalled the information read in one of the KRYON books (channeled by Lee Carroll), that it was possible to have all the beneficial effects of something, without the need of absorbing it orally. The method I adopted, found intuitively with the help of my pendulum, was to never open those vials, but just put them (in their protective package) each time over the two or maximum three bottles containing "Aquadyn" water that I wanted to acquire the higher dissolving power radiated by both vials.

For years I continued with gratitude to use this valuable invention in this way that made it inexhaustible in fact with regard to me. I have never had since then the slightest symptom of calculi ... except precisely since some months after I started adding to this "super solvent" water those Syrups  that may be harmless for others, but not for my body.

So now, that's where we are right now: I don't have pain any more in my right side, even without pain medication. The wonderful little probiotic cheered me right away, without question one of the natural ways of rebalancing the body; when leaving me on Saturday noon my doctor, getting a sudden inspiration, asked me : "And the thyroid? ... Have you ever had thyroid problems?? We'll have to look at that too! ... "

Indeed, thyroid deficiency has already been for me the cause of periods of severe fatigue in the past, how could I forget that? ...

Okay, so we'll see it all tomorrow, Tuesday ... My body-cells are participating very actively in all this healing research, in a way which doctors have of course not the slightest idea of, but in reality  the prticipation of those cells is so important ...

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