Isis, about ‘Africa in Evolution’

Bhaga, thank you a thousand times for the attention you have given me.  Thank you for having taken time for me and for having welcomed me in your home at Repos. I take this opportunity to thank also each of your collaborators. Auroville has been for me an important moment in my inner journey while in India. Having chosen to go to India for coming to terms with myself and for somehow getting my life together again, that challenge until now not only still carries me on, but also allows me to congratulate myself for having dared, dared to go all alone into the unknown, dared to meet a culture that I didn’t know at all, dared to face myself in order to continue my existence with more clarity, more honesty.

Auroville is the  manifestation of what is possible, when one  really involves oneself into a project. Auroville means to have the certitude, the faith that our dreams can become reality. Auroville is the meeting-place of human Beings who decide, whatever happens, to take a step forward, plus another step, plus another one and to manifest in the present moment, in the here and now, their inner dream.

Auroville is an energy which allows me to say ‘Yes, we can, if in Africa we want to be the creators of another world. A truer world, having found back its harmony and its place in the bosom of Mother Nature, respecting the living as a whole, giving a place to everyone, offering the possibility to all those, women and men, who wish to be a creator, an innovator, a researcher, and, more important even, to realize the Divine in themselves.’

Bhaga, it is now a month since I came back to Africa, to Senegal. I am in a village about 50 kms from the capital, on the seaside. I have put my bags down there; here time goes at its own rhythm, just what is needed to get things done, but also and above all to  have time for one’s inner work. To be back in Senegal is to be back in Africa’s dualities, on the one side a modern, technical world, where like everywhere else technology has taken over, making you believe that development is a given, it is the world of HAVING. On the other side, the great majority of the population, for which things continue to be mere survival, and a youth waiting for better tomorrows.

The big questions about life, about being, are there too. The interrogation about a different Africa is everywhere present, each woman and each man has that interrogation in their own individual way. If some answers are found for alternative ways of life, here more than anywhere else they are difficult to manifest.

From my point of view this is due to the long and painful period of history that started nearly 700 years ago and un-structured the African Being not only in relation to his/her land, but in relation to himself/herself. Nevertheless, whatever we may be going through, there always comes a moment when a turning-point happens in that course. The history of the African continent, although painful on the human level, is a grand and long initiatic journey. It is important that we become able to look at it in that way, in order to find back in ourselves this divine power which inhabits us and enables us to change the course of history.

For that we must realize and manifest our BEING –  the human being for sure, but even more the Divine Being.  By doing it that way, we will be able to treat and heal the suffering embedded in our body-cells, the resentment, the hate and the passively expectant attitude ruled by fear, that we are transmitting since so long from one generation to the next.

Working on oneself is the fundamental thing, it requires you to live each moment CONSCIOUSLY. To make room for the Being of Love and Light that we are intrinsically and that makes for another approach to existence. BEING. To put BEING first. To understand what BEING is, to understand the importance of each of the parts of our body, and of the smallest of them all: the Cell.

To come in resonance again with the Divine Energy, with the Energy of the Universal Mother who rules all action, all that is. Africa is a land where the relationship of the Being with his/her environment has always been real, and powerful. African women and men have always known that the Divine is present in everything, in all that surrounds them, in all that is, in all that lives. So they must re-kindle this knowledge and give it its true dimension, not as followers of some belief, but in full CONSCIOUSNESS.

I wish deep links to get established with Auroville in a real sharing on Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s evolutive vision, on the history of Africa and on her role in bringing about a CONSCIOUS HUMANITY.

That time is coming, it is already there.

Bhaga, I have shared with you and with all the followers of your blog what my intent is, and what a part of my meeting with India and in particular Auroville, has been.

Thank you for all those beautiful moments that we lived together, all those deep sharings.

In Love and Peace.



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