Mindfullness lessons from Star Trek Voyager

v”Which is why I ended up watching all the Star Treks (except Enterprise) so many times.
It was the only show where the world of the characters was one I wanted to be part of – and worse, thought that I was in a substantial way being in Canada.
It was the only show were the characters were primarily uniformly good and the types of people I would want as friends.”
I agree so much with you on that, Nina!…

Nina's Soap Bubble Box

Vulcan mind meld

In the original series, the Vulcan Mind meld was more a quick way to advance the plot by information gathering.

In Next Gen, the Picard -Sarek episode raised the bar on psychological acting.

With Tuvok on Voyager, much more of the Vulcan culture and especially mediation was explored. Between Tubok and Sutton and Tuvok training Tess, I found Voyager very helpful during my recovery process at gaining mindfulness.


farscape unity 2farscape unity

Farscape developed the mind meld concept with their version – Unity.


Q and Q


In any event, the episode that really struck me was this one.

It’s probably the very best explaination of major depression and existential crisis.


Done the scarecrow


“I traveled the road many time, sat on the porch, played the games.  Been the dog. Everything. I was even the scarecrow for a while.”

big deal

“we’ve all done the scarecrow, big deal.”

but the face tells more than the words. it is…

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