The Three-Lane Road of Divine Help

In a previous recent post (‘The Miracle of the Safe’)  I wrote of the surface difficulties, and of the less visible, but just as real underlying flow of Divine Help.

Yesterday I observed more closely how this Divine Flow works, and I realized it’s actually like  a Three-Lane Road:

I used to complain about the slowness of the Administration in Auroville, which takes ages first of all to finally have some meetings with you in order to ascertain whether you should be  given any funds at all, and if yes, how much, and when, and in which way. Well, it’s like those heavyweights of the road, the big lorries and trucks, going their sluggish but regular, reliable pace on the first lane. What they will in the end bring to you will be the more massive amounts you also need for all the long-term investments and realizations.

But how do you manage in the meantime to survive, when you are already in dire straits, and not knowing whom to turn to?

After a few years of being just in that desperate situation kind of all the time, along with the endangered but precious Auroville settlement I felt I had to keep alive until the big amounts needed would at last be granted and released, I have noticed that the faster help needed too did come as well, but along a different lane, through unexpected other vehicles that would suddenly veer off their course and stop for a while, just at the right time, for delivering exactly, each of them, the right kind of help wished for at that moment, and then be on their way again, quickly vanishing out of sight after a nice goodbye.

But there is an even more amazing way the Divine Help may come, and that is at lightning speed, by the Third Lane: when, purely out of stupid human habit, I would start again worrying about how to pay the bills next month, or next week, or tomorrow, at the very last minute another one of those  vehicles, but still smaller and faster, would stop by and solve the problem with a check of precisely the right amount, in payment of something you did for them ages before, or for no reason whatsoever but a sudden impulse to help. Quite a fascinating thing to see happening again and again.

Which of the three Lanes is better? The three of them are  great, and we don’t have to decide which one is better, but welcome them all, for each of them is needed in its own way and in its own time, and the three are simply complementary.

Well, we have better get used to this new way of functioning: even the Mother, for the finances of the Ashram (a hefty amount to find every month…) noticed with her usual sense of humor that the Divine was training her to have complete faith, and trust that the necessary amount would come at the right time, even if that meant at the very last moment!…

Money is energy and must flow and be used wherever a real need for it exists. It is not be stacked and piled up in coffers for the solitary and useless avidity of a lone person, or in banks that use it only to make more money in the artificial ways prevalent in the present world economic system.

So here I am, still living in this present world system that becomes day after day more obsolete, and yet living already also in the world of tomorrow which is gradually taking the place of the old present one and pushing it more and more out of the way, until all the people ready for the new one will be sufficiently trained and used to function that way, and the old way can crumble altogether  and disappear even from our memory, like a bad dream.

Today we are the 15th of August, and my first thought when waking up was to salute inwardly Sri Aurobindo, as it is his birthday, on this date which later on became also the birthday of Independent India (see my post, ‘The 15th of August & Sri Aurobindo’).

This morning, while millions of others in India were taking the day off, I had a most unusual work session with the obscure but good hearted Tamil man who takes care of the administrative side of the Provident Fund for the people employed in the many places and official units of Auroville:

In the recent months, due to various reasons and circumstances, three of our employees in Repos had stopped working here, which led to the necessity of finding suddenly the money for paying the three of them the gratuities, annuities and other amounts due as their ‘settlement’, as the local people say here. For one of these ex-employees it had been relatively easy thanks to his friendly and fair attitude, but with the two others, of more aggressive temperament, the process has been much less pleasant; the biggest amount, for the second person, had been found, but not yet paid, and the few thousand rupees for the third one were still missing, as well as the PF amount also needed monthly for the other regular employees still working here.

Two days ago, out of the blue, a friend comes for some other purpose and upon leaving puts into my hand an envelope… This unexpected gift was covering the two amounts so desperately needed.

This is how on this rather auspicious day of Double Celebration, I have had two hours ago the great joy of being able to pay to the PF man, exceptionally come today especially to help, the PF amount for our remaining workers, and still in the facilitating presence of that kind PF man, to pay as well to each of the two ex-workers not yet given their dues, the full amount that finalized at last their ‘settlement’. In the end they were even grateful and smiling, and we all parted in the friendly and happy mode perfectly suited to the Blessings received earlier in the morning, in the form of a soft, quiet rain…

And here I am, back now at my research desk, recording this new little Miracle that gives me once again a wonderful foretaste of the Future already invading our lives on this evolving Planet Earth…

This last one came, I would say, through the Super-Fast Lane!

English: Champlaklal-with-K.N.Verma

English: Champlaklal-with-K.N.Verma (Photo credit: Wikipedia). One disciple who worked directly with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother for years.


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  1. Bhaga
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 12:32:26

    I want to have here too the comment that Nina Tryggvason put on my Facebook page, and which i ‘liked’ there:

    ‘this reminded me about your post for your sister
    Photo: via

    “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear” – Oscar Wilde’

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  2. Sushrut
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 16:09:01

    A small peek into tomorrows life I get to see:
    And wonder if such a future mine shall ever be,
    So beautiful life is in the mother’s land
    Godwilling one day on that soil i shall Stand.



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