November 17th, 2013: Commemorating Mother’s ‘Death’

This day in 1973, the Mother left her body. Or did she?…

Shall we say then rather that ‘she passed away’?… Well, again, did she?…

What was remaining of her already very frail 95 years old body did stop breathing, and her heart had stopped already too. That visible physical body of hers was then indeed put into the ‘Samadhi’ upper vault, under the ‘Service’ tree in the central courtyard of the Ashram. Sri Aurobindo’s body had been put there first, in the lower vault, on December 9th, 1950.

This is always a period in the year when I sigh often, sad of not being able yet to see either of them with my open eyes, although I can feel their Presence around me and inside me, for which I am ever grateful.

Sri Aurobindo had to go away from the Physical world in order to bring about faster the activation of the Supramental Consciousness-Force dormant in Matter, so when he left he had transferred to Mother’s body all the higher consciousness his physical frame was already containing. In a way, then, it was not surprising that I wouldn’t see him in some new, transformed body, as for the sake of the Earth as a whole he had left his physical body behind before that body could be fully transformed.

But Mother…?

I had been able on November 18th 1973 to see with my open eyes the true reality of her physical form, behind the material appearance that was the only thing photographs could catch and show afterwards. The sight of that living reality of her in the Subtle Physical dimension, and the inner contact of my entire being with That, had had such a tremendous impact on me that it is that incredibly wonderful memory that is still alive in me, making of the 18th November the important day for me personally to celebrate each year, instead of the 17th.

Except for the totally unexpected and spontaneous awakening of my own body-cells’ consciousness later on, though,  I never have received any further sign or vision of the new, transformed body that had been built by her cells over the years in the Subtle Physical dimension, and that she had seen herself using there in several occasions.

If some other persons connected inwardly with the Mother have already seen her, with their open eyes or in a vision, using that new body, I would love to know about that. If any of them happens to read this, would they please contact me? As a researcher too, I would like to know.

What I am sure of anyway is that it is the best possible thing that has happened, what could best benefit the Earth’s evolutive progress, and that makes me grateful and joyful in spite of my longing to see again the Mother, this time in her new body…

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  1. Jitendra Sharma
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 12:39:06

    Bonjour, Bhaga !

    Thanks for this valuable Post ! I shared it on my Blog :


    Dr. Jitendra Sharma



    • Bhaga
      Nov 19, 2013 @ 06:03:18

      So actually, if I understand well, the ‘valuable post’ you are alluding to in this first comment here, is my older post about 24th November 1926, and not this latest post of mine on which you put up this comment!
      No problem, only at the beginning I was confused, as nothing made sense!!! Now I see better what is what… Anywy, thank you for your appreciation nd re-blogging of that older post. I am honored as a writer, and glad as a fellow devotte of Lord Krishna as well as of Sri Aurobindo himself..



  2. Jitendra Sharma
    Nov 18, 2013 @ 17:54:50

    The Mother’s Subtle Body

    Today I would like to share with you an occult experience which was narrated to me by Jhumur-di (Shrimati Jhumur Bhattacharya, one of the most pretty and elegant sadhikas of the Ashram who is an inmate since the early 1940s; she is a teacher in Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education and a fine actress who has taken part in Sri Aurobindo’s dramas like Vasavadutta, Rodogune, Perseus the Deliverer, Vikramorvasie to name a few but above all she is extremely caring and affectionate so much so that she radiates love). I had asked her whether she had met Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the subtle physical or not and had also enquired whether she had seen them with her eyes open. She replied in the affirmative and narrated to me the following experience.
    During the Darshan of 24th April 1995, while Jhumur-di was standing in front of the Mother’s balcony, suddenly she saw that the Mother appeared in the balcony clad in white and she saw the March Past. Jhumur-di said that the very sight of the Mother made her forget the scorching heat of the sun and she lost the sense of hunger and thirst. In fact she forgot that the Mother was not actually present physically. She did not inform anyone about this experience and and kept it to herself. Three months later in August, when the Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo Centre of Education was published there was a photograph which clearly showed a figure dressed in white standing in the balcony. Some sceptics claimed that it was only a shadow but Jhumur-di knew that it was the Mother herself.
    I was quite intrigued when I heard this experience. I searched the August 1995 issue of the Bulletin and soon my eyes fell on the photograph that was taken on 24 April 1995. It was really the Mother! She was indeed dressed in white and was looking down at the inmates who were participating in the march-past. (Please find attached with this mail a copy of the said photograph.)
    Time and again the Mother has said that she would always be present with her children and that she will never leave them. She is indeed with us, always present to help us in our sadhana. I’m reminded of Kapali Sastry’s exclamation (when he was asked by a journalist what will be the future of the Ashram and the sadhana after the passing of Sri Aurobindo): “Passing, passing…who passed away and where?…The Master of Integral Yoga is here, as intensely and concretely as ever…Yes, those that have been looking up to him for guidance and aid in Yoga have not felt him gone, have not felt themselves orphaned, have not felt a void, though, of course, the physical pangs of separation are there…”
    We know that before the Mother left her physical frame, she was trying to coalesce her supramental body with her physical body but she was unable to do so. In M.P. Pandit’s book Mother and I there is an interesting paragraph on page 220 which runs: ‘This morning, while praying, it flashed on me that Mother might discard the physical body and assume the new body and function in it for the furtherance of the work from the subtler plane. She might get the work executed through her chosen instruments. But she would be here in that body close to the field of her work.’ This diary-note was dated 24 July 1973. In another book of his titled The Mother and Her Mission, he writes (pp. 16-17):
    ‘Then on the morning of 17th November at about nine o’clock, a particular friend of mine – he has a certain grounding in occult experience, occult knowledge, and normally when we meet we exchange notes – told me, “I have seen the Mother’s body of light.” I got interested. He said, “The new body is full of light but it is not yet dense enough to function in the earth conditions. It is there, and as I was looking at it I got the feeling that the Mother would enter this body the moment it became dense enough to stand and function in the earth atmosphere, seen or unseen. But there is no question of revival of the material body.” And he added, “Those who are capable of seeing the Mother’s halo, aura, they will be able to see that luminous body.” It confirmed what I had perceived some four months earlier; I told him as much.’
    Therefore we must note that on 17 November 1973 at 7:25 p.m. the Mother did not die; she just walked into her new, luminous body ‘without dying’, that is, there was no gap in consciousness. To quote M.P. Pandit’s words: ‘They say the cause [of the Mother’s passing] was heart failure, but let me tell you the heart failure was not the cause, the heart failure was the result of her withdrawal. She had decided; the moment things were ready, she walked into that body.’ (The Mother and Her Mission, p. 17)
    So my friends, Jhumur-di’s experience corroborates the fact that the Mother is, all the time, with us and watching us and guiding us silently in our sadhana. Let’s all become a little more sincere so that she can manifest in us. Let’s all try to be her worthy children.

    – Anurag Banerjee
    Courtesy and Link :



    • Bhaga
      Nov 19, 2013 @ 06:26:15

      Warm thanks for this link and great news and wonderful photo where on the left, standing at her balcony, Mother is quite visible indeed!… “Aum Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Parame”…
      Such a sight fills my heart with gratitude. I must say everytime I go to Pondy and pass by that street down this balcony, I do look up with longing… and also something like an expectation to actually see her! So now, with that definite encouragement, I’ll keep looking more than ever… There on the balcony, or actually anywhere else as well, one never knows…!
      Did you ever read my other older post, about what happened to me on November 18th, 1973, which of course I remember quite vividly every year since, and did remember again yesterday with particular intensity, after expressing the longing I felt and expressed in this post of mine, above, on the November 17th just the day before?



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