A Little Song for ‘Krishna’, Coming Up Again In Me Today

Krishna Decorated Delicate dots - ISKCON desir...

Krishna Decorated Delicate dots – ISKCON desire tree (Photo credit: ISKCON desire tree)

The preceding post, written two years ago and re-blogged from this very blog of mine, explained what happened on this date in 1926, that made the 24th November one of the ‘Darshan Days’ celebrated since then at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram by a yearly regular ‘Darshan’: Sri Aurobindo and the Mother would come out for all the interested disciples to pass in front of them and get their blessings on this special occasion.

On a more personal note now, just a few lines, as since this morning I have found myself singing softly to myself again, from time to time, a little song of Love for my dear Krishna that came to me many years ago, while looking at a beautiful, large and strong, yet delicate flower of a pale lavender color that Mother had identified as expressing in the plant kingdom  “Krishna’s Light in the mind”. Just by itself then, a little melody had formed in me, with these simple words as lyrics, felt intensely yet so sweetly at every level of my being:

“Krishna’s Light in the mind,

Krishna’s Light in the heart,

Krishna’s Light in the cells,

Krishna, Krishna, Krishna!”

There. My personal offering to You on this special day, my dear Lord and Friend and Lover Krishna…


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  1. sushrutbadhentirocks
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 15:27:45

    The dark cowherd plays the bamboo flute-
    Dreamy eyed- a figure so Divine and yet soo cute,
    Setting the village maidens into an intoxicated dance
    Why even the birds and animals were lost in a trance!

    So docile and yet commanding was this hero’s aura
    So gentle was the master- the usher of the Future era
    Basking in the sunlight, he too joined then the arena
    Joy Incarnate he is -our God, our love, our Krishna!

    He stood out in the crowd- the apple of every eye
    Like the beautiful full moon adorning the night sky
    But On his handsome face was a smudge of concern
    Scaning the crowd he searched for only one person.

    The one whose anklets resonated his every tune
    The one- whose company made time drift too soon
    The one whose every breath chanted “Krishna”
    Pure Love incarnate – she was His Radha!



  2. sushrutbadhe
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 02:16:27

    Yes Bhaga, I wrote it and am glad that you liked it!



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