November 24th,1926: Sri Aurobindo & Krishna

Today is the 24th November 2013… I read again this post written two years ago for the same occasion, and feel that reblogging it today is a fitting way of celebrating again today what happened on the same date in 1926, which turned out to e a turning-point in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga for the World.

Lab of Evolution

There are important aspects of the One Divine Being that we humans have since ever been perceiving as separate entities and giving names to, different ones in our different cultures. ‘Krishna’ is one of those major Aspects, as perceived and named in the Indian spiritual tradition.

I have mentioned this most wonderful Aspect of the Divine already several times on this blog, but today, being November 24th, is special: it is the day when in 1926 this Krishna aspect of the Divine, already an intimate Friend and Companion for Sri Aurobindo since the year he had spent in the British jail of Alipore in Calcutta from May 5, 1908 to May 6, 1909, became a permanent Presence associated to his whole being, down to the physical consciousness.

In 1926 on this special day what happened was more than something individual; here is how Sri Aurobindo himself, in answer to a…

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