Sweet, Humble Illuminations in My Room


One of the major reasons why I feel good in my new room at Djaima is that two of the favorite items I had already in my old room at Repos, set up here intuitively, without having had time to observe the light throughout the day, finally work most wonderfully:

One, a very nice faceted-glass heart, had been hanging for two years from its transparent wire outside my window, at the back of my covered terrace, but it was rare that the sun could come in and illuminate it so that it would spark off diamond-like reflections throughout the room. I ended up almost forgetting its presence. Similarly, the cascade of stars, in phosphorescent material actually, swaying above my bed, had been waiting in vain for some light to “charge” its stars and make them shine at night, I had never even realized that these stars were phosphorescent and should have shined in the dark, it was just  the pretty pastel colors of the stars that I had liked, and I sometimes watched them at night before putting out the light, rather absentmindedly, without suspecting anything.

These two poor objects, the first a so thoughtful gift from a Guest, and the other one bought with enthusiasm by myself in a  Pondy store several years ago, were visibly sad and gloomy because of their uselessness in my life.

Here, I do not know how, everything changed:

One afternoon, coming  back from the Cafeteria of Aurelec as often, instead of returning as usual directly in my workspace, I went first “home”, just next door. Walking without stopping  through the dining room in the outer part, I opened the bedroom door … and stayed, amazed, standing on the threshold: under the bright sun coming in from the outside through the large window, innumerable heart-shaped diamonds circled slowly around the room, silently illuminating walls, floor and ceiling with their sparkling rainbows of beauty.

It was such a truly magical spectacle that I was breathless and frozen in place for a long time. When I again remembered to breathe, it was in the allegresse of this unexpected discovery: the Heart “Cristal” finally worked! My own heart was sending  sparks too, of gratitude for the Divine Grace which had made me put this object just in the right place here!

It seems to me that it was the next evening that the other small miracle happened:

My mattress, placed on the raised masonry platform planned for this, is framed at both ends by my two bolsters, one at the foot, the other at the head of the bed. That morning, having put pretty curtains on the side window at the foot of the bed (in the South), on either side of the bolster there, and having placed my cascade of pastel stars at the top, in the center of the space between the curtains, opened “baldachin” style, there was only one thing more for me to do, finding myself a bedside lamp. I did that without too much trouble, putting a light lamp on one end of the bolster: to see better when I would read in bed the same evening, I turned the little lamp, which was flexible. upward. About  the “baldachin” style,  quite old-fashioned these days, but not for me: I like enormously Versailles, and in particular the Queen’s Chamber (see photo in original French post just before this one), where I would go to sleep without a problem if it was possible – a taste for luxury, yes, reminiscences from other times, although now I have no real need of luxury, I am very satisfied with my modest homes in this lifetime … and in the many others in between!

That night, having tried out with glee all this new arrangement which I was very pleased with, and having had the pleasure of reading in bed in perfect comfort, my back resting on the bolster with my head on a cushion above it against the window, I finally put the light of the lamp off, and turned my body around to lie down in the opposite direction, towards the head of the bed (aligned with the North, on purpose), ready to sleep.

My head on the pillow, to my utter surprise I saw that something was still shining above the foot of the bed, which was not the lamp, that I was sure was off; looking more attentively in the dark, I realized it was my dear stars that shone gently, peacefully, in a beautiful waterfall from the circle on which they were attached! … I think I had a few little tears of joy running on my face then, beholding this second beautiful sight, so unexpected – it had never happened before – and so beneficial for my inner being.

That time, it was the place of the lamp – very close – and the fact that it was directed slightly upwards, which had made all the difference, allowing the stars to “charge” effectively and so to reveal for the very first time that they were phosphorescent! They do of course now every night because every night I take good care to leave the bedside lamp lit before I even come to bed: like that, even if I am tired and do not read, I get anyway my softly shining waterfall of stars, bringing every time a blissful smile on my face before I sleep …

I know that all these phosphorescent stars or moons to hang up or stick to the ceiling so that they will shine at night, this is just for kids all that, the serious adults have nothing to do with such things, they have overgrown them, or, better yet, they have never had any attraction to them; but for me it is like the cute little rabbit plush sleeping at the foot of Mother’s photo beside me: this is something through which my soul expresses itself , symbolically, and it is important that I let it express itself in that way as long as it also expresses itself in a different and less childlike (some would say “childish”! …) way during the rest of the time. Sri Aurobindo and Mother, far from discouraging people from keeping such “childish”, seemingly ludicrous symbolic objects, knew such things could be used as material support for strengthening the desirable inner atmosphere of childlike trust in the Divine, and found them perfectly acceptable, even beneficial for the individuals who felt the need to strengthen their inner life that way. A “need” that of course one had to be able to do without if necessary, but that had its place in the spiritual life …

A nice extra wink that evening from the Eternal Divine Child: a firefly – yes, a real firefly – started flashing at the right corner of the window, just against the curtain tied there! I saw it often since, gleaming softly, an echo to the multiple pastel glow of the stars … Lovely!

And why do you think I’m talking about all this precisely today? …

Because last night I got a special bonus: a miniature fireworks! It was that firefly – or one of its sisters – flying happily in my very room like a tiny star, altogether sparkling, brightening the darkness by its flashing here or there from moment to moment in a  fanciful, quite  unpredictable way – approaching me all the way at one point, coming close to my face, even pausing for a brief moment on my offered hand, its farandole of light going on for several minutes before my incredulous and dazzled eyes, until it finally went to rest, and after a few softer flashes again, turned its light out quietly. Then I too fell asleep … my heart once again full of gratitude that made it melt with happiness.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sushrutbadhe
    Dec 02, 2013 @ 07:35:36

    A glint of joy that forever gleams
    Illumines the child heart that lives DREAMS
    With Age and Time, the light only brighter glows
    To that Beautiful One my heart salutes and bows!

    🙂 Om Ma



    • Bhaga
      Dec 03, 2013 @ 05:20:49

      What a sweet little poem again you have written! Thank you for sharing it here, although the appreciation it expresses feels a bit overwhelming, I would say!



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