December 5, 1950: Sri Aurobindo leaves his body

This was a good post for December 5th, 2011; it still has the same validity for today, December 5th 2013…

Lab of Evolution

In 1949, after the two World Wars had been finally won, but the same anti-divine occult Beings that had been trying in that way to stop the new step in Evolution, or to corrupt it into the horribly twisted form of it that Nazism was, Sri Aurobindo one day explained to the Mother that the only thing that could prevent a new attempt by those same Dark Forces, and a Third World War even more difficult to stop, was to achieve at last the direct connection between the Supramental Realm and the Earth, because that would activate the same Supramental Power asleep in Matter itself, and that would be an irreversible, permanent victory.

But to do that sufficiently quickly, he would have to leave the physical dimension – to be in a physical body was too much of a hindrance, slowing down that work he had been doing inwardly since…

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