During The Last Ten Days…

… I have lived a very intense period of teaching on all those topics I have a passion for:

The whole week until Sunday the 8th, there were two young French persons who arrived and were going to stay in Auroville only for that one week but wanted urgently to learn how to meditate!… When they finally left on the 8th, we had become good friends and they were visibly so much more open inside, with their beaming faces, their softened eyes and their broad grateful smiles. In the meantime, as the work directly with me was taking only a mere two hours a day – even when it lasted longer, I was always careful not to overload them – they had also ample time to see more of Auroville at large than they first intended to. In spite of the overcrowded waiting lists, they even managed  just before the last day to go inside the Matrimandir Chamber – only for the short while of the first visit, but still they were totally awed.

They left very grateful for their whole unexpected exploration of Auroville and of the Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have explained about, for the people who are interested in participating consciously with their entire being in the new evolutive step starting to happen on Earth.

The very next day being of course the 9th, that Course with them being finally over, I was free to spend that whole day in inner concentration, putting together the special post I wanted to put up in honor of Sri Aurobindo on that day of the burial of his body in the Samadhi at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

And then it was already Tuesday 10th, and in the meantime I had received an invitation to present a one hour Introduction to the Integral Yoga again, on Thursday 12th, this time to a group of about fifteen people studying various approaches to Yoga, including Martial Arts and Qi Gong, during one month, up in the big Hall of some other place in Auroville. I had seen that program, and noticed that it would include a presentation of the Integral Yoga on that day, and I had inwardly wondered then who would do that presentation, a little worried that it might end up being a not really qualified person talking about it, which could be misleading… and days later, I had had the utter surprise and joy to be the person contacted for doing it!!! The Aurovilian lady calling me about it had told me in the end on the phone, that she knew me from seventeen years before, when she herself was a ‘Newcomer’: I had given a presentation then, and it had inspired her, to the point that she still remembered it after all those years! This was why she had recommended my name…

The Divine is a big Joker indeed: not only this, but another amazing thing happened too this time: the very person, an Italian young lady, who had earlier gone happily through the twelve-hour Course on the same topic with me, was then participating in this overall one month training programme. When the organizers seemed to be wondering whom to ask for this specific presentation, she had almost gone to them for suggesting me, but by then they had apparently made their choice already, so finally she didn’t say anything about me, not wanting to upset their own planning and preferences. What a joyful surprise for her too, when the invited person showed up to join their gathering on that Thursday 12th at 2pm… and it was me!!!

That one hour went, I was told, very nicely, and was quite well received by the participants – and even also the main teacher who had organized the whole programme; he didn’t originally intend to stay during my talk, but finally did, and thanked me for it in the end rather warmly; my previous student told me later that he mentioned it again the next day with appreciative comments.

And then… then, from Friday 13th, started an almost painful, utterly frustrating  period when my personal focus turned entirely towards the film I wanted so much to see: ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’….!

I had finally, after much research on the Net, found that it would be playing in Chennai (ex Madras) from that Friday to the following Thursday, the 19th, and I had discovered where and according to what timings; but Chennai is three long hours away from here, and the taxi rates are ruinous, and there was no time to organize a shared taxi journey with other interested Aurovilians, so here I am today, now knowing also nearly all about the film thanks to my almost non-stop participation since then in my dear The One Ring. Net Forums (‘Boards’, as they are called there), gathering as many spoilers as I could from all the other persons there on those Boards who day after day, according to the country they lived in, got to see the film, and started reporting about it, mostly with such enthusiasm it made me feel all the worse for not being able to go see it myself…! * Big sigh…*

Well, apparently the Divine, in agreement probably with my soul,  doesn’t think it is so indispensable and so urgent that I see that film immediately; I can wait a little, and take it as an exercise in detachment, or something like that. Only two more days, and it will not play anymore in Chennai, it will be all finished, my chances to see it on the big screen and not just when it will come out as DVD, will be gone. Aaaaargh!!!

And yet I am actually laughing about it all, there is a big grin on my face while I am typing all this for my blog… I am glad to see that after forty years of intense spiritual development, my happiness and enjoyment of life do not really depend any longer upon being able to see a certain film or not. Good. I’m kind of proud of myself, I must say. I know that for other people for whom all things Tolkien are not important at all, or not as important as they are for me, this may seem totally ridiculous a problem. I will not try to convince them of the contrary – to each their own problems., simply different ones, but all equally ridiculous compared to the vastness of the evolutive goal we are pursuing here. But in this case, Tolkien’s adaptations by Peter Jackson have been  since 2001 such a big part of what has consistently helped me grow within, nurturing constantly in me this evolutive perspective on Life as a whole, now just as in the far past Tolkien was writing about…

So as I didn’t seem to be going to Chennai today, I decided to use this day at least for reporting on my blog all that has been happening in my life recently, which had to do with my research and teaching outer work in Auroville. I had such a  strong and wonderful sense of encouragement from the Divine for this work lately, it more than compensates for the small but intense disappointment I also feel for not being able to see at once the second ‘Hobbit ‘ movie  I have been anticipating like millions of other fans since one year, since the first movie was out last year at about the same date in December…

End of report for today!… Thank you for visiting this blog and perhaps for adding your own comments to it… especially if you happen to have already seen ‘The Desolation of Smaug’!… LOL… Laughing Out Loud, as we say on the Net! The Way of Fun, yes, that’s it… Divine Laughter! Hobbits and Dwarves are so good at that, without even knowing it, I will take example on them… Thank you, dear Tolkien Dwarves, now also Peter Jackson Dwarves, for making me laugh like you! Visitors , please excuse me, this was supposed to be a very serious post… Well, perhaps it will have now the good effect of making you laugh too!..


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