Twelve Days with Danaya and her “PNL Plus”


Throughout this period of holidays, I had the pleasure of receiving in my new home the lady who, from “guest” six years ago, has quickly become one of my friends, returning the following year, and again to my great joy at the end / beginning of year that just took us from 2013 to 2014: Danaya.

Danaya is tiny, very tiny, like a pixie, with a pretty mischievous smile under her blue eyes.

She likes blue, all shades of blue, and when she offered me to spend a few days with me , I was glad that on the side of my workspace the inner room and bathroom are both decorated in various shades of blue: Danaya was going to like it… Knowing then where she could stay (which was the only difficulty, and so my only hesitation) I have then accepted her proposal with enthusiasm.

Arrived as agreed on December 23 morning, she will leave in late night tonight, January 3, as expected again, taking the bus throughout the course that will bring her back to these other places in India where she is staying again at this time, which brings happiness to the people who are also there and who know what a very valuable little lady she is, without boasting able to perform inner metamorphoses within even the most distressed personalities… if they are willing to ask for her help during the short time required for the type of care that Danaya knows well and knows how to use wisely: the so-called “NLP”, but in the case of Danaya I would rather call it the “NLP Plus”!…

And this is what I myself too benefited from with gratitude towards the end of her short stay with me that is ending.

From the very first year (December 2007) when she had landed in my old home in ‘Repos’, and more precisely in the small guest-room (fortunately precisely blue…!) that I had, I was interested in this method of NLP which had been the work of Danaya throughout the second part of her professional career. She then decided to enjoy a well-earned retirement, and having no family responsibilities to keep her back, she had traveled the world in all directions (Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, USA … ) , and after 2009 in Nepal, preferably on foot and climbing every mountain peaks, were they downright Himalayas, that the adventurous and tenacious side of her nature suggested to her to conquer.

She befriended the young Nepali Trek Guide who had accompanied her several times, sometimes in such perilous circumstances that she had almost lost her life. Danaya had tried to settle near him and his family in their village away in a back corner of Nepal, but while still retaining her link with them and continuing her vital financial assistance to them, particularly for the education of their young son, she realized that all the same she needed more contacts with not only more cultivated people, but people of her own culture and speaking her own language. To return permanently in France, however, was not the right solution either, because she felt the need of a larger and more varied existence.

And then there was also the deeper spiritual need, that had made her re-visit in this life places she knew she had known in other lifetimes, and now this spiritual need which since 1992 had directed her steps also to Ashrams here or there in India (Sai Baba’s Puttaparthy, the atmosphere left by Ramana Maharshi at his Thiruvannamalai ashram…), was growing more and more. As for Pondichery and Auroville it was rather the different spiritual perspective, the evolutive vision and action from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that intrigued her, and landing straight away with me she had obviously landed in the right place! But there was also the whole novelty for her of the collective spiritual adventure that was Auroville, and that she was beginning to experience through her contact with me and through her daily life for a month in Repos, one of the places in which Auroville life was happening in all its astonishing diversity.

In this first stay with me, the general impression that her explanations about NLP had left me had been that this approach was still too mental, that is to say too rigid and systematic for me, it was better that I keep my distance. The following year, it was with her young friend the Nepali Guide that she had returned, to put him too into contact with Auroville, but the constant presence of that other person and the need to take care of him often in order to help him explore Auroville, had hardly left us any time for our own deeper conversations.

This time, coming alone and with the clear intention to resume this deeper contact with me, this is what we focused both upon… but it took of course very varied forms:

As it happens, every time it has been for the year-end holidays that Danaya could come, so at first the same pleasant rituals as always kept us busy together: putting in place and fixing the small almost natural looking Christmas tree once bought in Pondy, then decorating it, and the room around it (the living-room in my work space), and also to a lesser extent all the other rooms that I have at my disposal, with whatever colored balls and tinsel, garlands illuminated and non-illuminated, and stars of all sizes we had used before, plus a trip to Pondy to buy some new additional material that would complement it all… and also buy some food a little special too, for the two modest dinners “New Year’s Eve style” that would be needed for both the coming up annual culturally and emotionally required celebrations!

Those celebrations of ours included of course watching some of the movies, specially beautiful too, that each of us wanted the other to discover: already become a fervent fan thanks to me of “The Lord of the Rings” (the Trilogy by Peter Jackson crowned with many Oscars) and even of the whole “Twilight” saga, Danaya this time appreciated with me the delightful Extended Edition of “The Hobbit” (the first part of the new Trilogy being realized by Peter Jackson) for our Christmas Eve; and for the New Year’s Eve, as the film she wanted to show me, “Orchestra Seats”, was presenting technical problems, we pulled out again a film she had come to cherish as much as I do: “Chariots of Fire”, with its irresistible music by Vangelis and its wonderful actors for this wonderful and so moving true story.

Between those two “special evenings” I had her watch with me the film done from the next book of this same Stephenie Meyer who created the “Twilight” series “: The Host “;  she liked it so much she has already looked at it a second time then, and made a copy of it; as for her, she made ​​me discover “Kingdom of Heaven”, that I did not know at all, but which indeed reveals a very beautiful story – on top of it based on historical facts although in a very free way. (see Wikipedia / wiki / Kingdom_of_Heaven_ (film)).

Especially before and after our daily meals together, we often had the opportunity to talk at leisure about what each of us kept at heart, and to ask each other more specific questions that allowed us to improve our understanding of each other’s spiritual approach. I saw that the way in which she had recently started again to practice NLP, in response to the request of the people she met in France as well as in India, which already since 1999 during her stay in Guadeloupe had become much more flexible, more inventive, more creative, was becoming more and more so because she mingled many of her own intuitions into it as she took care of those people. I came to feel that now I could trust her and ask for her help about some specific psychological problems, already weakened and undermined by my own spiritual methods based on recommendations by Sri Aurobindo and Mother, but not yet uprooted from my being as fully as I wanted them to be. The precision and rapidity of action which seem to be possible with NLP techniques could perhaps enable me to further the uprooting of these so deeply ingrained negative tendencies coming actually from existences in other time periods.

Following the inner work indeed completed, I include here the “Report – Testimony” that I wrote for Danaya (under her better known name of Dany) as is normally done at the end of an NLP workshop:


The objective was to weaken or even completely erase the old emotional impressions giving rise to some compulsive and therefore undesirable behaviors.

The progress of the inner work was done in the manner recommended by the Instructor accompanying me in my endeavour, Dany, except that at some point, stuck and not knowing how to go further, I signaled to Dany (of course she had noticed that there was a problem) not to intervene for helping me, and I handed the difficulty internally to ‘That In Me Which Knows’ (the Superconscious, one might say), and after a moment of waiting the requested intuition came, which allowed me to loosen up the situation.

The research objective has been achieved by following this new approach quite fitting in the inner situation that was to be lived again while recreating my response to it from a truer basis of behavior, respecting my true inner integrity .

The new personal history recreated in that way from within with the most authentic and best suited behavior, has then been visibly and audibly integrated into my present being in a quite significant symbolic form, ejecting at the same time the former compulsive behavior that it was replacing, as well as the old personal history that had resulted from it, distorting the true development of my being on this point.

I am full of gratitude for my accompanist Dany to have known at the right time how to let me change the directions that I had been given prior to the session and let me find out for myself the solution that best could serve the situation as actually encountered. The rest of the procedure could also happen in the best way possible through her constant silent listening and inner support until the quite satisfactory conclusion of the work undertaken.

This technique called “history change” or something like that, lived thanks to Dany in the appropriate conditions of inner freedom, has enabled me (as far as I can judge from the few days after the experience) to achieve my goal very effectively.

As for herself Danaya seems to have this time much better understood thanks to me the essence of what has been contributed by Sri Aurobindo and Mother to terrestrial evolution, individual and collective. Tonight when going away she will carry two small books of Sri Aurobindo I’ve given her, very thin ones, but overflowing with a wealth of content that both astonishes and fascinates her.

One can see in this way that these twelve days spent together have been opportunities to progress, each one thanks to the other. When she leaves at ten o’clock tonight, it will be with the intention of meeting again, probably during this same year 2014 that is beginning… An important detail: we also laugh a lot, and very happily, when we are together!

So, ‘Au revoir’, dear Danaya! Until next time…


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