So Simple

I agree fully with you on this, dear Pat!

Source of Inspiration


What if life is much
more simple than we
realize? At times, it
seems overwhelmingly
complex and mysterious,
but, perhaps if we
carefully observe
other life forms, we
see patterns that are
beautifully designed
but work with elegant
simplicity. So what is
the key to having our
lives work smoothly
within this plan?

The answer really is
not complex to understand.
It is that we must all work
together in loving, compassionate
ways to have a life of harmony.
The idea is demonstrated again
and again all around us. Respect
each other, nature, and
our Creator. Just this.
So simple that we can’t believe
it, yet if we really
understood this and practiced
it, think of the problems
that would be solved.

The solution resides in each
of us. We must each accept the
responsibility for implementing
this in our lives. We can not use
the excuse that others do…

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