Anita Moorjani & A New Perception of Time


You may remember the especially extraordinary NDE that happened to Anita Moorjani (see my older post about her) and completely healed her body totally invaded by cancerous cells, when her vital organs had been already shutting off.

One part of her story had the most impact upon me, the part in which she says this:

“In addition, I seemed to understand that, as tests had been taken for my organ functions (and the results were not out yet), that if I chose life, the results would show that my organs were functioning normally. If I chose death, the results would show organ failure as the cause of death, due to cancer. I was able to change the outcome of the tests by my choice!

I made my choice, and as I started to wake up (in a very confused state, as I could not at that time tell which side of the veil I was on), the doctors came rushing into the room with big smiles on their faces saying to my family

“Good news – we got the results and her organs are functioning – we can’t believe it!! Her body really did seem like it had shut down!”

After that, I began to recover rapidly. The doctors had been waiting for me to become stable before doing a lymph node biopsy to track the type of cancer cells, and they could not even find a lymph node big enough to suggest cancer (upon entering the hospital my body was filled with swollen lymph nodes and tumors the size of lemons, from the base of my skull all the way to my lower abdomen). They did a bone marrow biopsy, again to find the cancer activity so they could adjust the chemotherapy according to the disease, and there wasn’t any in the bone marrow. The doctors were very confused, but put it down to me suddenly responding to the chemo. Because they themselves were unable to understand what was going on, they made me undergo test after test, all of which I passed with flying colors, and clearing every test empowered me even more! I had a full body scan, and because they could not find anything, they made the radiologist repeat it again!!!!

Because of my experience, I am now sharing with everyone I know that miracles are possible in your life every day. After what I have seen, I realize that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. Life is supposed to be great, and we are very, very loved. The way I look at life has changed dramatically, and I am so glad to have been given a second chance to experience “heaven on earth”.”

The Oncology specialist, at the same time an NDE specialist, who much later read the report she wrote to his NDE documentation organization, was so amazed he asked her several additional questions, the 4th one being this:

Q.4 The fact that the medical tests, already done, would have their outcome changed depending on your choice is remarkable.  If you had chosen not to return to earth, do you have a sense when the medical tests would have changed- after your choice in earthly time, or would your choice have affected the tests at the time the blood was drawn which, in earthly time, I understand would have been before you made your choice to return to earth.  Any further comments you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer to Question 4:  “This is one of the points that is so hard to express with our limited 3 dimensional language.  Time seems to have a completely different meaning on that side.  What I felt was that all possibilities exist simultaneously – it just depends which one you choose.    Sort of like being in an elevator, where all the floors of a building exist, but you can choose which floor to get off on.  So if all the future possibilities exist for me to choose from, then I assume all the past scenarios exist too.  So depending which future possibility I choose, that will also determine which past automatically comes with it (I chose life, so it affected the past, choosing the appropriate test result for the organ function).  I hope I am making sense.  It’s very clear in my thoughts, but it is hard to write. When I was being presented the choice, I actually saw a vision of my lab report which said, on the heading:  Diagnosis:  Organ Failure.  Then on the body of the report:  Death due to organ failure caused by Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  When I actually saw the report after coming back, the sheet of paper looked almost identical, and the heading matched word for word:  Diagnosis: Organ Failure, however, the body read:  There is no evidence of organ failure.  I actually got goosebumps looking at that report, knowing what it could have read.”

Wow. Such a possibility of changing past events – something supposed to be impossible – so that they can match the actual present results of one’s conscious choices opens up stupendous new realms of Inner Action for all of us. Anita Morjani was absolutely no Yogi, let alone no great Yogi, for accomplishing such a feat. But during that ‘time’ that her consciousness spent in the True Reality, she was aware also of her own True Reality within It all, and so she had the inner powers that go naturally with that truer consciousness and so she changed the so-called Past…

When about a year ago (see my older post about that) I joined the course, unexpectedly happening right here in Auroville, that I had just read about and become very interested in, a course about some Russian scientists’ new, spiritual approach for healing all kinds of bodily problems, while taking the course together with other participants it struck me that those Russian scientists were actually using the same astonishing method that had spontaneously demonstrated itself through the ‘miraculous’ healing of Anita Moorjani after her somewhat unusual NDE: thanks to her decision, made OUTSIDE OF TIME,  and in her higher consciousness, not to die, but to go back to life in a healed body, even some of the events prior to the moment when she had started dying, were changed in accordance to that later decision of hers not to die after all…!!! And of course her body too underwent all the changes necessary for that new reality to become true, to such a point that no trace of the cancer previously overwhelmingly and terminally present in her body could be found any more anywhere: just as if it had never existed at all…

It all reminded me powerfully also of what I had read already from Sri Aurobindo forty years ago, but at the time  my mind had been quite unable to ingest such a hugely mind-shaking concept, so contrary to all current beliefs; its potential consequences were just too much for my mind to comprehend then, let alone accept. After reading that especially surprising ‘Aphorism’ of his, I had inwardly told Sri Aurobindo with a shudder, “Okay, this one I’ll try to grapple with later, right now it’s totally beyond me!!! I’s actually scaring me, so big a thing it is!…”

It was about the actual simultaneity of all events.

Yep – it said it was all really happening all at the same time… all that we call Past, Present, and Future! All that our presently limited mental perception forces us to see as events lined up in a linear sequence: Linear Time, as opposed to Real Time, which is more like an eternal, all-inclusive Present.

Much later, when I discovered the Seth Books channeled by Jane Roberts, I realized Seth too was saying the same thing: what Seth was speaking of he was calling “the Spacious Present”, it was the true sense of Time, and it included indeed all there ever was, is and ever will be… in all the possible variations of it all. Stupendous.

This is why the perception of Time is one of the first things that is currently being changed in the ever vaster capacity our mind is gradually acquiring, under the continuously increasing influence of the truer Consciousness-Force at work directly upon Earth and within Matter itself, since 1956: what Sri Aurobindo and Mother called the “Supramental Consciousness”, meaning the consciousness BEYOND the Mental one that we know of and are still living under, most of us, to a large extent.

This is why on this blog of mine I avoid speaking of “past lives” or ‘future” lives: I speak rather of “other lifetimes”, simply. They all exist actually NOW, in the Eternal NOW, constantly influencing each other beyond our illusory limitations of time, so that every single one of our decisions in any of our simultaneous lives may affect for the worse or for the better the common outcome resulting of all those mutual interactions together, instant after instant. After years of contemplating from time to time what it all might look like, this “Spacious Present” , I have come to start “seeing” it indeed somehow, and it is so fascinating…

Even among these humble so-called “NLP” techniques, the same basic, massive Truth has been stumbled upon and identified to a remarkable extent, just empirically, out of multiple experiences that taken together indicated such a revolutionary possibility: this is what I was given to experience directly myself during the PNL (as we of course say in French) session I decided recently to have with my visiting friend and PNL specialist Danaya (see my recent post about that) who like me is from France.

During the session, while in the light trance-like state in which that “Changing History” PNL technique could be used, I silently chuckled within myself:

“Well, I see… We are really being trained now for a change in our perception of Time!!! What so simple, yet so fantastic possibilities are beginning to offer themselves to us with such a gradual, yet so tremendous a change in our individual consciousnesses! The most portentous aspects of our ongoing Evolution are taking place within us in such an inconspicuous, almost invisible manner, we might not even realize for a long time what enormous, radical changes they truly are…”


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  1. donsalmon
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 13:35:55

    Bhaga, you might enjoy Dean Radin’s experiment with the Umbanda mediums of Brazil, who successfully sent healing thoughts **back in time**. It’s a beautiful example of the past being changed.

    There’s a lot of interesting stuff about time shifting/transformation in lucid dream research. Strangely, Stephen LaBerge, possibly the leading lucid dream researcher, seems to have got this one confused; or so it seems to me.

    He’s done a number of experiments where he has subjects – while they are dreaming – estimate time, and it always comes out the same as waking time. Well, his conclusion is that therefore dream and waking time is the same.

    It seems obvious to me that the dream subjects are simply focusing on linear, waking time, so it actually proves the opposite – ordinary, linear waking time is simply one more of an abundant (infinite?) number of “times” that are more accessible in lucid dreaming.

    This is the “subliminal” of Sri Aurobindo – and of course, beyond that, beyond all that we ordinarily know as “time”, the possibilities are infinite.

    Scientists – even receptive ones like LaBerge – are still bringing their ordinary way of thinking into these other realms. I recall reading LaBerge state that it was absolutely impossible to read a book in a lucid dream. He said this simply because this was the experience he had and all the subjects he tested.

    It always is a marvel to me that even the most “fringe” psychologists, when it comes to something “they” can’t do, or their subjects can’t do, are so ready to say nobody can do it.

    I was particularly struck by the “can’t read a book” notion. So the next night after reading this, I decided to test it out. I was lucid in a dream, and I “willed” a copy of LaBerge’s book into my hands. I quite easily read several page (he claimed you couldn’t read more than a paragraph – i figured I’d go on for a few pages, but that was it – there are far more interesting things to do in a lucid dream than read!)

    I sent a note about this to Stephen but I don’t recall if he wrote back. In any case, it should be a general rule that after enough experiments showing that past limitations have been overturned, all scientists should be required to acknoweldge they have absolutely no idea what our limitations are. At least, i think that would be nice:>))



    • Bhaga
      Jan 11, 2014 @ 14:46:19

      Thank you so much for all these great contributions of yours to the point I was trying to make in my post! I haven’t had time yet to check on your precious link to Dean Radin research but all you say about the lucid dreaming experiments is very interesting. I agree fully with your conclusion too!



    • Bhaga
      Jan 18, 2014 @ 06:17:19

      Alas, Don, it seems the Dean Radin video you gave me the link to is not there any more, as the You Tube account behind it has been terminated. So I never got to see it yet!… I looked and looked through other sites, that’s the answer I finally got from one of them. Would you happen to still have a copy of that video, or to know how to find it again?



      • donsalmon
        Jan 18, 2014 @ 12:21:06

        hi bhaga – i’m sorry, I don’t have any other way of finding the video. I wrote to Dean years ago when we were thinking of including the experiment on the Umbanda mediums in our book. It turned out it seemed to elicit negative reactions in skeptical folks, so we ended up leaving it out. It was just as well – we found some wonderful experiments demonstrating the power of love to transcend time and space. It turned out that the ability of individuals to communicate images to each other across significant barriers of space (the particular experiments we quoted didn’t involve transcending time, though such research has been done) was directly correlated with the strength of their emotional bonds.

        I don’t know how many words wordpress will allow – I’ll see if I can post the excerpt in a separate comment. We always enjoyed the way the words came together (as with many parts of the book, the words just seemed to emerge on their own).


  2. donsalmon
    Jan 18, 2014 @ 12:22:05

    Robert G. Jahn, as director of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory (PEAR), observed hundreds of trials in which individuals successfully influenced the workings of highly sensitive electronic instruments. As described on the PEAR website:

    In these studies human operators attempt to bias the output of a variety of mechanical, electronic, optical, acoustical, and fluid devices to conform to pre-stated intentions, without recourse to any known physical influences. In unattended calibrations all of these sophisticated machines produce strictly random data, yet the experimental results display increases in information content that can only be attributed to the consciousness of their human operators.

    Jahn, explaining these results, writes, “The most common subjective report of our most successful human/machine experimental operators is some sense of ‘resonance’ with the devices – some sacrifice of personal identity in the interaction – a ‘merging,’ or bonding with the apparatus.” Larry Dossey adds, “The highest scores are seen when emotionally bonded couples, who share unusually deep love and empathy, interact together with the electronic devices. They achieve scores up to eight times higher than those of individuals who try to influence the devices alone.”

    In a rather radical departure from the typically impersonal stance of the view from nowhere, Dossey suggests there may be an extremely close relationship between the nonlocal connections of subatomic particles and the feelings of empathy described above. “Nonlocal connectedness… is manifested between subatomic particles, mechanical systems, humans and machines, humans and animals, and humans themselves. When this nonlocal bond operates between people, we call it love. When it unites distant subatomic particles, what should we call this manifestation? Should we choose a safe, aseptic term such as nonlocally correlated behavior, or bite the bullet and call it a rudimentary form of love?”

    Dossey is not claiming that human beings and subatomic particles have the same experience of love. Rather, he suggests that what manifests as a purely impersonal connection at the level of matter may be, in essence, the same phenomenon as that which occurs between loving human beings.
    Perhaps this is what William James was hinting at when he wrote:

    We with our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest. The maple and pine may whisper to each other with their leaves…but the trees also commingle their roots in the darkness underground, and the islands hang together through the oceans’ bottom. Just so there is a continuum of cosmic consciousness, against which our individuality builds but accidental fences, and into which our several minds plunge as into a mother sea…

    When A View Is Not A View

    Even if we are sympathetic to what Dossey is suggesting, it is important to recognize that scientific methodology as currently employed cannot answer the question that he raises. Scientific methods that measure the observable, quantifiable correlates of experience can say nothing about the ultimate nature of a phenomenon; they can only describe it and develop concepts which help us to understand and predict certain aspects of its behavior. As Feynman and Cairns-Smith have pointed out, current methods of science describe the workings of matter and energy, but do not provide us with a way of understanding what they are.

    Some scientists have suggested that the solution may lie in a “view from within,” one which involves the development of more refined methods for the study of subjective experience. However, from the perspective of the yogic tradition, if these methods are employed by the ordinary untrained mind, they will not take us much further on the road to understanding consciousness. The yogis say that it is not possible by means of the ordinary surface consciousness to comprehend the ultimate nature of objective or subjective reality.

    If we acknowledge that science – as currently practiced – is by nature neutral with regard to the superiority of one view of reality over another, how would we determine which view to choose as the best guide to understanding the universe and ourselves? Before we can address this question, we need to clarify what we mean by a “view.” Rather than intellectual ideas or mental beliefs, the “view from nowhere” and the “view from infinity” might each be thought of as referring to a particular way of looking.

    As described somewhat whimsically by Alan Wallace, the view from nowhere attempts to determine what the universe would look like if nobody were looking. His answer is, “Nothing.” It would not even contain what Arthur Eddington referred to as “pointer readings,” because in a universe without a conscious observer there would be no one present to read the pointer. It does not seem likely that a way of looking that denies the existence of the looker can tell us much about the nature of consciousness. In fact, the view from nowhere might more aptly be thought of as a way of not looking.

    Rather than asking which view to choose, perhaps the better question would be: is there a way of knowing that is not bound by any particular intellectual view? The “view from infinity” is more about how we look than about what we see. Though in another way, it is about both, because what we see depends on how we look. What might we see if we were to look through the eyes of infinity?



    • Bhaga
      Jan 22, 2014 @ 05:28:14

      Thank you for providing my blog with these interesesting views from some scientists I myself have not have the opportunity to really explore… It enriches my own post considerably!



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