Pots of Honey for the Soul

Looking for deliberate experiments with time, I explored some of the videos about scientific researcher Dean Radin (thank you fellow researcher Don Salmon for the initial link), which led me later on to NDE (Near Death Experiences) video interviews, all of them interesting one way or the other, some of them extremely so:

I found again my “old friend” (or so it feels) Anita Moorjani, two videos I had never seen before, in which some aspects of what happened to her were mentioned with new insights about them; and two interviews, by the same two lady interviewers as for Anita, but this time for an American neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander.

An atheist, Dr Alexander had the usual medical completely materialistic opinion about the NDEs that the patients he operated upon sometimes told him when awakening: he would tell them patiently not to pay any attention to it, that it was all hallucinations due to their brain being damaged or shutting off. It was his automatic response to such NDE tales for the many years of his career… that is, until he himself had in 1988 a tremendous NDE, during a sudden onslaught of Bacterial Meningitis, so severe it put him within a few hours into a deep coma that lasted for seven days and should have left him, if at all alive, merely a vegetable after only the second day. His whole neo-cortex had been destroyed by the disease, so only the most primitive remnant of consciousness remained of him in some obscure and murky depths that could hardly still be called human existence, when his consciousness ripped apart that dark whatever it was and found itself in a totally different, limitless, luminous and loving Reality he then started exploring and relating to with awe and delight, not intending at all to go away although he had been warned (by the lovely girl who guided him, whom he found out much later was a deceased sister he never knew of) that he eventually would have to go back. What made him indeed finally change his mind was when he perceived – so strong that it was coming all the way to where his consciousness was, from the hospital room on the physical plane – the desperate, insistent call from his very alarmed youngest son, frantically urging Daddy to wake up. The intensity of love and need that reached him through those calls was what decided him to come back indeed, in order to take care of the young boy.

When to the astonishment of his family and medical colleagues he finally woke up from his coma, against all expectations  not only did he recover fully his normal memories and consciousness, including his scientific knowledge, but he did so within hardly a few weeks; more remarkable even, it soon became obvious he was a changed human being, because of this NDE that had happened to him: using the weight of his medical knowledge and experience to assess his own NDE, he proceeded to alert the lay persons as well as the medical community to the total inadequacy of the current scientific so-called explanations of the NDEs for actually explaining many aspects of them.

Because it was precisely Eben’s brain that had been attacked by the disease, and his neo-cortex had been destroyed already by the time the NDE occurred, this can be seen as a proof that none of the NDE could have been recorded and memorized at all by the brain; so some unknown other part of his consciousness, apart from the brain, would have had to be involved – which then proved consciousness to be other than the brain, as some top neuro-scientists do claim.

This led the publishers of Dr Eben Alexander’s first book to sensationalize it with the defiant title “Proof of Heaven”. But of course such a title backfired, attracting the special attention of skeptics determined to deny everything under whatever scientific inaccuracy in his report, or even previous professional mistake in his neurosurgeon career, could be used to try and discredit the author of the book.

Still, in spite of all this fierce controversy and personal attacks against him, more and more videos of interviews, notably by Oprah, contributed to the growing fame of this specific NDE case.

Personally, I find it a pity that people who have had an NDE come automatically under the fire of those so-called scientists who reject any psychic phenomenon whatever evidence may be available in support for it from fellow scientists, even when they are provided with all the scientific precautions and safeties used in experimental studies. At least the OBE (Out of Body Experience) part of NDEs should be openly recognized by now, when they involve seeing or hearing things, verified afterwards, that the patient couldn’t possibly see or hear from the vantage point of his or her body, all the more when that body was being operated upon or in a coma.

Particularly in the case of NDEs, this unfair, actually unscientific attitude puts the experiencers, when they happen to be also scientists, under such psychological pressure from their narrow-minded main-stream colleagues, that I suspect not all of those scientists who have actually had an NDE do come out and openly say so. Those who do are especially courageous, and commendable for that, but almost inevitably this necessary courage will also harden to some degree the way they will try to convey the extraordinary emotions they felt during their NDE.

Luckily most NDEs happen to so-called ‘ordinary people’, and they don’t need to refrain from expressing fully the total Peace, overwhelming Joy and Love that flow through one’s being while one is having an NDE or even is simply remembering it.  For anyone like me who has had and keeps having spiritual experiences, as well of the kind labelled ‘mystical’ as of other kinds, it is obvious when one listens to the NDExperiencers that their stories are real, and important, for through them they have directly experienced the Love of… many of them will hesitate to say “God”, for that word has been so charged with all kinds of religious connotations, it is not the word one wants to use. For a long time when relating his experience Eben Alexander used instead the word “Aum”, without knowing its cultural origins, simply because that was the sound that seemed to emanate from this wonderful radiant Reality he suddenly found himself part of. Only later did he learn that it was one of the Sacred Words used in India’s spiritual tradition. Nowadays he has reverted to using the word “God”, but outside of any religious context or implied significance. As another NDExperiencer puts it, which I want to quote here:

“It’s not about religion, it’s about LOVE.”

I couldn’t agree more:

My own experiences of the Divine Reality have shown to me that incredibly Luminous, Loving Reality one time as Jesus-Christ, another time as the Divine Mother, and yet another time as our Divine Lover, revered in India as the utterly beautiful and playful Lord Krishna. I am glad that I have been shown inwardly in this way not just one, but several of the main forms the Supreme Reality has taken and may yet take in its interventions here in this physical reality, to help us, the parts of Himself/Herself/Itself who have volunteered to participate in this current Terrestrial Adventure of Evolution.Thanks to that multi-facetted  experience of the Ultimate Reality, I cannot anymore fall into the trap of believing only one of them to be the exclusive Truth.

But not every soul may be ready yet for such a revelation.  So, also when an individual soul meets that Light of Love in its true, overall Reality, outside of the bubble of Time-Space that is necessary for this Earthly Play, It may show Itself in the form of a Person, and even in the form of the religious figure revered by that individual, if such is still the inner need of that individual. Or it may well be also that the consciousness of the individual concerned puts automatically its own unconsciously biased interpretation upon the Person it sees, as the one it has been conditioned by its earthly religion to believe is the only form of “God”. For each one the content and meaning of the experience depend on the level of development already reached by that particular soul, so that it doesn’t lead that growing soul to utter, distressing confusion, but has a positive potential effect on it – even if it encourages temporarily the divisive tendencies that the mental way of functioning has introduced in everything our consciousness perceives, including the Spirit Realm.

Among the very many existing videos of NDEs on You Tube, there is a whole section dedicated to the ones where the Light of Love reveals Itself as Jesus-Christ. I looked at some of them too, and I didn’t mind the limiting identification of the Person in the  Light as Jesus only – plus usually the Light Itself seen then as ‘the Father’, and sometimes even the Bible being indicated as the Book to follow.  In these kinds of visions, angels, if they appear, must necessarily have wings on, and a Saint Peter may appear as well, with a bunch of keys if needed, if this is what the soul is expecting and happy to see. None of these limiting  concepts disturbed me, although I knew they didn’t represent the full. complete Reality we, embodied souls, all have to gradually discover as we develop… and I know there is ever more to discover, so I am not speaking here with any sense of arrogance or ridiculous superiority: each soul evolves along its own lines and at its own pace… which may very well accelerate suddenly! We do not compete anyway and one may be more advanced on one point, but less on another point, so comparisons are meaningless and useless.

Still, although it was okay for me personally to go through that specific section, I prefer not to put up such religiously influenced NDEs here on my blog, as I don’t want  my spiritually enclined but non-religious visitors to be irritated by them. Some other visitors might be irritated even by the very topic of NDEs, because they never had yet any such experience themselves and assume they cannot be true… But then this entire blog will probably be equally irritating for them, for most of the topics pertaining to the Spiritual Reality behind everything will seem an illusion to them… instead of the other way around!!!*LOL* It’s all so amusing, really!…

So, I thoroughly enjoyed myself  for hours (the whole day in fact) reading or watching all those wonderful NDE stories by all those human beings, atheists included, starting to awaken to the Divine Presence in their lives and in that ‘Beyond’ where they began to see they also lived. Through all these diverse direct experiences of what That is, I thought, will for sure gradually grow a mutual understanding and acceptance of each other’s inclinations and preferences, regarding even those so diverse perceptions of the Spirit, the One Reality that encompasses All and Is All There Is. Human Unity will never be based on the Uniformity our mind tries to impose, but on the utter Diversity that expresses all the possible ways of Being of the Divine we all are and together manifest.

As far as I know, on that day I haven’t been at any point anywhere close to Near Death, but all the same, what a blissful, soulful experience I have myself had through all those other souls’ varied but delightful experiences… Considering all those life-changing wonderful yet all unique stories, I felt it was as if every soul was given a chance to taste Honey in its very Essence of Sweetness and utter Delight, straight from the Original Honeycomb, and also in every possible form it can take; even those souls that still insist on tasting it only from the pots of a specific brand were allowed to do so, for as long as this was what they wanted. As for myself, I was happily tasting the honey out of every pot, enjoying the various brands with each a slightly different flavor to the honey, depending from which flowers that honey had been made… and yet I could perceive and recognize and enjoy the Essential Honey at the core of every single one of them. Aum…  Screen-shot-2013-04-12-at-8.27.25-AM

“And what is the end of the whole matter? As if honey could taste itself and all its drops together and all its drops could taste each other and each the whole honeycomb as itself, so should the end be with God and the soul of man and the universe.” (Sri Aurobindo, ‘Thoughts & Glimpses’)


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