My Bountiful Internet Harvest for Pongal 2014

images The 14, 15 and 16  January, just passed, have been the three days of the biggest yearly celebration in South India, and particularly Tamil Nadu: Pongal, the Festival of the First Rice Harvest of the year, called in Tamil  the “Pongal” rice, as well as the Harvest of the Sugar Canes, the other sign of abundance and happiness besides the plentiful rice, shown symbolically through allowing deliberately the rice to over-boil and overflow from the traditionally decorated earthen pot it must for the occasion be cooked in at sunrise, outside of the house, in  the open, so that it is at the same time an offering to the Sun god, thanks to whose blessings all this bounty came in the first place.

This over-boiling pot of rice will be present centrally on all posters, together probably with some sugar canes, and the rising sun, and also the bullocks who have helped for most parts of the work in the fields: they are on the third day especially  honored by their horns being repainted afresh with the specific colours of their owners, then by being garlanded and decorated all over, and finally by participating in the wild bullock-carts races through the streets, that attract big crowds of eager spectators.PONGAL_CELEBRATION_1330472g

For three days, as every year at this time, every single person from the whole population of the towns (also neighboring Pondicherry) and villages in the area, including in many cases the Aurovilians who are originally from Tamil families located in one or the other of the local villages around Auroville, has been busy doing all the traditional merry activities and festivities connected with this specific celebration of Plenty, the way it is still traditionally seen in this part of the world.

And me?… During those three full days, what have I been doing?…

Well… I have been around for more than forty years, I know very well these Pongal celebrations; if I share inwardly the general joyfulness, I don’t relish the collective excitement. so I didn’t go out at all. I just stayed at home. But during those three full days I too, in my own way, have been harvesting what for me, and actually for all of us and for the whole planet, is the most important Harvest of all: the Harvest of Consciousness.

Internet can be such a fantastic tool.

Not just for whatever nonsense might be the fancy of perhaps a deranged mind, but also nevertheless, at the other end of the spectrum, for a consciously evolving individual wanting to find and contact other consciously evolving individuals and groups of individuals on this planet – and even, as we will see, on other planets as well…!

For three days I went on an orgy. An orgy of Google Searches and of You Tube videos, each one leading to another one equally or even more interesting, an orgy of unbelievable discoveries  and of the incredible connections between them. And every time, for lack of a better technical way of harvesting all this Human Consciousness richness for safe-keeping and for later-on sharing, I just clicked the button ‘Share’ and emailed myself a link to the video I wanted to harvest.

Now is the time for merrily sharing my full Harvest with you all, and invite you to celebrate with me!

The way I will do it shouldn’t be too overwhelming, everything being poured out all at once. So starting from tomorrow, if all goes well, every day I will post one of my harvested videos, along with some comments on my part – you are welcome to comment as well – until all my harvest has been shared with you all.

Interested?… See you tomorrow then!


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