Meet an Idealistic Forgotten Genius: Nikola Tesla

There is one very nice, accurate and moving short film about Nikola Tesla’s life, which I intended to embed right here, but when I tried I found out it is not embeddable. So the next best thing is to provide here the link to that You Tube video. Although this film is short, still it is relatively long, of course, but so interesting  it doesn’t feel long. My comments will make more sense if you do watch that video first, but of course it’s up to you.

Bhaga .bhaga has shared a video with you on YouTube
The best short film about Nikola Tesla that I know of.
The true story of Nikola Tesla

Tesla, from a tiny East European country, emigrated as a young adult to the US, with a letter of introduction that recommended him in the most laudatory terms  to the best known inventor of the time, Thomas Edison. But Edison never forgave this younger man for simply having more real genius than himself, and tried actually his best to discredit Nikola’s inventions and block their use by other people. In spite of all his most unfair efforts, though, it is Tesla’s Alternative Current, and not Edison’s own Direct Current that finally won the competition between the two and got the contracts for widespread distribution that led to our present world being entirely built on that and other Tesla’s inventions, although most everyone nowadays is unaware of it and his name has by now been practically forgotten.

One of the main mistaken assumptions responsible for obscuring the truth is that all scientific textbooks have been for all this time wrongly crediting Edison and Marconi for two of the great inventions actually made first by Tesla. Only recently has the credit at least for Electricity been officially re-attributed to Nikola, its real inventor; in the meantime more and more interest and recognition is again starting to go to the truly extraordinary genius he has been.

More and more people are at the same time discovering also the even more remarkable person he was, simply as a human being, working for humanity as a whole with such total disinterestedness that profits didn’t matter much to him; the problem was, it was what mattered most for others he depended upon for funding his research: his most cherished dream of providing entirely free electricity for everyone not only in the USA but all over the Earth, although technically quite feasible, scared stiff the Electricity Business moguls of the time, who then stopped all financial help to realize his project, choosing the continuation of their own personally profitable empire over what would have changed the life of humanity if Tesla’s  idealistic intention and genial invention had been allowed to be realized. On the contrary, what was already existing of his project was one night mysteriously destroyed. Some years later, after helping the Allies during WWII through more of his scientific devices, he died in the hotel room where he had finally ended up, a disappointed and disillusioned man, but still full of love and hope for humanity as a whole.

Some details in his personality – for example his extreme need for clean hands and towels, or his predilection for specific numbers in all he was doing – had always seemed bizarre to most people he met, and he was deemed an eccentric; when later on some journalists found out he was keen on establishing ways of communicating not just with other human beings, but also with extra-terrestrial ones, even his reputation as a scientist suffered, at a time when no Carl Sagan was openly and quite officially doing the same thing through his “Arecibo Message” sent out into space.

Tesla’s life story is sadly representative of what usually still happens to remarkable geniuses if they are that much ahead of their time.

I myself had never even heard his name until about fifteen years ago, when a friend who knew how much I loved the totally enjoyable ‘Sun Signs’ book by astrologer Linda Goodman, offered me another, more recent book of hers: ‘Star Signs’.

Much more personal, that book revealed all the main interests, or rather deep passions, in Linda Goodman’s own life.  It was all the very same esoteric subjects I myself happen to also be researching, so I read that fat volume all in one gulp, and read it again and again, as it contained many valuable details about a lot of things. Linda had come to live in Colorado Springs, a location in the mountains where Nikola too had lived for a while in order to conduct some of his experiments there. Linda had lived in the very house he had occupied, and was very moved to still feel his presence there.

In one particular section Linda was explaining how she had come to know of Tesla’s forgotten story, and the way she spoke of him was enough to enthuse me too about him. I don’t remember at all how or why, but some time later a copy of Nikola’s autobiography, ‘My Inventions’, came into my hands. I devoured it. It contained all the kind of personal observations about the way and state of consciousness in which his extraordinary ideas and fully developed images of new inventions came to him. As a researcher myself mostly in Consciousness, that was what I was most interested to know about, straight from Nikola’s own so precise writings.

Still later on, when my nascent Internet skills started enabling me to explore the huge amount of information there, I found some first videos about him. This time around, it is during my recent  renewed search for You Tube videos about Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE that one about Tesla suddenly popped up too… and I followed that lead, until I discovered and watched with rapt attention the video of his life that I am now posting here.

A last note for those perhaps interested: When I went back to that place on You Tube today for getting the link to ‘The True Story of Nikola Tesla”, there were also three videos I hadn’t seen before, with fixed images only, but still quite fascinating, of the autobiography by Tesla I mentioned above, ‘My Inventions’, beautifully read aloud. That alone says how much the general interest in him is rapidly growing; I would dare say that is a good sign for Humanity and its future.


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  1. donsalmon
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 12:27:13

    My favorite story about Tesla is about his extraordinary power of imagination. In one story, he created a machine in his mind as similar as he could to a machine in his laboratory. he started both “machines” running and left them running for several days. he then measured the amount of friction that each had generated (sorry, I’m showing my technological ignorance here -I’m not sure if friction is generated, but it was something like that:>))

    To be careful in this test, he measured the friction in the “imaginary” machine first. The measurements on both machines were exactly the same.

    That is, he was able to imagine a machine with such precision, it worked the same (or at least, generated the same amount of friction) as the “real” (real?) physical machine.

    It may sound kind of dry here, but I think that’s due to my poor writing. I remember first reading about this many years ago and being completely astonished.

    Now actually, the Dalai Lama, at one of the Mind and Life conferences several years ago (a meeting of Tibetan Buddhists and world class scientists) was talking to some of the big names in cognitive science about imagery (I think Stephen Kosslyn was one of them; he’s particularly wedded to a very naive materialist view of things). My sense was the Dalai Lama was being quite mischievous, and after talking about the practice of imagery in Tibet in ordinary ways for awhile, he was noted to smile broadly and add, “But sometimes what the monks visualize can take form and start acting on its own – or, so they say”.

    And this is not in any way related to the current topic, but it just came to mind, and y’all might enjoy it.

    The Dalai Lama was once asked what the happiest moment of his life was.

    He paused, appearing to be thoughtfully reflecting on the question, and then smiled broadly and said, “I think….now!”

    (and another digression, forgive me – a supposedly true conversation with the baseball legend yogi berra;

    Questioner: “Hey Yogi, what time is it?”

    Yogi Berra: “You mean now?”



    • Bhaga
      Jan 22, 2014 @ 13:58:58

      The story about Tesla is great, and so was your way of telling it: I too was astonished by it!!! Truly amazing feat indeed! And yet so normal for him….. as it will be normal for us too when our own further evolution brings us to that point too, perhaps sooner than we think, who knows….
      The two other stories, although definitely digressions, were great as well, and quite welcome, as they made me laugh! Spiritual humor is the best and funniest! I anticipated the Dalai-Lama’s answer, though, but it was all the more satisfying to see it confirmed later…! Real fun… Three times thank you, then! 😀



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