The Crop Circle That Answered the Arecibo Message

This topic – the so-called ‘Aliens’ or ‘Extra-Terrestrials’ – is not just another ‘New-Agey’ thing, as I myself thought it was years ago.

Intrigued by a passage in “Mother’s Agenda” where Mother was very definitely confirming that UFOs exist, and are part of what’s happening on Earth in our times, I researched Sri Aurobindo’s texts too, and was astonished to discover some lines here and there right in Sri Aurobindo’s magnum opus ‘Savitri’,  that also mentioned other planets and the role they had played in relation  to the Earth in its far past.

This produced a veritable revolution in me. Used to scoff at those who believed in such hocus-pocus stuff, I had to sit down and deeply re-consider all my previous assumptions.

Then after a while a whole new energy came in me to start resolutely and eagerly exploring this new (for me!) field of research.

In the present super-fast expansion of the You Tube videos that are a pure blessing for researchers, during my feasting on them all for the three full days  of ‘Pongal’ recently, given the kind of other topics I was searching for, I was bound to end up at some point getting some videos on ETs…! Sure enough, I found them all right, among the ones on Crop Circles, for the two topics are actually closely related. Yesterday I shared already with you the one I chose as the best general Introduction; today I will share one presenting a very special series of Crop Formations that drew a lot of attention at the time, twelve years ago.

I selected this specific video among many others on the same sensational topic, because after the first short video that was posted many times, precisely in a superficial and sensationalistic way that I didn’t like, in this one was added a much longer, much deeper study of the whole thing, leading to extremely interesting observations and remarks by the UFO researcher who was presenting his conclusions in this second part of the overall video. Do not let his somewhat monotonous voice  and his very detailed explanations deter you from watching it fully, I personally feel it is worth it!

As always, I made it a point to search also for all the “debunking” material I could find, hysterical and aggressive as most of it was, and  finally I was glad to see that in this particular case nothing was really “debunked” at all…

Communication With Extraterrestrials Has Occurred: The Arecibo Message and the Chilbolton Reply

Journalist Linda Moulton Howe has written an excellent story which I believe supports Crop Circles Research Foundation’s position that it is possible for us to communicate with ET civilizations and clearly demonstrates that this event has, in fact, already happened! I invite you to visit Linda’s website Earthfiles ( and carefully read her story titled December 7, 2012: Astronomer Carl Sagan’s Letter to U.K.’s MoD About Crop Circles. If you cannot suscribe to Linda’s EarthfilesReal X-Files, then Paul Vigay’s analysis of the relationships between the Arecibo message and the Chilbolton reply can be found here at

(Linda Moulton Howe’s Real X-Files are a subscription service which Linda provides at frequent intervals throughout the year and is well worth the $45 / year annual fee which goes toward supporting Linda and her important journalistic work. Crop Circles Research Foundation enthusiastically recommends that anyone who cares to know the truth about what is really happening in our world subscribe to Linda’s Real X-Files!)

The Crop Circle which occurred in wheat crop at Chilbolton, reported on August 19, 2001 was perhaps the most important Genuine Crop Circle which has ever been discovered. The Chilbolton Crop Circle clearly demonstrates that the Sagan / Drake message from humanity which was transmitted into space from the Arecibo radiotelescope in 1974 was intercepted by an ET civilization which then sent to us their reply via the Chilbolton Crop Circle in 2001 –  27 years later! This occurred despite the fact that it should have required 25,000 years for the Arecibo message to reach the star system at which it was aimed! Clearly, someone “out there” intercepted the message and replied, and the means employed to present this message of reply to us can only be descibed as nothing less than miraculous. People talk all the time about miracles which may or may not have occurred over 2000 years ago as reported in The Bible, but when miracles are occurring in the Crop Circles every summer very few are paying attention. How does that work? Well, it works out badly, as we are gradually finding out.

The August 2001 ET reply to the Sagan / Drake Arecibo message.

Sagan’s letter to the MoD, dated March 6, 1996 suggests that Sagan had by then become aware of deceptive practices carried out by the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense which were intended to discredit the Genuine Crop Circle Phemomenon. If we think about it, this was the only way for those interested parties, namely the British and U.S. governments/militaries, who have been successfully covering up the UFO Phenomenon, to sustain their ongoing and long-standing deception regarding the reality of UFOs and ET visitation to this planet. If they had done nothing to squelch people’s growing interest in the Crop Circles by making it appear as though the Crop Circles were all hoaxes of human origin, soon people would be putting 2 and 2 together and would have been asking questions about a possible relationship between Crop Circles and UFOs. The Crop Circles would have become more and more difficult to dissociate from the UFO Phenomenon. The powers that be did what they knew they had to do to – they had to find a way to discredit the Crop Circles, just as they had been doing all along about UFOs. Sagan apparently got wind of this and, to his credit, he brought his awareness of these deceptive actions to the attention of the British MoD. I do not know if Sagan received any reply from the MoD.

Perhaps by 1996 Carl Sagan had realized that, years before, he had been mistaken in the testimony he presented to the U.S. Congress regarding his opinions about the importance of the UFO Phenomenon during the 1968 Congressional UFO hearings in which he was invited to participate. These Congressional UFO hearings occurred just prior to the publication of the University of Colorado’s UFO study (“The Condon Report”) in 1969. Perhaps Sagan realized that he should have been much more supportive of the idea that UFOs were worth looking into, the position which was held and promulgated by the 5 other preimminent scientists who also testified at those same hearings. In my opinion, this was the most significant error which Sagan made in his assessment of the UFO Phenomenon and one that stands as a black mark on his otherwise “stellar” performance as a man of science.

I encourage everyone to read Sagan’s letter to the British MoD which Linda has published in her Earthfiles Real X-Files, and to study Linda’s detailed account of the correlations between the Sagan / Drake Arecibo message and the message which was discovered in the Chilbolton Crop Circle. This is an amazing event which will one day be in our history books – if the human race can survive our government’s apparent compulsive predilection for obfuscating the TRUTH.

So, now, here goes the video I want to share with you!

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