A Complete Surprise

And today I am coming to what has been for me a complete surprise, and a stunning one:

A video with someone totally unknown to me, but I liked his face, presenting something to an international gathering happening in Holland, having to do with new sources of energy. I kind of jumped into that train just like that, having no idea where it would lead me…

Well, I was in for quite a ride! About two hours later, having gone through quite a lot of topics I knew nothing about before but that turned out to be extremely interesting, I  suddenly heard that scientist, who lives in South Africa, say he was now going to present himself to the elections there… for President!!! Absolutely stunned I sat up on my chair and watched as a completely new, but in fact deeply related topic indeed, started unfolding itself, unbelievable at first, and then making more and more sense as that man was explaining more of his views, conclusions  and intentions.

That night, having still the whole thing he had talked about very present in my consciousness, I went to sleep with a delicious feeling of awe and expectancy, as if one door had somehow suddenly opened in front of me towards a really different future for the Earth…

There you go:


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