And Then Came an Even Bigger and More Wonderful Surprise!…

I hope you have by now recovered from the shock yesterday’s video on my blog may have given you. My apologies if that was the case…

But at the same time as I apologize for the shock, I must say I do think it is a salutary, beneficial shock that this video gives. This Michael Tellinger, as I later learned was the name of this scientist, means what he says and ‘walks his talk’ all right, so at least that much is refreshingly new. He isn’t into political games and is taking on straight what is at the root of our present societies’ ever-spreading rottenness: the all-powerful Banking System that rules Governments as well as Corporations, and through them everyone else, that is, all of us, in every aspect of our lives. I myself as an individual do not necessarily agree with everything Michael advocates, but the ‘Ubuntu’ way that he is mainly advocating has been gaining ground in quite a few other countries’ consciousness too, even if at home in South Africa the office of the Ubuntu Party has been attacked and their equipment as well as documents seized, as Michael reports in another video also found on You Tube.

Bhaga .bhaga has shared a video with you on YouTube
Video call after being raided by police…
UBUNTU Party Press release 26 Oct 2012.mp4

What I liked was the openness and humaneness at the core  of the Ubuntu approach to solving our world’s crisis, starting humbly from this small part of South Africa.

The very next evening, as I was viewing more of Michael’s videos to get a well-rounded understanding of what he is proposing to do, I stumbled upon yet another video, not by him, but that seemed interesting too, and I watched it immediately. Its title was  “Thrive – Crop Circles Are Clues to New Energy Technology”.

It was so beautiful it was spell-binding, and so informative it felt like eons of Cosmic Existence and Knowledge compressed  into those so elegant, magic geometrical forms merging into each other in those fantastic images…

I will not give here a link to that video, though, for I had noticed it seemed to come from some ‘Thrive Movement’, whatever that could be, that had a full website to refer to… which I did right away.

And then I discovered an amazingly still larger picture:

They had a complete “Thrive” film posted there, of which  I soon realized the 30 minutes of the shorter video I had just seen was only the first half; there was a whole second half, just as informative, and just as compelling, that followed, from where the first half I had already watched had left things at, with for last words said: “Follow the Money”.

Well, this ‘Following the Money’, still through astonishing visuals, uncovered huge, huge, huge aspects of our world seen from the financial angle, and from that angle the factual consequences reverberating to all other angles. Rather than trying to explain it all in my poor words, and not succeeding as well anyway, I’ll let you now watch for yourself the full film just as its great two main parts unfold. What is extremely remarkable and empowering, is that whatever huge problem is every time unearthed, every time there are already solutions for it, waiting somewhere among the human world, if only we are determined to put them to use for the benefit of all humankind. Well, even more than for the ‘Ubuntu’ thing, the scope, the sheer enormous scope of what was envisaged stunned me all over again…! So, be prepared… and enjoy:


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  1. donsalmon
    Jan 26, 2014 @ 13:20:31

    The Thrive folks are active here as well. (here in Asheville, I mean)

    Thanks much for the video link for the ubuntu party. It sounds and looks very powerful. Sri Aurobindo, nearly 100 years ago, referred to the moneymen (and it was mostly men back then – still is in fact!) as the “occult rulers” of the modern utilitarian, economically-obsessed society.

    I’m getting a stronger feeling with each year that a world wide uprising is in the works. Will it work, will it last, I don’t know, but I feel that lending it our consciousness and intention is a powerful step forward.

    And that step forward includes your writings as well.

    Thank you.



    • Bhaga
      Jan 26, 2014 @ 14:32:51

      I just finished watching again that entire “Thrive” film, straight from my own blog where I’m proud i managed technically to put it up.
      It’s just so SUPERB. There is no other word. Even the free spirituality is in there, and our spiritual collective evolution, each one in their own unique way..
      And then when I come out of the film’s ending, so powerful with that beautiful song being sung (and I dancing on it of course…!!!), while the credits roll, I find your heartfelt comment, dear Don. It brought tears to my eyes… Tears of joy, that you too openly speak out for all these incredibly beautiful human energies wanting to manifest “the world we yearn for and deserve”, as Foster puts it, and I love those words.
      Thank you for including this little blog of mine in this step forward humanity is taking. Your so kind and encouraging voice joining me here so often now to comment on my posts is precious to me, as well as your own nearly born website, so clear and nice-looking it will be a pleasure to send people there who will be helped by it.
      To you I answer “Thank you for standing together with me today, in support of those courageous individuals that haven’t hesitated to put themselves in a dangerously visible position, that our world may be healed faster, and may soon “Thrive”.”



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