‘Thrive’: My Debunking of Its Debunkers…

After I watched enthusiastically the entire “Thrive” movie a first time, I went, purely out of duty, not out of any personal doubt or hesitation, to check on all the ‘debunking’ I could find of it and of its authors, Foster Gamble and Kimberle Carter-Gamble.

I went systematically and warily through the very few sites listed out on my Google Search for that topic.

One was screaming aggressively out from WordPress itself: “Debunking ‘Thrive'”, a site created especially there by someone for that purpose only.- amazing, isn’t it?… The person behind this site didn’t have much actually to chew upon besides his own obvious immediate distrust of about everything in the movie: all those topics discussed at length and thoroughly in that remarkable synthesis happen to be already, each single one of them,  a so-called ‘controversial’ topic, fiercely debunked in its own right by all kinds of ‘debunkers’ I am starting to suspect of being professionals in the trade. They are people who at the only mention of NDE, or Crop Circles, or UFOs, or Free Energy, or Sacred Geometry, or whatever else isn’t yet entirely accepted by mainstream contemporary Science. will jump on their feet and start a heated diatribe against the so obvious and well-known treachery such a thing is. Now just imagine if you put all of those deeply abhorred topics magnificently together the way they are in “Thrive”: you get a potentially lethal concoction for the poor Debunkers, who go into a kind of shock, a sort of overload of visceral hatred that suddenly has so much hated stuff on its plate it doesn’t know anymore what to hate first or most out of the entire lot of them. But the  specific Debunker who had boldly taken on the “Thrive Movement” didn’t find so much at all that he could attack, so he ended up mostly posting  a long email discussion between an inventor shown on “Thrive” as the author of a Free Energy Device, and another inventor who claimed he was the real author. The discussion between the two was facilitated by Foster Gamble himself, sorry that such a situation had occurred; in the end an understanding was reached by the two parties, and that was all, from what i gathered from the very long and tedious email dialogue. Nothing really that  the ‘Thrive ” team could be accused of. Otherwise the only thing I seem to remember from this so purposeful site was an attack about the face of the lady on the “Thrive” poster, whose single visible eye was decreted to be obviously the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati, hence the whole “Thrive”  Movement was nothing but a cover-up for an Illuminati scheme duping the fools.
 Well, that Debunker or whoever it was who said that, didn’t do his job propely, for right on the “Thrive” FAQ page was the following answer:

“What’s the meaning behind the Thrive poster? Is it some kind of Illuminati symbolism? (read more)

Another name on the Google List was the regular site of another organization called “Transition”; it would seem that this one existed prior to “Thrive” and was based on some similar idealistic topics, but although it was successful to some extent over a few years of existence, it apparently never got the kind of enormous popularity the “Thrive” movie and website have achieved in very little time. The main person behind that website had written an article explaining why he himself and a few other celebrities interviewed during the “Thrive” film had actually withdrawn from participating in the overall endeavor. I read the article, in which I was very surprised to find some not very convincing reasons at all, which even my extremely recent and incomplete knowledge of the movement so criticized  told me were not real; and indeed, published (fairly at least) on top of that article was the Reply from Foster and Kimberle themselves. I read it too and found  that it quite pointedly disproved, and with rather commendable restraint,  all of the reproaches expressed in the article. I failed really to see on which ground the celebrities concerned had followed the author of the article and left “Thrive”. I hope they will tiptoe back in or some day pretend they had never left, when things settle. It seems to me they had not measured at first the truly huge scope of the Movement, and when they realized it, stepped back – in apprehension perhaps of being mixed up with the long ridiculed but this time quite convincing David Icke, also interviewed in the film.

Then, freely browsing among the comments left by some viewers under some of the “Thrive” videos, I discovered the vehement accusation by one young man, directed at Foster himself: being part of the immensely rich Gamble lineage, how come he did nothing to curve the wrong doings in the Procter & Gamble business???

The ‘Foster’ who presents the film and is the host in it, happens indeed to be – he says it almost from the beginning, when he starts talking and first introduces himself – from a very rich family. Does that make him automatically a hypocrite?…

There again, the accusation was out of ignorance, a knee-jerk reaction to the name without taking the trouble of checking the facts, spelled out actually quite clearly in the film itself, and then once again duly clarified straight in the “Thrive” FAQ:

“How is Foster related to Procter and Gamble? (read more)

Foster is the great, great grandson of James Gamble, the founder of Procter & Gamble. He is in no way associated with the running of the multi-national company that exists today.  Foster has participated on his own and with various family initiatives to change company policy with regard to issues such as animal testing and pollution. Foster used the time he was afforded by inheriting enough money to research issues that most people don’t have time to pursue. He and Kimberly have invested eight years of uncompensated time and $4.5 million of their own money, (in partnership with individual investors who invested an additional $2.5 million) to make the THRIVE film and website to help empower a self-creating movement that aims to empower a world where all can thrive. Procter & Gamble has not funded THRIVE or any part of it. We welcome people checking the validity of this statement with Procter & Gamble directly.”

There is on top of this on You Tube an independent interview of Foster by Lilou Mace, that says it all:

if<rame width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/oO39Bif9hL0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

If this video doesn’t get embedded properly, it can be found easily with the two names; it is the one video where the two persons are separated on both sides of the screen. Very informative and interesting!


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