And now, UBUNTU & THRIVE Talk Together

I have been totally amazed by the giant synchronicity I witnessed in my life recently, that I have shared with you these last few days on this blog of mine:

One night, I stumble upon the wonderful Ubuntu Movement, and the next night, it’s the even larger Thrive Movement that I stumble upon!… Incredible. It was so strong a “coincidence” I had an eerie feeling when it happened, and it still gives me goosebumps whenever I think of it again.

So while I was putting up here this video and then the following day this or that other video about all this and my wonderment about it all, I have been wanting very much to go and search some more the ‘Thrive” website in order to find out if those two great Movements that had somehow come together at least in my life, had ever had yet any contact with each other… Lo and behold, just half an hour ago I saw popping on the You Tube page I was viewing, a video I had never seen yet… and that was it:

After I had watched this with the pleasure and utter satisfaction you can imagine, my next thought was, this happened in September 2012, I must check if anything further has already happened in terms of the active collaboration and full sharing of information that you just heard Foster and Michael talk enthusiastically and very practically about.

Next  little step in that new search: I just found this much shorter but very interesting and amusing other video, where we get a chance to see Foster as the hilarious speaker he can also be. What was the occasion for his being invited to give this inaugural speech, loaded up here as a You Tube video by Michael Tellinger for the ‘Ubuntu’ as well as the ‘Thrive’ Movements? It was the very same ‘BEM’, or ‘Breakthrough Energy Movement’, that last year was also the place where Michael Tellinger himself presented his own research speech, the video of which made me discover him and Ubuntu, the one I of course have put up on this blog a few days ago…

Here we go now with Foster’s refreshingly both cosmic and comic inaugural speech, or at least the beginning of it:


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