Watch the New Evolution at Work Right Here…

The video down below will show you how the new Force of Evolution at work upon Earth since 1956, when finally happened the direct contact of the terrestrial atmosphere and very matter with the Supramental Consciousness, brought slowly down from its own other dimensional realm by Sri Aurobindo’s decades of relentless efforts, is gradually but irresistibly changing our ideas and our worldview:

At first it is through a number of various individual scientific researchers,  each working at the leading edge of their special discipline to bring new discoveries and inventions; and then comes a group able to organize a meeting, some yearly symposium of those individuals, where they start communicating together; and then someone else still, in yet another group, happens to have the necessary knowledge, inner perception and personal power to act as a catalyst and bring together all those new things, weaving them into a still vaster, grander and more meaningful worldview everybody then will start sharing and spreading further to the rest of humanity.

Once again it is Foster Gamble that we see having that extraordinarily useful capacity for furthering our collective evolution..

In his tremendously deep and far reaching talk on the video down below, we will realize that the very short and funny one I provided at the end of my previous post was actually only a brief extract from what turns out to be, not an inaugural speech  as I wrongly understood, but a full-fledge talk to this vast assembly of inventors from everywhere, all come for the now yearly International BEM (Breakthrough Energy Movement) , towards the end of 2013 – a mere few months ago.

One can measure at once the huge popularity Foster Gamble has already been able to generate as the presenter and host of the film “Thrive”. But as he explains to the audience on this third and last day of the gathering, that film was just meant to be a kind of preliminary trailer, so to speak, for the “Thrive” website as a whole, which is in the meantime developing more and more into a huge Resources Hub, to which anyone can add their own contribution from any corner of our world, linking up with all the other contributors in their own field and getting ready for the widespread collective actions that will gradually implement the enormous changes we need in our societies all-over the planet.

We need to recover, he emphasizes, not only our material freedoms, but also and first of all the freedom of our spirit, of our consciousness – even from the usual illusion we have of being only this physical body.

I have been absolutely thrilled to hear (and see) Foster relate in his characteristic simple and lovely manner what amounts to his first spiritual -cum- scientific experiences when merely a teen in his boarding school; and then, completely compelling too, much later, his first Out of Body Experience (OBE)… where?! In this very “Monroe Institute” I am also trying my best to draw everyone’s attention to through this blog of mine!!! I won’t spoil your own dicovery of this video by telling you what happened in that memorable OBE of his, but it is thoroughly enjoyable to watch him describe it!


Other highlights (for me) are Foster’s announcement of a “Thrive” TV (I can’t wait for that to be there!) and the words he had regarding his son Trevor Z. Gamble, 32, who, he says, “has been a major mentor for me for making the film”, at a time  when Foster himself was unwittingly still steeped in his old political notions and illusions, and not fully aware yet of the extent of  the wrong doings from Banks, Governments and Corporations.  “So”, Foster adds, “listen to your kids!”, in a humble and funny, yet sincere way that has the audience in splits once again.

After some more practical information for all the inventors, particularly at risk of losing not only their inventions, but even too often their lives, to raids from Government Agencies under whatever pretext or none at all, Foster ends with two very moving texts: one, a quote from another beautifully inspired human being (he said the name, but I didn’t understand), and the last, a poem he had written in the plane on his way to this gathering: a poem dedicated to the Inventors…

It all ends with the whole audience giving him a standing ovation – including Bhaga, standing all alone in front of her desk, clapping her hands and staring at her laptop screen with love and gratitude for this exemplary man, so dedicated to humanity’s potential “Thriving” that he too is putting his own life on the line for it to happen as soon as it possibly can.


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  1. donsalmon
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 13:44:57

    Wonderful post, Bhaga. Hope you don’t mind my bringing up the Integral Yoga community again, in relationship to this. For others here not familiar with this, you may have noticed that Bhaga mentioned the central role of Sri Aurobindo in helping to initiate the world changes we see all around us.

    I’ve mentioned before on this site – and elsewhere – my amazement at how there are a striking number of skeptics **within** the integral yoga community (Sri Aurobindo gave the name “integral yoga” to the spiritual path he brought forward) regarding these world changes. I’ve heard people say, “oh no, if you really understood what Mother and Sri Aurobindo are talking about, you could see all this is nothing and it will be centuries – and some say thousands of years – before we will see the kinds of changes they predicted.”

    This I find dumbfounding. It seems to obvious to me that it feels like one would have to make a strenuous effort to hide one’s head in the sand to avoid seeing what is so clearly around us (and more important, within all of us, together, not individually, but together, “Within” NOT meaning within separate individuals, but simply the “inner” side of all we see without – and to make this parenthetical phrase even more cumbersome, the more clearly we see this, the more we see how utterly useless and misleading words like “inner” and “outer” are:>))!!

    I’ll tell you a story. In 1992, I attended an evening session on Tibetan Buddhism and lucid dreaming at the New York Open Center. During a break, I was talking with a sleep physiologist named Ed, and his wife, who at the time was doing a medical residency at Yale. We were talking about all the changes that had occurred in the world since 1970 – the dramatic increase in openness to spirituality, the changes in science, the greater openness, the revolutions in governments around the world, etc. I said to Ed, “You know, if you had described what was happening now, and told me about this in 1970, and asked me to predict what year it would happen, I might have said 2020, or even 2050.”

    Without responding directly, Ed turned to his wife and said, “Did you happen to hear what Don was saying?” She said “yes, I remember, that was EXACTLY what you were saying to me last night.”

    And we all had a good laugh. And I have to say, if you had described to me what is happening now, and told me about it in 1970, I would have said surely, this could not possibly happen until at the VERY least, the 22nd century.

    And here we are. How can anybody not see it. Robert Monroe and Dean Radin and Stanislov Grof and the incredible openness to the inner, the subliminal. Dan Siegel, as mainstream a neuroscience researcher as can be imagined, describing the “hub” of the “wheel of awareness” – his metaphor for how the mid prefrontal cortex, when well developed, along with the heart brain, gives us the experience of a profound core of pure awareness, characterized by warmth, peace, compassion, connection to others, a sense of wholeness and unity – why this is the Chaitya Purusha of the Upanishads, the “being in the heart no bigger than the thumb”, the Agni, what Sri Aurobindo calls “the psychic being”, the growing spark of divinity in us all.

    And this is being taught in mainstream science textbooks (though of course they don’t refer – yet- maybe next year/???! – to the Indian terms:>))

    I think what happens is very sensitive people see the horrors around us – governments owned by corporations run by drug addicted, prostitute seeking, psychopaths (I met many of them when I temped on Wall Street for 1 1/2 years back in 1989 and 1992). They see world wife ecological destruction, the near collapse of the world financial system and are acutely aware of the suffering that hundreds of millions if not billions of people will undergo in the coming decades and think, and say, “How can you talk about all these wonderful things when the world is falling apart and there is so much evil?”

    But we must look deeper, no? I remember the words of Swami Ramanandaji, in his book, “Evolutionary Sadhana,” (this was, I think, some time in the 1940s). He was describing what happens as the mahashatki – the evolutionary Force – descends into the mind, the vital and the physical body. “All kinds of dust will be swirling in the air as the Mother cleans. Don’t you lift a finger” (most of this is paraphrase, but I remember that line, “don’t you lift a finger”:>)) You can’t do a thing. The only thing for you to do is to go back to your core, to center in the Atman, to be quiet, that is the place for effort, and then open, and let Her do the rest. If you get frightened at all the dirt being raised up, well then, you’ll lose your center, and then how can She do Her work?”

    Which is why I think that what Bhaga is doing here is so important. She is not someone who hides her head in the sand. She sees clearly the evil – no, I’l just call it dirt – the dirt being raised as Mother sweeps away the cobwebs of Ignorance. Yet she has total trust – “of course we don’t need to be frightened, Mother is doing the work.”

    But we still have the responsibility to

    1 – stay quiet, calm connected to our core
    2. Fulfill our outer dharma, do the actions that Mother guides us to do

    and perhaps most important, do not be frightened by the dirt we see around us. It is all part of the Divine Play, the Evolution.

    thank you Bhaga.



    • Bhaga
      Jan 30, 2014 @ 07:22:15

      Your comment couldn’t be more to the point, Don.

      Perhaps the people who think and talk the way you describe should have a look at my much older post, dated 25 September 2012: “Did Sri Aurobindo & the Mother Foresee This Time?” I’m giving the address down elow, I hope it becomes a link when this comment is posted:

      Also, in relation to the present happenings, are all the Extra-Terrestrials signs of presence; and the Mother confirmed not only their exstence, but tha ‘They are participating in what is happening now”, or something like that; I have to find again the post in which I seem to remember I have already quoted this from her.



    • ipek kursat
      Mar 05, 2017 @ 18:17:40

      Don, I have been searching for a copy of Swami Ramanandaji’s “Evolutionary Sadhana”. Seeing that you quote from it, I hope you still have this great work and would be willing to share it with me. I came into contact with Swamiji in the late ’70’s, and he continues to help me in my sadhana. I have his other works, but only a few sort segments from “Evolutionary Sadhana”. Can you help?



      • Bhaga
        Mar 07, 2018 @ 07:54:15

        Sorry that your reply to Don is being posted only now, Ipek Kursat!… I happened to miss the notification about it at the time you wrote it. I hope Don will be able to answer you now without any further delay!!! All my apologies to both of you for that mishap. 🙂


      • Ipek Kursat
        Mar 07, 2018 @ 13:11:20

        Thank you, Bhaga. The only available copy is in the rare books section of the Library of Congress, and pretty much impossible for me to reach. I am hoping that Don has a copy.


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