The Monroe Institute’s Contribution to Humanity’s Awakening

As you may have noticed in my previous post, I have underlined the importance of the powerful inner experience Foster Gamble, now of “THRIVE” fame, had years ago while at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, attending one of the several Programs that are offered there all year long, year after year, of various kinds, but all helping the participants to reach states of consciousness that are for the time being unusual for ‘normal’ humans… that is, the humans not trained for many years in remote corners of India under the guidance of someone already mastering the techniques and inner processes required to arrive at these extraordinary results.

The experience Foster had was in fact one of a spiritual nature, and it had a profound and unforgettable effect on him.

He is not the only one, far from it, to have benefited in such a deep and permanent manner from the Program he participated in at the Monroe Institute.

In my eyes, the work accomplished by TMI, together with the NDEs happening to more and more individuals everywhere, have been the two most influential factors in the accelerated spiritualization of humanity that we are witnessing since a few decades.

It has transformed the consciousness and the life of literally tens of millions of people worldwide, who either went to the main, original Centre in Virginia, USA, or to the other centres now established also elsewhere, for example in Europe, Spain particularly, at various locations, under trained and qualified TMI staff members. Beyond the sharings possible of course also every time on the spot, most of the participants later write a report of how the program worked for them. Many report experiences that used to be described only by saints or yogis, or specially gifted individuals with a background of spiritual development they could remember from previous lifetimes altogether.

I recall my astonishment forty years ago when I read for the first time the kind of things that the Mother, for example, still the young girl Mirra Alfassa in France, could do during the night, while supposedly resting: her consciousness would go routinely out of her body and in that state she would be able to attend to lots of people also in the same condition, but asleep and unconscious, who needed inner help one way or the other.

One of the tasks young Mirra often found herself doing was taking care of the souls of the newly deceased, who are at first confused, often not aware yet that their body was dead, because they had been told that when you die, your consciousness disappears as well, you  just don’t exist anymore; so those people, finding themselves still quite alive and conscious but in an unexpectedly very different environment, couldn’t understand what was going on, and remained stuck in the areas of the After Life that are the closest to the Physical Plane, not knowing what to do or where to go next; or if their death had been sudden and violent, they would need some help too first of all to recover from the shock. There are constantly many such cases that need attention, and the help may come for them as well from still embodied but conscious other souls, as from spirits without a physical body, coming to their rescue from the deeper and more luminous parts of that other dimension of Reality.

At the time of Mirra Alfassa’s youth, in the 1890s, and for long afterwards, only very evolved souls, and that meant not many, were capable of giving such help.

Well, I was flabbergasted a few years ago, reading reports from some TMI participants, to see that a number of them had become not only capable of providing such after death help, but quite adept at it, going on regularly with that task even after they had gone back home to their normal life… now with that strange, but extremely helpful skill added discretely to the activities they could chose to have at will: they now knew exactly how to enter at any time the inner state that would enable them to be again in that other dimension, and more precisely in the immediate after death environment. I discovered to my amazement that nowadays, whenever a massive disaster happens somewhere on our planet, there are whole teams of people, not only in their physical bodies as usual, but also out of them, going to the rescue of the survivors on the one hand, and on the other hand also of those who didn’t survive. Fantastic, but wonderfully true! And indeed in times of big catastrophes, lots of souls need help at the same time, and extra contingents of temporary helpers  are quite useful.

This is but one example, that happened to be especially striking for me. Some other people at TMI train themselves to enter yet other states of consciousness and accomplish other activities that for other people would be also totally unheard of feats.

In that way, year after year, TMI helps human beings from everywhere to reach ever further with their consciousness and integrate into their daily life yet more so-called incredible possibilities.

Through the spreading use of their Hemi-Synch products too,  the researchers at TMI continue the invaluable work started long ago by Robert Monroe, in the solitude and loneliness of his own private experiments with himself at first, and then with the team of other researchers that formed around him.

What expansion of consciousness and other beneficial effects their lifelong, so dedicated research has brought over the years to our human world make me extremely grateful. I only regret that most of the time no funds are made available yet for this kind of Research, and so for the time being, except for the occasional recipient of a scholarship (I was one in 2001… Thank you, TMI! See my older post on my time there: “TMI: Expansion of Consciousness, Outside the Body”, dated 12 November 2011), only those who have the corresponding financial means can afford to participate in those training Programs  at TMI, that in the present circumstances are quite costly to organize.

Who knows, in the New Era that is about to visibly start upon Earth, in our different appreciation of what a truly useful Education would mean, it can be hoped that Research and Training Centres like TMI will get all the funds they need to make their discoveries accessible to all interested…

In a place such as Auroville, such experiments and training would make all the more sense. I have been dreaming since years to have, as part of this “Laboratory of Evolution” I have had the opportunity to create here in 1984, at least one or two of those specially equipped nice little spaces in which one can lie down comfortably on one’s bed,  pull the curtains closed, put the earphones on, and under the caring voice of Bob Monroe, go for a special Adventure in Consciousness…



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