Sharing some more Evolutive Good News

Why do I love my blog so much?

Because it contributes to my happiness: reading it increases my happiness. writing it increases my happiness.

Because I write only about Evolutive Good News, which I of course always want to share with others.

Not just Evolutive Good News happening to myself, but also those happening to Auroville, or to any other person or any other place on Earth, or to the entire world at once – because any of these Evolutive Good News, however small, will benefit all of us and the whole planet… and so, also the whole Universe, for All There Is, is One, although with individualized parts all the way from the smallest to the biggest and from the biggest to the smallest.

That’s the Basic, Eternal and Permanent Good News:

We Are – since ever, for ever – The One Who Is The Many.

Yes, that’s the Central, Essential Good News: that we all are actually that One Being, The One Who Is Absolute Existence, Consciousness-Force, and Bliss, as the Un-manifest Spirit.

That’s the permanent, inalterable Reality of the Spirit.

It’s great indeed to be that Absolute, experiencing constantly Its Own Absolute Existence, Consciousness-Force, and Bliss, all at once, within Its Un-manifest, Absolute Self.

But what about all the Relatives, the myriad Possibles that lay within that Absolute, waiting to be manifested, and to be experienced?

The Absolute, bursting with all those myriad Possibles within It, gave birth to them, is constantly giving birth to them – not out of any need of doing so… but for the sheer Fun and Joy of experiencing them all, of exploring with curiosity Its Own Inner Infinite Potential, and of enriching Itself constantly by doing so!

That’s what we are all doing as well, in this world or another, for we are the innumerable Parts of the One who are doing, in all kinds of ways, the Exploration of the myriad Possibles within the One.

Blogging is one of the ways that I, this individualized portion of the One among numberless others, am doing my own Exploring, constantly enriching myself and every other portion of the One by whatever I chose to experience.

In this Earth Environment that I have chosen as my Kindergarten, I’m learning how to choose what I really want to experience, and how to make it happen in my experience.

I’m learning by trial and error. So of course I’m making many mistakes, but then I have the joy and fun of growing constantly through that learning process. Among all the myriad Possibles that are there to be experienced, I’m gradually finding out which ones I really like to experience, and learning to make only those Possibles that I really like, happen in my experience.

Whenever I feel my physical body needs rest, I let it sleep, while the Conscious Spirit part of me goes discretely out of it for a few hours of Earth time, and enjoys other activities in other dimensions of the One. Whenever my body just cannot go on any longer, or whenever  the Conscious Spirit within me feels it has achieved what it wanted in that life on Earth, I, the Conscious Spirit, leave that temporary physical body and go back for a while to my own original realm, the area of the  Spirit Realm that is my personal Home in the No-time of the Eternal Spacious Present.

But I don’t want to do that just now, for just now in this Earth Life a lot is happening which is really Good News for our collective Evolution here, and which any of us can benefit from individually as well, if we choose to.

For we always have the choice, that’s the key rule in this Kindergarten of the Souls: it’s up to each of us to decide what we want to experience, for that is the only way we can find out what we truly love to experience, and this finding out in turn is indispensable, for that is the only way we can learn then to make That happen in our own experience while here.

How come it is so?…

Because this is the Big Secret our individual spirits, or souls, or whatever you may call that central, essential. eternal part of ourselves,  have to rediscover while in a physical body here:

The Big Secret is, it is our own individual Consciousness which has the Power to make things happen.

Our Will is simply the power of our Consciousness when it focuses strongly on something, with the additional power of whatever intense emotion may be part of that focus:  either out of intensely fearing it, or out of intensely wanting it, whatever our Consciousness strongly focuses on, will be attracted into our life by the very Power of our Consciousness to make anything happen, materialize.

So we all better learn to focus on what we really want, and not on what we fear, otherwise it will be automatically what we fear that will materialize in our life… until we understand why, and change our focus and our usually unconscious deep motivation, from Fear, to true Love!

In this terrestrial space-time,  to help us learn this, things have been designed until now in such a way that some time is needed before the materialization effect happens, so that we have ample time to reconsider and change, hopefully for the better, what we had, either out of fear or out of only superficial desire, unwisely ordered the Universe to give us.

But this Kindergarten period on Earth is coming to a close, the learning process is now accelerated, by allowing less time to elapse before the result shows up in our life.

Besides simply the urgent necessity of surviving as a species and of allowing the Earth to recover from our many serious mistakes, there is another collective reason for this acceleration:

We as Terrestrial Humans, with for most of us the many lifetimes we have already spent here, have now to somehow ‘graduate’, that is, to really learn to control our thoughts and emotions so that our Consciousness focuses only on what we truly want, for as a species we are now poised for going out into Space in a big way; the technical means for doing so are in fact known, but  our consciousness has yet to develop to the corresponding level. We cannot be allowed to explore the rest of the Universe as long as there is not yet peace among us on our own planet, and peace with the planet itself too. Only a species that has achieved such a Peace on it own planet, will be allowed to go out freely and mix with other inter-galactic civilizations that have already done so.

So it’s not only in our own individual interest, but in our collective one as well, that as a species we have now urgently to learn that central lesson, and to recognize true Love as the Power to always choose and use in our dealings with ourselves first of all, and with everyone and everything else as well.

For those of you, my visitors, who have followed me in my recent posts since the three-day’Pongal’ celebrations fifteen days ago, the precious, bountiful Harvest I felt I just had collected from Internet during those three days and wanted to share with you, will end  today with a last video which can help us acquire this now collectively needed skill. Of course I will continue after that with this blog, but not anymore on an everyday basis as I did for this time: I will return to my more leisurely normal pace of a post every two days or so. My next posts will still follow up on all those so important topics I opened up through this series of videos, but now with the  one down below I will finish the opening up period to all of them.

Like I did with the wonderfully dedicated Humans I have introduced you to after ‘Pongal’, from Nikola Tesla to the members of the “Ubuntu” and lastly of the “Thrive” movement, I invite you to learn the much needed skill now required from us, from yet another wonderful scientist-cum-‘lightworker’ : Gregg Braden.

The video I have selected is only a half-hour long, but it is packed with practical revelations that will start changing your understanding of the world, and the way you live; a great follow-up is another video called ‘The Divine Matrix”, but that one is much longer, and can be your second step if you get interested in really trying it out; now as the first luminous step, here is this short video, that was put up with a title I find a bit too sensationalistic, but which is nevertheless true:


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