Science Awakening to the Power of Consciousness

We have seen in my previous post how scientist Gregg Braden turned towards the knowledge still held by certain spiritual traditions in order to rediscover the practical explanations that used to also be in our own main ancient book, the Bible, but have been edited out of it.

He realized finally that the efficiency of the prayers  resides not in the outer, visible signs and rituals accompanying the prayers, but in the inner state of consciousness of the one doing the prayer. The person doing the prayer must be in a certain state of consciousness, which he describes quite precisely. It is that state of consciousness that makes all the difference. No outer technique or ritual does it, but the power of our own consciousness when we learn how to bring it to a certain specific state. This recovered knowledge can now be used by any of us as part of the old or new inner tools we have for transforming our own individual life, and help transform the collective life of humanity as well.

Another daring scientist  I want especially to bring into this blog is one of the scientists we have seen earlier, when I shared with you my discovery of the “Thrive” Movement, the specialist who talked in the “Thrive” film about the UFOs/ETs phenomena: Dr Steven Greer.

I got interested in his presentation and have been in the last few days going deeper and deeper into the various videos posted by him on You Tube, in which he addresses the main questions people have about this topic, and dispels a number of false notions many of us have.

Thanks to those very clear and well-documented presentations by Dr Steven Greer, I have realized by now that this topic is plagued actually with disinformation from the US  top-secret government agencies, at the instigation of the huge Military plus Big Oil  and other Fossil Fuel Corporations, backed by the ultra powerful Big Banking  families, for two major reasons:

1/ to prevent people from learning about any discovery of cheap or even free alternative modes of producing the Energy we Humans need for our daily lives all over this planet, as well as for going off this planet on spacecrafts using new modes of propulsion that would make all this Oil etc Big Business soon collapse: whatever invention could replace their present hegemony is suppressed – including the inventors if needed. Remember what happened already a century ago to Nikola Tesla?…

2/ to provide the public with a representation of some new Enemy, some new Threat, even bigger than the previous ones used before as “False Flag” propaganda, so as to justify an apparent necessity to ever fortify and develop further the Military already hugely bloated budget. Just google  “Steven Greer on Abductions”, and see for yourself how false, man-made spaceships have staged abductions by “aliens”; when numerous enough, those hoaxes have built up in the public’s mind a whole mythic idea that the ETs are a threat for us and want to attack the Earth, hence the need  for our governments to actively prepare for that, at whatever cost.

The well-known Hollywood movies that presented the ETs as a deadly threat against which all of Humanity must unite,  and victoriously fight, have contributed of course to this cleverly spread false notion – although it doesn’t make sense at all, as Dr Steven Greer points out: if the ETs (who are indeed there, he again confirms)  were really coming with hostile intentions, we would already have been wiped out or enslaved since long, and trying to fight a real attack from them would have been a totally ludicrous attempt, given the tremendously higher technical knowledge and power such extra-terrestrial civilizations capable of interstellar or intergalactic flight necessarily possess.

On the contrary, they have shown remarkable restraint in front of the numerous attacks they have been the victims of from our own aircraft and the whole Military Establishment: as they have demonstrated in some cases, the ET vehicles and the beings aboard them have simply disabled the armed missiles or other nuclear weapons aimed at them, as if those weapons were mere toys.

A lot of true information has been revealed already in the USA to their respective administrations since decades by all kinds of high-ranking personnel, also from the secret bases that have existed since long, often without the knowledge of the official Government; but all of it has been immediately classified so as to avoid this true information going out; even when briefed about it by Steven Greer at their own request, and when convinced there was indeed a huge cover-up and lie about that whole topic, no President or Congress person or group has taken on the task of disclosing that truth. This is why Dr Greer now does it himself, as massively and publicly as he can, at his own financial cost and risk for his life, with the help of anyone who has a sincere interest in this so important matter.

What Steven Greer is also more and more actively involved in, though, and that I find most interesting and valuable as a new collective approach, is direct contact with the ETs of various origins that do make themselves visible and show a reciprocal willingness to enter into some form of communication, with him and the groups of other people who gather with him at certain announced dates and places, with that intention and shared inner attitude..

On this too, several videos have been made available recently on You Tube by Dr Greer, that to me are extremely important examples of how Science and Technology can go from their usual entirely external way of doing things, to a new, inner way of doing them, achieving already some success in communicating repeatedly with some ETs simply from consciousness to consciousness, as reported orally by Steven Greer and one of his regular collaborators in this endeavor, in the following video, absolutely captivating although in this specific one no images are shown:

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  1. donsalmon
    Feb 04, 2014 @ 13:45:06

    Wow, a veritable monsoon of posts! Wonderful stuff. Just dropping a note to say I haven’t had time to comment in the last week or so but following along and enjoying it.



    • Bhaga
      Feb 05, 2014 @ 06:07:10

      😀 Thank you for making me laugh happily with your so nice little comment to reassure me that your sudden silence was not because you didn’t apprciate my recent posts!!! You were right in feeling I may need such a reassurance… The Divine Appreciation I am sure of is one thing, and certainly the only one that really matters, but still a little bit of human appreciation helps too for persevering!!!



      • donsalmon
        Feb 05, 2014 @ 11:44:15

        glad you appreciate it:>) We’re going through a period where we’re dropping as many outside activities as possible (for me that means MUCH less surfing on the net!) to FINALLY get our site out there. It’s been 2 1/2 (!!!!) years and it’s time to finish. We’re getting lots of videos done and I’m getting the hang of the music software – finally.

        But I do read all your posts. When I get a pause I’ll try to add some reflections.


  2. Bhaga
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 15:10:34

    I understand perfectly, Don! You need not worry about me, now that I know about that – urgent indeed – work to be done on your side. I’ll also benefit from it when your site is ready! Bon courage for everything.



    • donsalmon
      Feb 05, 2014 @ 15:46:27

      oh, one more thing – did you know Maggi Lichi is working on a book on near death experience? You might want to talk with her about it.



      • Bhaga
        Feb 06, 2014 @ 05:27:40

        No, I didn’t know; I must say it’s my own mistake: I have allowed my old and strong contact with Maggi to dwindle over the years – especially the years in Repos. But you are right, I’ll contact her about that; may I mention your name in that respect?


      • Bhaga
        Feb 06, 2014 @ 05:44:05

        A question I keep forgetting to ask you: are you on Facebook? If yes, could you indicate under which name? My own facebook name is ‘Bhaga d’Auroville’.


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