“The Life You Lead Conceals the Light You Are”

This title is the last line of  my previous post,  the last line of the formidable Wake-up Call from Sri Aurobindo’s vast poem on Evolution, ‘Savitri’, that I quoted as the largest part of that post.

I have chosen to repeat that line here, as it is such a forceful reminder of what we all truly are, and eternally so: Beings of Light…


You, who are now reading this, are in truth a Being of Light, oblivious here of what you truly are. And so is everybody else. Yes, a whole terrestrial population actually amnesic, not knowing anymore what it really is and why it is here.

So most of us live an empty, meaningless life, with no purpose other than the usual superficial, short-term,  ‘success’-oriented existences we call our careers and what not. In these scientifically materialistic times,  a human being is not supposed any more to even have a soul – let alone to be a soul!…

Luckily, this is changing, and as I mentioned in earlier posts, Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are giving more and more people the direct experience that we go on existing after death –  many experiencers becoming aware then of themselves as the Beings of Light we have always been and will always be, and it is the most normal and natural thing in the world to be that again. The same kind of experiences may happen also in the absence of any threat on one’s life, as researchers in this field are starting to realize, adding a new category, that of NDLEs or Near Death-Like Experiences, to their records.

And there is in the same way a growing realization that yet another kind of phenomenon, the Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) that can be had as well while we are still very much alive, should be put together with those other ones, and all be recognized as constituting a wider spectrum of phenomena to be studied together for the best understanding of all of them:

In OBEs, the main part of our consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body while the latter is asleep (or in a coma, or anesthetized on an operation-table), and freed from the constraints of the physical space-time we are used to during our normal awake life, our conscious self can go then actually anywhere more or less instantly, its senses functioning just as usual or even better than while in the physical body.

People who have trained themselves to stay for a long time out of their body, like Robert Monroe, can in that way explore systematically and methodically that other dimension of Reality that is currently called the ‘Afterlife’, but this appellation is misleading, for it implicitly limits that entire domain to what can be known only after death, a limitation that exists only in our present general ignorance of that domain.

In Bob Monroe’s incredibly brave adventures out of his body from 1958 until his passing in 1994, a vast, actually limitless Unknown was opening up to him night after night simply by the fact that in that specific condition his perception wasn’t limited any longer to the physical dimension of Reality.

What I find absolutely remarkable every time I read again his books, particularly ‘Far Journeys’ and ‘The Ultimate Journey’, is how he managed to map out that immensity of Dark Space into the various, very numerous zones he soon recognized there were,  even simply within the very region which is indeed that of the ‘Afterlife’, where the souls of the newly deceased, departing permanently from the physical body they have just left, spontaneously, automatically go to, depending on the state of consciousness and corresponding vibratory frequency of their being at the moment of their death. They don’t necessarily stay there for long before some change happens in their consciousness, that allows them to move on to ever more luminous areas.

From Bob Monroe’s overall experience observing what was going on in that domain first accessed by the arriving souls leaving Earth, there are as many zones as there are Belief Systems upon Earth about what the Afterlife is like. All the main Religions, and all the small or very ancient ones too, have there the buildings or other types of features said to be part of the Afterlife in their particular Belief System, with its characteristic, signature vibratory frequency, that automatically attracts after a while all the arriving souls attuned to that same vibration.

Only after a soul, by itself or with the help of friends or relatives or any other souls who are already past that stage, has outgrown its belief in that specific Afterlife landscape and other features, is it able to leave that staged environment and start opening up to the genuine all-encompassing Reality that is there to be explored and participated in, the soul gradually recovering its full awareness of what is in fact the Home it came from when it decided to experience yet another lifetime in  the Earth’s Training System… There, everyone grows back into what they all secretly were all the time: Beings of Light of various intensity…

Because I am a ‘freelance’ researcher, so to say, I have been able to study all kinds of books and other documents on all kinds of topics, including these ones, without the usual restrictions due to the excessive specialization and compartmentalization that plague present Science. I do my research across the board, to whatever extent I am capable of, and in that way I land sometimes on very interesting discoveries, as some of my future posts will tell.

Also, I happen to be at the same time a voluntary guinea-pig as well as a researcher, in that Auroville that in itself is a veritable  ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ on a collective scale; so I have my own spiritual experiences of an entire lifetime available to me as well, and that of some other Aurovilians too, in this Consciousness Research for which personal experience is an invaluable advantage; last, but far from least, most precious of all, I have the tremendous amount of experimentation and  knowledge accumulated over nearly a century by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, recorded in such awe-inspiring, exceptional documents as ‘Savitri’ or ‘Mother’s Agenda’, to mention only those two gold mines.

All this places me in a very privileged position as a researcher, having the testimony and recorded documentation from those two early Pioneers in Conscious Evolution, who are at the same time those who have gone the farthest in order to open the way for the others who later would attempt to follow – each one in his or her necessarily unique way, and yet, thanks to the first, extremely important results accomplished by those two Pioneers, whether or not the followers to come would know of those great predecessors and would draw their inspiration and their own results from their example and from the inner help received constantly from them, as I  and a number of others do.

For even in the midst still of the resisting powers of the Past, a Past that seeks to endure but will inevitably crumble, what we are starting to witness,  growing discretely but irresistibly, are the first signs of a promised evolutive Future taking shape more and more into our Present. It is the beginning of a new step in terrestrial evolution that we are witnessing, just as Sri Aurobindo, before he left his body in December 1950 to hasten this outcome, had described towards the ending of his stunning book-poem ‘Savitri’, as a luminous prophecy over several wonderful pages, out of which I will quote only these last lines, on page 710:

“The frontiers of the Ignorance shall recede,

More and more souls shall enter into light,

Minds lit, inspired, the occult summoner hear

And lives blaze with a sudden inner flame

And hearts grow enamoured of divine delight

And human wills tune to the divine will,

These separate selves the Spirit’s oneness feel,

These senses of heavenly sense grow capable,

The flesh and nerves, of a strange ethereal joy,

And mortal bodies of immortality. (…)

Thus shall the earth open to divinity

And common natures feel the wide uplift

Illumine common acts with the Spirit’s ray

And meet the deity in common things.

Nature shall live to manifest secret God,

The Spirit shall take up the human play,

This earthly life become the life divine.”


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