Bob Monroe’s ‘Return to Source’: the Inward-Outward Flow of Divine Love

Painting by Polona Somrak, 'Ascension Pioneers'

Painting by Polona Somrak, ‘Ascension Pioneers’

People interested in Spirituality might dismiss Out of Body Experiences (OBEs)  with contempt as having nothing to do with genuine Spirituality, the contact with the Divine, etc.

Well, they might be the victims of the contemporary tendency to categorize everything into separate compartments that do not allow anymore the flexibility and even fluidity of approach required for the study of those various inner phenomena that are all part of the vast Continuum of the One Reality we are studying… There are no rigid frontiers between all of them, but those frontiers only that our mind imagines to be there.

The main, central reason why I love Robert Monroe’s supposedly ‘OBE’ books so much, is that under their apparently just scientific style, they are an ongoing inquiry about the very meaning and purpose of Life, not only on Earth but also Beyond. Consequently, because of the utmost sincerity and eagerness of Bob Monroe himself, his books are actually full with absolutely astonishing spiritual experiences, as he is gradually and very carefully trained by the Light Beings he calls INSPECs (his mentors during his OBEs) to stand the increasing ‘unbearableness’ of the experiences he himself asks for one after the other, but usually without realizing in advance what an overwhelming intensity of experience he will be in for, if his request is granted…!

Here is the description by Bob in his second book, ‘Far Journeys’, of such an experience, so tremendously beautiful and moving it always brings tears to my eyes whenever I read it again:

(I am in a bright white tunnel and moving rapidly. No, it is not a tunnel,
but a tube, a transparent, radiating tube. I am bathed in the radiation which
courses through all of me, and the intensity and recognition of it envelop
my consciousness and I laugh with great joy. Something has changed, because
the last time, they had to shield me from the random vibration of it.
Now, I can tolerate it easily, the actual energy itself. The radiation flow is
two-directional in the tube. The flow moving past me in the direction from
which I came is smooth, even, and undiluted. The flow that I am is moving
in the opposite direction and appears much different. It is organized in a
more complex form. It is the same as the wave moving past me, but it
contains a multitude of small waves impressed upon the basic. I am both
the basic and the small waveforms, moving back to the source. The movement
is steady and unhurried, impelled by a desire I know but cannot
express. I vibrate with joyous ecstasy just by the knowing.
(The tube seems to become larger as another joins it from one side, and
another waveform melds into me and we become one. I recognize the other
immediately, as it does me, and there is the great excitement of reunion,
this other I and I. How could I have forgotten this! We move along together,
happily exploring the adventures, experience, and knowledge of the
other. The tube widens again, and another I joins us, and the process
repeats itself. Our waveforms are remarkably identical and our pattern
grows stronger as they move in phase. There are variegations in each which,
when combined with another related anomaly, create a new and important
modification of the total that we are.
(The tube expands again and I am no longer concerned with its walls as
still another I enters the waveform flow. This is particularly exciting, as it is
the first I perceive as returning from a completely nonhuman sojourn. Yet
the intermesh was near-perfect and we became so much more. Now we
know that, somewhere, a consciously controlled physical tail, much like a
monkey’s, is useful in ways far more than balance and acting as a third
hand for holding things. It can be a very efficient means of communication
far beyond a super sign language just as eloquent as the spoken word.
(Steadily and surely, one I after another joins us. With each, we become
more aware and remember more of the total. How many does not seem
important. Our knowledge and ability is so great that we do not bother to
contemplate it. It is not important. We are one.
(With this, we divert from the underlying waveform and move away from
it. We watch motionless in unified respect as the action of it continues away
from us into an infinity. We also perceive easily the smooth originating
wave coming from such infinity and dissolving into the pattern from whence
we came.

(Flowing through all of us is a coherent energy that is our creation, that
displays immensely the reality of the whole as far greater than the sum of
the parts. Our ability and knowledge seem without limit, yet we know at
this point such is valid only within the energy systems of our experience.
We can create time as we wish or the need arises, reshaping and modifying
within the percept itself. We can create matter from other energy patterns,
or change the structure thereof to any degree desired, including reversion to
original form. We can create, enhance, alter, modulate, or eradicate any
percept within the energy fields of our experience. We can transform any
such energy fields one into another or others except for that which we are.
We cannot create or comprehend our prime energy until we are complete.
(We can create physical patterns such as your sun and solar system, yet
we do not. It has been done. We can adjust the environs of your planet
Earth, yet we do not. It is not our design. We can and do monitor, supplement,
and enhance the flow of the human learning experience, as well as
other learning experiences of similar content throughout time-space. This
we perform continuously at all levels of human awareness so as to prepare
properly those entraining units of our prime energy for the entry and meld
into the totality that we are becoming. It is the essence of our growth to do
so. Such assistance and preparation is forthcoming from us only by request
from one or more levels of consciousness within the entraining unit. Thereafter,
a bonding is in effect through which many forms of communication
pass between us until the ultimate transformation occurs.
(We know who we are, and one I laughs and we all laugh at the name
this I had given us. We are an INSPEC, just one. There are many others
around us.)
(You are still incomplete. There are parts of you yet to be transformed,
including that visiting portion so filled with curiosity. Each of us is incomplete.
That is why we remain at this point, to reach back and gather additional
and remaining parts of us until we are complete.)
(Our curiosity desires the effect of completion.)
(We move into the creative return flow again, the waveform that brought
you here. When we do so, we leave this reality.)
(Can this be demonstrated?)
(It is not possible. It is not within our knowledge to do so. When you
have transformed and melded totally into your whole, you will comprehend.
That is why this point came into being. It is not possible to continue until
(Continue to what destination?)
(We believe it to be the source of the radiation, the creative emission and
return. Communication is closed with those who have continued. The desire
to continue occurs upon completion. It is more than your curiosity, as
you call it, and difficult to transmit in a form we can understand. There
have been attempts by those completed who are to continue, without success.)
(The ultimate home?)
(A good beginning concept. A design which unfolds as perception grows.
It is necessary now that you terminate your visit and return.)
(We will be with you, our curious I.) Return where! (Your physical environs)
. . . Where is that! . . . (In-human, your physical body) . . . Oh, yes, I
had forgotten … Do I have to go back? (Reach for us and we will be with
you in many ways. You have much to do. Go get them, tiger!)
(And a rote, as you call it, to play with.)

The return to the physical was near-instantaneous, my face and eyes
were wet. I sat up in the chair and remembered. I reached for the yellow
pad and pen, to get the rote into words immediately. I knew I had
changed. For the rest of my physical life, I would remember. But this
would never change:
For those who would die, there is life. For those
who would dream, there is reality. For those who
would hope, there is knowledge. For those who
would grow, there is eternity.’


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donsalmon
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 14:52:42

    Thanks for this Bhaga. I really like your emphasis on letting go of simplistic categories (Out of body = new age/non spiritual). As we enter into this new era, the more lightly we can hold all of our mental concepts and categories, the more quickly our minds can be illumined and turned into a “mind of light” instead of a mind of gossip, backbiting, prejudice, confusion, conflict, and whatever!!



  2. Bhaga
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 15:04:19

    My own thanks to you, Don, for this much appreciated comment, brief but to the point, and in such full support of my choices about what to include in this blog…
    Hope your work is progressing well too!



    • donsalmon
      Feb 26, 2014 @ 15:20:13

      thanks. a temporary break from music and video this week, as we’re going over all the brain material we have. you might at some point want to look at Andrew Newberg’s work – he’s the world expert in “neurotheology” – this includes brain correlates for all kinds of experiences, including out of body, near death experiences and a wide variety of “spiritual” and “mystical” experiences.

      Here’s a very cool example – the parietal lobe, at the top of our head, is responsible for our sense of being localized in a body. if the activity in the parietal lobe is calmed, we lose the sense of physical location. interesting, Sri Aurobindo, and many other yogis, advised that one way of concentrating is to focus just above the head (which would be just above the parietal lobes, actually). If you try this for awhile (might take 30 minutes or more if you mind is not quiet enough) you’ll likely find it starts to give you a sense of boundlessness, vastness, freedom.

      And if you focus on the famous “third eye”, brain scans show that activity in the prefrontal cortex increases, and if you remain a calm, mindful witness, this will automatically have the affect of creating greater integration between your conscious intelligence (buddhi), the executive, planning, decision making part of your mind/brain, and your emotional brain (amygdala, hippocampus,) your instinctive brain (brain stem, pons, medulla, cerebellum) and the other systems of your body, in particular, your autonomic nervous system (which is the physical intermediary for the prana which connects us to the non-physical universal mental consciousness.

      There’s tons more; that’s just the tip of the iceberg.



  3. elius3
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 18:58:40

    Wow, just found this page while trying to find out the correct meaning of “entraining unit” that i’ve found in this awe-inspiring book, i’m translating it into italian! So far only Journeys has been translated into italian.. very excited about this “job”.
    So… could anybody help me with this? is”entraining” in this case related to the flow, or what else?
    Thanks a lot, you seem to be doing a wonderful job with this blog Bhaga.

    ps. I still haven’t read anything written by Sri Aurobindo and Mère, but soon i will, last summer without even knowing who he was i bought one of his books (Words of the Mother..) at a second hand shop, it had the most wonderful coverpage and the most incredible smell…



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