An Open Letter to NDEr & Author Nanci Danison

Hello, dear Nanci!

Why ‘dear’?…
Well, after listening attentively to so many of your videos, I feel a little like I know you personally to some extent!
And also, you have become dear to me for spreading all this information out, it does help people to wake up to what they truly are.

Externally a French lady in her late sixties, I am myself an NDEr too (in 1975) and have been having many other kinds of spiritual experiences as well, from childhood actually, and all the while before and after the NDE, during all my life: it keeps happening endlessly – which is only normal, as the Divine we are exploring as well as being, is Infinite!….

As a young adult, I opted out of Catholicism and of any other religion or belief system, because I wanted to remain independent in my inner development, and I saw direct spiritual experience as the only way to gradually increase the real “knowing” I already had, instead of the mere “believing” that religious people rely upon.
Yet one overall understanding of everything provided at last to me the most complete and satisfying ‘Big Picture’ I have ever found: it was the one I discovered in 1971, in the writings of the Indian yogi and visionary Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950).

In 1972, I moved to Auroville, the experimental and intentional city, not only international but ‘universal’, being built since 1968 near Pondicherry, South India, as a living laboratory for the evolution of humankind’s individual and collective life.
In 1984 I became the founder and head within Auroville of a Research, Documentation and Teaching Centre about Evolution, called ‘The Laboratory of Evolution’ (LOE), with a specialized library and mediatheque which I started with, among other books, many about NDEs, a subject I was of course studying quite eagerly since long, and I still do.
I have not published any book yet, only articles, but I keep a manuscript diary, and since a few years I have a Research Blog going, which I find a good way to share whatever I am currently studying, or the conclusions I have reached over the years about a certain topic.

A few weeks ago I discovered your NDE on You Tube, and I became very interested in it and in what you learned from it, precisely because it matched more or less everything that Sri Aurobindo has been explaining, from his own exceptionally vast and far-reaching spiritual experiences over the seventy years of his adult life.

After listening over and over to your videos to make sure I was getting with the needed clarity and precision all the main points in the information you gained from that experience and keep retrieving from it by re-living it, reactivating its memory within you, only a few differences seem to me to be there between those two worldviews, but these differences are potentially quite important in their implications, si I want to elucidate the matter quite carefully with you regarding each of these few points.
Taking advantage of the question you answer in your latest Newsletter  (‘Why are humans so different?’), I’ll address the two main points right now, if you don’t mind:

1/ The Backward Process of Merging Back into Source.

You seem to see your eventual merging into the Light as a complete dissolution into It, a total disappearance of your separate individuality back into that undifferentiated Oneness.
This is surprising to me, not only because of the rather different view expressed by Sri Aurobindo, but also because of your own repeated experience (described during your videos in a quite funny and lively manner!) of being, while in the True Reality, at the same time yourself as an individual spirit and yet also yourself as part of a Group of Six, that included you as a single being but was also a single Being in its own right, so to say.

Wouldn’t it make total sense if things would happen further on in the exact same way with the many other clusters of Spirits/Souls that have evolved too from a sense of individual separateness to that sense of one-made-of-many?

That would mean that at every step backward single consciousnesses would mingle again as one larger one, although none of them would disappear in that merging, but each would still be aware of itself both ways, both as a smaller separate and as a larger entity inclusive of ‘others’?
Ultimately, that would mean that in the ‘final’ result all spirits would merge again back into the One Source, but each of them still having those two kinds of awarenesses simultaneously and retaining its individualized consciousness within that One Consciousness?

What would you say of that?…

2/ The Indefinite Recycling of ‘Manifested’ Matter and other Forms of Being without a Spirit within them

The Human Being you keep referring to as just the Animal Being we as Spirits happen to need to inhabit while on Earth, would seem, in that view, to be condemned to the endless enormous recycling process you also mention.
But I have not come across any specific mention from your part of the consciousness that is also present in those animal and other forms of Matter that constitute the Physical Reality here.
It is understood  and acknowledged already even by Science that the apparently separate forms our physical senses perceive as Matter are only more concentrated areas in an enormous ocean of colossal Energy.
It is not yet recognized officially, though, that this Energy Itself is Consciousness – and secretly Divine Consciousness.
You at least as an individual seem to be aware of that consciousness also present in the human form you inhabit. You seem to even relate to it and consciously communicate with it to some extent, from what you say in your interviews.
A most important fact not mentioned as far as I know, though, is that in this terrestrial Adventure of Evolution, it is this very Consciousness in Matter which is evolving, on the one hand providing us indeed as spirits with better and better vehicles and means of expression, yes, but at the same time awakening more and more to its own secret Potential too.
In the present times, it so happens that this evolutive awakening of the Divine hidden in Matter itself, is reaching the long awaited point when it is becoming aware of its own capacity of conscious, loving Relation with the Source, the One Divine Being, as well as aware of its own capacity of being again consciously that One Divine Being.
The practical result of the new evolution happening in this way not only in the other levels (mental, vital and emotional) of our outer being, but also at the cellular level, has already enabled the body-cells in the physical body of Sri Aurobindo at first, to some extent, and mostly later on, of the Mother (1878-1973, the feminine counterpart and collaborator who joined him from France in 1920), to consciously alter their eons-old normal way of functioning, in order to learn how to function with that “Supramental” Consciousness-Force when it was activated directly upon Earth, from 1956 on.
Thanks to the efforts of those two Pioneers in Conscious Evolution,images not just some of their disciples like myself, but also some ordinary persons here and there on Earth who have never even heard of them, witness now in their own bodies signs of awakening that are extremely promising.

So my question to you, dear Nanci Danison, regarding this second topic, is whether the future evolution of our bodies too into fully conscious and divine bodies (that means, among other things, youthful, healthy and immortal) here on Earth is included in the overview you have of the Earth’s Future?

As a researcher, I keep a Research Blog on which I post whatever I want to share with other people in the world interested in all such matters. So I am posting this email to you there, as an ‘Open Letter to NDEr and Author Nanci Danison’. I hope you will not mind my doing so, and will allow me to post your answer there as well – unless you choose to write it yourself as a ‘Comment’ under my post, if that is more convenient for you. You have already been introduced to my visitors on my blog, with one of your videos added in the end of that post:

As for this new post the present email to you will constitute, here is the address and hopefully link as well:

With my warmest regards.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donsalmon
    Mar 06, 2014 @ 12:27:28

    very nice distinction made in this lovely, very personal and revealing letter between the traditional spiritual notion of “disappearing’ into the spiritual Vast, and the evolutionary notion of awakening and further evolutionary transformation.



    • Bhaga
      Mar 07, 2014 @ 15:21:23

      Thank you for this appreciative comment, Don! It is true that this kind of distinction is not usually seen nor understood, although it is of crucial importance in the overall orientation and actual results of one’s spiritual development. How grateful we can be to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for proposing a New Approach that points out and effectively utilizes those distinctions…



      • donsalmon
        Mar 07, 2014 @ 15:26:20

        Now, on the other hand (as you get to know me you’ll see that I fit the cliche description of Jews from New York City: “whenever you find two Jews talking together, you can always find at least 3 opinions!), I do think that many in the integral yoga/Sri Aurobindo community make too big a divide between Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s evolutionary vision and ALL of the “old” spirituality.

        Just to name one, the Kashmir Saivism of Abhinavagupta is VERY life positive and easily fits with an evolutionary vision. The Kabbalists of the mystic Jewish tradition had their notion of “tikuun” – which nowadays is often presented in a very secular fashion but I think actually informed the Christian gnostic notion of a heaven on earth. Many want to interpret this in a purely inner mystical fashion – the kingdom of heaven is “here” now and we don’t need to transform the outer world – but I think there have been many throughout the ages – well, some, anyway – who saw the need to manifest the Kingdom of heaven in a concrete, tangible way.

        But enough diversion – yes, there is definitely something “new” going on at this time. I just came across a lovely interview with Elias Amidon, a Sufi teacher, that conveys this. I think you may be surprised to find out how much you have in common with his view:


  2. Bhaga
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 16:41:51

    Great comment, Don Salmon! Thank you very much also for the link and other references… You are a well of knowledge – er… I hope this literal translation of a French idiomatic expression will mean to you about the same thing as it does to me!…



    • donsalmon
      Mar 07, 2014 @ 17:09:56

      well, well, well (Beatles – Dr. Roberts? – look it up on youtube:>))

      I think we say a fount of knowledge, but well of knowledge sounds nicer. you’ll have to teach me French when we visit. Jan lived in France for almost a year – many years ago – and still speaks fairly well (though she’ll deny it) and she can do a MUCH better French accent than I. When I visited Paris many years ago, I saw a French comic book about some sheriff, and I discovered I could do a VERy silly caricature of a gruff, gravely male voice that actually vaguely passed for a real french accent, but otherwise, I can’t.

      All my fake accents are like that – I can do a bad caricature of a northern Indian accent, and a terrible, silly caricature of an Italian-American hoodlum from New Jersey. It sounds possibly insulting, but I had one of our Indian-American friends – someone who grew up in the Ashram – doubled over laughing when we drove him and his wife to the AUM one year, and he insisted he wasn’t at all bothered by my silly imitation Indian accent.

      See, so much for the well of knowledge, in this comment I’m afraid I’m nothing more than a well (or fountain) of silliness!



  3. donsalmon
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 17:32:30

    (Part of the indian accent involves moving my head side to side also – boy am I going to get some folks mad at this comment… – for my source of “inspiration” for the fake Pakistani/Indian accent, look up ‘Babu” + Seinfeld” on youtube – or for that matter, on google….. oh heck, I’ll get the link… be back in a moment… ok got it (you may hate this – you may need to be a new Yorker to get this. There really were, back in the 70s and 80s, a lot of people coming from Asia, Africa, different parts of the world, and trying to be “American” and putting a “hodge podge” of different dishes that didn’t make sense. (like Babu in this episode putting baked beans on his menu). So Jerry is trying to do him a favor and tells him to serve Pakistani food, but nobody shows up, which leads the famous lines.

    I met a flim maker in South Carolina a few years ago, about 10 years after the episode was aired on TV. I think I said something about being surprised there was an excellent Indian restaurant in Greenville, but thought it was funny how they played a news station on a crummy TV just outside the kitchen, and made the restaurant look more like an American living room than authentic Indian. I just mentioned the Seinfeld episode (remember, I just met this guy a minute before) and INSTANTLY, without hesitation, we both put on our best fake Pakistani accents and shouted out,


    and then fell over laughing.

    (you’ll get it if you watch the clip – i hope it makes some sense, otherwise you will think me completely crazy with a horrible sense of humor:>))))))))))))))))))



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