Don’t Let Yourself Be Fooled by the Divine Joker

I have that very strong in me, the need for fairness. I could totally identify with anyone feeling, for example, that to leave people on Earth in ignorance of that so precious knowledge readily available in the True Reality is unfair, and someone ought to give them that information…
The exact same thing happened actually to me in 1971, while reading the first paragraph of a book just put into my hands: ‘The Life Divine’ by Sri Aurobindo.
Those first few lines were enough: in one single flash of Illumination, I instantly got the full revelation and understanding of this entire evolutive Vision he was presenting in the book as a whole. And it was so stunningly beautiful I had to sit down, and tell inwardly the Divine that okay, I would stay on Earth, to help realize that Vision. A wish came out of my being: that I could help communicate it to others.  And here I am, so many years later, still doing just that… just out of that sense of fairness in me wanting that this knowledge should be made available to all.

In the same way I had been like a kind of informal lawyer, before that, always defending the rights of the little ones, the humble ones, those unknown ones who do most of the work but are always downtrodden, and in the end forgotten when the time for honor and recognition should also include them.
I felt that way towards my own body too, towards all our physical bodies: I felt it was totally unfair that they would be doing actually all the work for us during an entire lifetime, only to be doomed always in the end to death and dissolution. I was quite revolted by that, and I challenged the God responsible for such an unfair situation.
Life as a whole was anyway so full of such unfair things, this was the very reason why finally in 1971 I revolted absolutely, and squarely put an Ultimatum to God: I had to get answers – and satisfactory answers at that – to my two main, central questions about Life, otherwise I would simply quit. I would refuse to live any longer, and would end (painlessly) my own life. Full stop.

One isn’t supposed, in any religious or spiritual Path, to put Ultimatums to God, it just isn’t done; but I didn’t care: I couldn’t accept the condition of the world.

Well, the first wonderful thing I discovered after such a daring act, has been that God didn’t seem to mind at all and didn’t seem to feel in the least offended; on the contrary, the utter sincerity and intensity of my questioning seemed to please God,  and to be the only thing important in his eyes, for the answer to my questions did come within the next few months, through three books reaching me in quick succession, the first two by other authors giving me only hints, and finally ‘The Life Divine’ by Sri Aurobindo, presenting to me the full ‘Big Picture’ that  explained everything at last in a satisfactory way.
Then the unfair fate reserved for our bodies, like all the other presently unfair situations in Life, became acceptable, because they were actually only temporary ills: ‘God’ wasn’t unjust, this unfairness to our bodies wasn’t to be that way for ever: it was a temporary thing, like slavery had been for so long in our human societies, before we woke up to the fact that slavery was unacceptable.

The extremely important lesson I learned from all that, confirmed later on again and again by other examples I saw, was that the Divine actually wants us to challenge and refuse what we feel is unfair in the way Life seems presently to be organized: through our very protest and revolt, not just for ourselves but, out of compassion and sense of Unity, for other beings as well, the solution to each unfairness will be found, and Life on Earth will gradually become the Paradise it was always meant to become.

Something that in their own individual cleverness some human beings have already found out  and revealed about the Divine (besides the Curiosity that is there in the Divine too…!), is the Divine Sense of Humor, the huge Playfulness we can recognize at the core of the Divine Nature – in ourselves too, of course.
So, dear fellow spiritual seeker reading this, remember about that Divine Playfulness, and don’t allow yourself to be too easily fooled by the Divine into submitting meekly to the supposed Laws presently organizing Life… They are not absolute nor eternal at all, it is only a temporary arrangement, waiting only for a sense of unfairness on our part about it, to start being changed into the Fairness that our intuition and our heart always knew must be, in any Manifestation of the Divine: we all are part of the Divine too, aren’t we?… so in all fairness we get to take part in the ‘decision-making’ about what ought to be or not. Simple!…
Practical conclusion for all of us:

If among the dogmas, scriptures or set of beliefs your Church or whatever other Source you hold holy wants you to believe in and obey, be it the Knowledge you brought back from your NDE, if in it any point doesn’t ring true to you, doesn’t really satisfy fully for example your inner sense of Fairness, trust your inner feeling: that point is not correct. Know that it has been planted there, usually by some erring human mind… but quite possibly too, by the Divine Joker, as a deliberate test to see if you will be fooled into accepting it anyway, bowing to the supposed ‘Will of God’… or if you will challenge it and by doing so fulfill the real Will of God!…

I will include in this post the magnificent, astonishing example of the Divine Strategy I just described, that Sri Aurobindo himself gives at the end of his ‘magnum opus’, the epic poem titled ‘Savitri’ that he wrote about the great adventure of Evolution, ‘the adventure of Consciousness and Joy’:

The fateful day when Satyavan, Savitri’s beloved husband, must die as prophecized, one year only after they met, has finally arrived; the young man’s body is now lying lifeless on her lap in the forest where they had gone together to bring back some wood to their home. With her inner senses Savitri perceives the presence of Death, the huge grim implacable Power that takes away the lives of those we love and of everything that lives. Savitri won’t accept that. She knows inwardly that she is not an ordinary human being, but the very Force and Willpower of God come down to change the Law of Death in the future of Humanity – starting with this severe, apparently impossible Test: saving first of all her own soul mate Satyavan, saving his spirit from Death so that he can return to his physical body and go on living with her and their unborn yet children the happy life together their true future should be.

The challenge for Savitri is to convince Death that he has to relinquish the spirit of Satyavan. A terrible dialogue starts between the two, Death voicing out one after the other all the harsh arguments of  Materialism with its denial of anything spiritual, immortal or eternal, not only in our human existences, but anywhere else too. It is so easy for Death to minimize and ridicule in the name of ‘Rationalism’ and ‘Realism’  and ‘Science’ all the aspirations that human beings keep having for apparently unattainable ideals, vain chimeras coming of course from our diseased brains and hormones gone awry. He sounds so invincibly convincing.

But Savitri, with all the true knowledge within her soul, is the Champion of the Truth, of the True Reality beyond the physical world that our physical senses make us believe is the only Reality.With the full passion of the love and compassion in her heart for all that exists, she answers all the false arguments put forward by Death. Page after page, their dialogue goes on like a duel, a deadly discussion that Satyavan’s life depends on.

Finally Death has no more arguments to present, all have been refuted brilliantly by Savitri, she has won; but he wouldn’t acknowledge defeat; he challenges her then to show him what inner strength she has, if she says she is an embodiment of the Divine Mother who holds this whole Creation of hers in her limitless arms of Light and Love:

The Two opposed each other face to face.
His being like a huge fort of darkness towered;
Around it her light grew, an ocean’s siege.
Awhile the Shade survived defying heaven:
Assailing in front, oppressing from above,
A concrete mass of conscious power, he bore
The tyranny of her divine desire.
A pressure of intolerable force
Weighed on his unbowed head and stubborn breast;
Light like a burning tongue licked up his thoughts,
Light was a luminous torture in his heart,
Light coursed, a splendid agony, through his nerves;
His darkness muttered perishing in her blaze.
Her mastering Word commanded every limb
And left no room for his enormous will
That seemed pushed out into some helpless space
And could no more re-enter but left him void.
He called to Night but she fell shuddering back,
He called to Hell but sullenly it retired:
He turned to the Inconscient for support,
From which he was born, his vast sustaining self;
It drew him back towards boundless vacancy
As if by himself to swallow up himself:
He called to his strength, but it refused his call.
His body was eaten by light, his spirit devoured.
At last he knew defeat inevitable
And left crumbling the shape that he had worn,
Abandoning hope to make man’s soul his prey
And force to be mortal the immortal spirit.
Afar he fled shunning her dreaded touch
And refuge took in the retreating Night.
(Book X, p. 667-8)


After that tremendous Victory, we would think that Savitri has deserved to get back Satyavan’s soul; but now in place of the dark Power she has just defeated, shines the luminous shape of ineffable beauty of the Divine. Another dialogue then takes place, between Savitri and her own Divine Source, come to invite her and Satyavan to now move together to that Other Dimension of Glory where things aren’t difficult like on Earth. Four times the exquisite Divine Being points out the wondrous existence that will be theirs, describing what is awaiting them if they follow as he draws back towards those truer, so much more enjoyable dimensions. Four times, Savitri replies again and again that they don’t want that solitary bliss; she will welcome those gifts of perfect Peace, Power and Bliss, oh yes… but ‘for Earth and men’, she repeats obstinately, ending with:

“Thy embrace which rends the living knot of pain,
Thy joy, O Lord, in which all creatures breathe,
Thy magic flowing waters of deep love,
Thy sweetness give to me for earth and men.”


Then after silence a still blissful cry
Began, such as arose from the Infinite
When the first whisperings of a strange delight
Imagined in its deep the joy to seek,

(p. 698)
The passion to discover and to touch,
The enamoured laugh which rhymed the chanting worlds:
“O beautiful body of the incarnate Word,
Thy thoughts are mine, I have spoken with thy voice.
My will is thine, what thou hast chosen I choose:
All thou hast asked I give to earth and men.
All shall be written out in destiny’s book
By my trustee of thought and plan and act,
The executor of my will, eternal Time.



Now at last Savitri has really won! For she has seen through the last Temptation, the last Test the Divine was facing her with, trying to ensnare her into the false Will he pretended so convincingly to have.

Instead of bowing obediently to what God presented as his Will for Satyavan and herself, Savitri remained faithful to her true feeling, to the Truth of her Love for all as she felt it in her heart; she kept impassibly firm her passionate loving resolve to go on participating in all the great deeds that are still to be done in this terrestrial plane.

And at last the Supreme, seeing that he couldn’t fool her with all his faked seriousness and threats to depart, had started… laughing!!! Laughing with the delightful joy of having been defeated by the pure Intent in that Soul who indeed had spoken his real Will, the Will he had had of course all along himself, while feigning the contrary!…

Beware of the Divine Joker… Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by his ruses, his cunning stratagems. Thus only will you truly satisfy his expectation of you, as a Spirit equal in Inner Clarity and True Love to his own… and so, capable of becoming a full-fledged Co-Creator with him.

That’s why ultimatums can be okay, and can even get you ‘The Life Divine’!…




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bhaga
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 05:54:35

    What Sri Aurobindo is actually saying in the long passage of ‘Savitri’ I have quoted, is so daring that people reading it do not usually understand the meaning of it and its outrageous implications. Most commentators avoid this puzzling passage, or suppose the Radiant Being that Savitri dialogues with last, isn’t the Divine, the Supreme Himself (although it is made perfectly clear that yes, it is Him), but some lesser deity from some lesser realm. The mindset of the normal disciple is too obedience-oriented to dare read what Sri Aurobindo has written for what it really says. But I find it so important I wanted on the contrary to bring it out in the open through a separate post here…! 😀



  2. gopal.M
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 20:09:24

    Bhaga it is no ordinary deity, it is Krishna, the supreme being. I figured that out once you put the word joker there. Much apt will be the word Playmate, however, i understand your love for him. That’s Krishna the supreme being, the cosmic playmate.. So yes you are right in whatever you have observed.



    • Bhaga
      Mar 13, 2014 @ 05:25:38

      Yes, Gopal, I know very well it is Krishna!… 😀 Krishna has been my delightful beloved Playmate since 1975, so I know very well…
      But if I put that name, many of my visitors will be shocked, they will suppose I am a Hindu or something like that.
      So sometimes I put the name that this aspect of the Supreme Divine is given in India, and which I myself use in my constant relationship with Him, and sometimes (like this time), I do not put the name, so that my readers will concentrate on the main topic of my post, instead of being disturbed by a name they don’t all know about, I have already written several posts here on my blog, about Krishna, but my new visitors may not have read them yet.
      But even myself, I was quite surprised and at first quite indignant to find out thanks to this passage in ‘Savitri’ that Krishna the Divine Joker may go as far as lying like this, even to such a sincere person as Savitri herself!!!
      But you are quite right to point that out clearly in your very nice comment;
      I think I will add both our comments together plus the following confirming lines from ‘Savitri’ by Sri Aurobindo himself, to make out of it all a new post just next to this one, so that this point gets properly clarified and people learn more about Sri Krishna and his Divine Pranks helping us on our way…
      Thank you for this very good comment, Gopal!



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