The Divine Joker: Sri Krishna, our Beloved Playmate…

I just received a very nice Comment to my previous post on ‘The Divine Joker’, showing me that the time had come to reveal which Aspect of the Supreme Divine is that impenitent Joker…!

Here is the short exchange of Comments by myself first and then also Gopal, a visitor I never met before (Welcome, Gopal, wearing the name of Krishna as a young shepherd!):

Mar 12, 2014 @ 05:54:35 [Edit]

What Sri Aurobindo is actually saying in the long passage of ‘Savitri’ I have quoted, is so daring that people reading it do not usually understand the meaning of it and its outrageous implications. Most commentators avoid this puzzling passage, or suppose the Radiant Being that Savitri dialogues with last, isn’t the Divine, the Supreme Himself (although it is made perfectly clear that yes, it is Him), but some lesser deity from some lesser realm. The mindset of the normal disciple is too obedience-oriented to dare read what Sri Aurobindo has written for what it really says. But I find it so important I wanted on the contrary to bring it out in the open through a separate post here…! :-D


Mar 12, 2014 @ 20:09:24 [Edit]

Bhaga it is no ordinary deity, it is Krishna, the supreme being. I figured that out once you put the word joker there. Much apt will be the word Playmate, however, i understand your love for him. That’s Krishna the supreme being, the cosmic playmate.. So yes you are right in whatever you have observed.


Mar 13, 2014 @ 05:25:38 [Edit]

Yes, Gopal, I know very well it is Krishna!… :-D Krishna has been my delightful beloved Playmate since 1975, so I know very well…
But if I put that name, many of my visitors will be shocked, they will suppose I am a Hindu or something like that.
So sometimes I put the name that this aspect of the Supreme Divine is given in India, and which I myself use in my constant relationship with Him, and sometimes (like this time), I do not put the name, so that my readers will concentrate on the main topic of my post, instead of being disturbed by a name they don’t all know about, I have already written several posts here on my blog, about Krishna, but my new visitors may not have read them yet.
But even myself, I was quite surprised and at first quite indignant to find out thanks to this passage in ‘Savitri’ that Krishna the Divine Joker may go as far as lying like this, even to such a sincere person as Savitri herself!!!
But you are quite right to point that out clearly in your very nice comment;
I think I will add both our comments together plus the following confirming lines from ‘Savitri’ by Sri Aurobindo himself, to make out of it all a new post just next to this one, so that this point gets properly clarified and people learn more about Sri Krishna and his Divine Pranks helping us on our way…
Thank you for this very good comment, Gopal!

And now, here are the lines from ‘Savitri’ which come at the end of the delighted words, sounding like a celestial music, that have been pronounced by the Supreme Being, now at last releasing her and Satyavan’s soul. They follow, on p. 711, the passage already quoted in my previous post; I will now quote those lines too, as they confirm absolutely what Gopal’s heart as much as mine had guessed so well, about Who exactly had been speaking to Savitri and pretending to want her and Satyavan to abandon the Earth and the human beings on it:

The measure of that subtle music ceased.
Down with a hurried swimming floating lapse
Through unseen worlds and bottomless spaces forced
Sank like a star the soul of Savitri.
Amidst a laughter of unearthly lyres
She heard around her nameless voices cry
Triumphing, an innumerable sound.
A choir of rushing winds to meet her came.
She bore the burden of infinity
And felt the stir of all ethereal space.
Pursuing her in her fall, implacably sweet,

From credible india blog spot

From credible indian blog spot 2013.06’The Krishna Advantage’

A face was over her which seemed a youth’s,
Symbol of all the beauty eyes see not,
Crowned as with peacock plumes of gorgeous hue
Framing a sapphire, whose heart-disturbing smile
Insatiably attracted to delight,
Voluptuous to the embraces of her soul.

One cannot paint a better portrait of Sri Krishna, the way countless  human beings , including myself since 1975 when I expected it not in the least, have perceived His blissful Presence: the Aspect of Ananda, Divine Delight, of the Supreme.

He is the Eternal, Ultimate Lover of our soul, just as the Supreme can give also all the needed Motherly Love to our soul as well, when coming to us as our Divine Mother.

But the Divine as the Joker, or even the Prankster, is particularly important an inner experience for many of the people on a spiritual path, for they tend to be often too serious, and don’t realize that the Divine too laughs and loves to have fun!!! Too much solemnity in our dealings with the Divine can limit us terribly, and make us miss this totally delicious discovery  that there is such a thing indeed as the Divine Funny Bone… hence the human one too, of course!

So, this is what Lord Krishna is, and brings us if we welcome Him, pranks and all…!

Well, He is at it once again with me right now, as I am trying to write this very serious article about Him: He is around, embracing me, deliberately disturbing with his irresistible Smile all my concentration and seriousness… and having great fun doing that to me! But how could I complain?… Yes, He is preventing me from working, but at the same time He makes my work so delightfully full of the entrancing sweetness of his Presence… It’s like melting in a supremely exquisite Divine Honey of Love… How can one resist such a thing?…

But I am resisting it the best I can and laughing at the same time inwardly, while I  struggle outwardly to collect a string of wonderful quotes from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Thoughts and Aphorisms’  about Krishna, that I wanted since long to bring into this Blog. Here they are at last, may you enjoy them as much  as I do, reading them again and again to your heart’s content:

407. I am not a Bhakta, for I have not renounced the world for God. How can I renounce what He took from me by force and gave back to me against my will ? These things are too hard for me.

408. I am not a Bhakta, I am not a Jnani, I am not a worker for the Lord.

What am I then ? A tool in the hands of my Master, a flute blown upon by the divine Herd-Boy, a leaf driven by the breath of the Lord.

410. Others boast of their love for God. My boast is that I did not love God; it was He who loved me and sought me out and forced me to belong to Him.

432. The Mayavadin talks of my Personal God as a dream and prefers to dream of Impersonal Being; the Buddhist puts that aside too as a fiction and prefers to dream of Nirvana and the bliss of nothingness. Thus all the dreamers are busy reviling each other’s visions and parading their own as the panacea.

What the soul utterly rejoices in, is for thought the ultimate reality.

433. Beyond Personality the Mayavadin sees indefinable Existence; I followed him there and found my Krishna beyond in indefinable Personality.

434. When I first met Krishna, I loved Him as a friend and playmate till He deceived me; then I was indignant and could not forgive Him. Afterwards I loved Him as a lover and He still deceived me; I was again and much more indignant, but this time I had to pardon.

435. After offending, He forced me to pardon Him not by reparation, but by committing fresh offences.

436. So long as God tried to repair His offences against me, we went on periodically quarrelling; but when He found out His mistake, the quarrelling stopped, for I had to submit to Him entirely.

458. I was much plagued by Satan, until I found that it was God who was tempting me; then the anguish of him passed out of my soul for ever.

459. I hated the devil and was sick with his temptations and tortures; and I could not tell why the voice in his departing words was so sweet that when he returned often and offered himself to me, it was with sorrow I refused him. Then I discovered it was Krishna at His tricks and my hate was changed into laughter.

460. They explained the evil in the world by saying that Satan had prevailed against God; but I think more proudly of my Beloved. I believe that nothing is done but by His will in heaven or hell, on earth or on the waters.

462. At first whenever I fell back into sin, I used to weep and rage against myself and against God for having suffered it. Afterwards it was as much as I could dare to ask, “Why hast thou rolled me again in the mud, O my playfellow ?” Then even that came to my mind to seem too bold and presumptuous; I could only get up in silence, look at him out of the corner of my eyes – and clean myself.

463. God has so arranged life that the world is the soul’s husband; Krishna its divine paramour. We owe a debt of service to the world and are bound to it by a law, a compelling opinion, and a common experience of pain and pleasure, but our heart’s worship and our free and secret joy are for our Lover.

464. The joy of God is secret and wonderful; it is a mystery and a rapture at which common sense makes mouths of mockery; but the soul that has once tasted it, can never renounce, whatever worldly disrepute, torture and affliction it may bring us.

471. Even the atheist ought now to be able to see that creation marches towards some infinite and mighty purpose which evolution in its very nature supposes. But infinite purpose and fulfilment presupposes an infinite wisdom that prepares, guides, shapes, protects and justifies. Revere then that Wisdom and worship it with thoughts in thy soul if not with incense in a temple, and even though thou deny it the heart of infinite Love and the mind of infinite self-effulgence. Then though thou know it not it is still Krishna whom thou reverest and worshippest.

477. The Semites have afflicted mankind with the conception of a God who is a stern and dignified king and solemn judge and knows not mirth. But we who have seen Krishna, know Him for a boy fond of play and a child full of mischief and happy laughter.

478. A God who cannot smile, could not have created this humorous universe.

480. When I suffer from pain or grief or mischance, I say “So, my old Playfellow, thou hast taken again to bullying me,” and I sit down to possess the pleasure of the pain, the joy of the grief, the good fortune of the mischance; then He sees He is found out and takes His ghosts and bugbears away from me.

490. Living in Krishna, even enmity becomes a play of love and the wrestling of brothers.

491. To the soul that has hold of the highest beatitude, life cannot be an evil or a sorrowful illusion; rather all life becomes the rippling love and laughter of a divine Lover and Playfellow.

499. The divine Friend of all creatures conceals His friendliness in the mask of an enemy till He has made us ready for the highest heavens; then, as in Kurukshetra, the terrible form of the Master of strife, suffering and destruction is withdrawn and the sweet face, the tender arm, the oft-clasped body of Krishna shine out on the shaken soul and purified eyes of his eternal comrade and playmate.

505. O Aristophanes of the universe, thou who watchest thy world and laughest sweetly to thyself, wilt thou not let me too see with divine eyes and share in thy worldwide laughters ?

507. The strangest of the soul’s experiences is this, that it finds, when it ceases to care for the image and threat of troubles, then the troubles themselves are nowhere to be found in one’s neighbourhood. It is then that we hear from behind those unreal clouds God laughing at us.


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