Introduction to ‘Mother’s Agenda’: The Prayer of the Cells of the Body

From 29th February 1956, upon receiving the first direct impact of the Supramental Consciousness-Force, at long last brought down (after decades of efforts while still in his body until 1950) by Sri Aurobindo, from its own realm far above, straight into terrestrial matter, where it activated the same Power dormant there, the Mother’s body started to react to this new influence in ways she began noting down, and later on telling to a few disciples, particularly one of French origin whom she had named ‘Satprem’.

Copyright miraditi - with my thanks.

Copyright miraditi – with my thanks.

Over the years his regular by-weekly visits to Mother for the translating and publishing work she had given him in the Ashram, became opportunities for the Mother to share with him some news of the transformative action happening right in her body, through a gradual awakening of the consciousness of its very cells. Having obtained from Mother the permission to record what she was in that way confiding to him, that she called her “Agenda” (a French word for ‘diary’), Satprem also got her authorization to publish some extracts selected by her in the Ashram ‘Bulletin’ coming out every three months.

So, thanks to those short extracts in the ‘Bulletin’, some awareness of the evolutive developments in Mother’s body grew among at least some of the larger crowd of inmates, and also of the youth who had been educated in the Ashram School at the request of their families from all over India and elsewhere.

All of those youths, from the little ones to the older ones, and many of the Ashramites themselves too, were participating daily in the Physical Education Programme of various activities and many sports that the Mother had started in 1948, an extremely unusual and rather shocking thing in an Ashram dedicated to spiritual pursuits… but in that specific Ashram it was very much part of spiritual life, under the supervising, caring eye of the Mother. Sri Aurobindo had expressed his full support of this Physical Education Programme, through a series of articles, ‘The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth’, from December 1948 to November 1950 – just before leaving his body, precisely for completing, faster from behind the scenes, the required Descent of the Supramental.


The passage from “Mother’s Agenda’ I have chosen for today is from 1967 – the Volume 8. I felt it is particularly relevant to illustrate at once what I have explained to the best of my ability at the end of my just previous post: for all that concerms our physical bodies, the situation now has changed. It has become different, whether we are aware of it or not, because the consciousness of our body-cells themselves is slowly but irresistibly becoming different.

Here is what Mother had to say about that on that very special day:

November 22, 1967

(Mother takes flowers) I’ll put them in water… Flowers are the beauty of life.

And there is a progress.


At the end of the physical demonstration[[Every year on December 2, all the children of the School and all the disciples taking part in sports carry out a general demonstration of physical culture. ]] [on December 2], all the children will pray in chorus, and the prayer has been written by me. I will read it to you.

But I hadn’t thought about it: they asked me for it, and I wrote it.

They must have read the Bulletin, and then they asked me for a prayer – a prayer that would really be the body’s. I answered:


Now that by the effect of the Grace we are slowly emerging out of inconscience and waking up to a conscious life, an ardent prayer rises in us for more light, more consciousness:

“O Supreme Lord of the Universe, we implore Thee, give us the strength and the beauty, the harmonious perfection needed to be Thy divine instruments upon earth.”

It’s almost a proclamation.

There. So we’ll put it into French.

They will say it after their demonstration; it seems they are going to show the whole evolution of physical culture, and then, at the end, they will say, “We have not reached the end, we are at the beginning of something, and here is our prayer.”

I was very glad.

You said there is a progress?

A progress! It’s a tremendous progress! The thought had never occurred to them, never; taken as a whole, they had never thought of the transformation: their thought was to become the best athletes in the world and all the usual nonsense.

The body, you see, they’ve asked for a prayer of the BODY. They have finally understood that the body must begin to transform itself into something else. Previously, they were all full of the whole history of physical culture in every country, in which country it’s most developed, the use of the body as it is, and … and so on. Anyway, it was the Olympic ideal. Now, they have leaped beyond: that is the past, now they want the transformation.

You understand, people were asking to be divine in their mind and vital – that is, the whole ancient history of spirituality, the same old theme for centuries – but now, it’s the BODY. It’s the body that asks to participate. It’s certainly a progress.

Yes, but one can see how in the mind the aspiration sustains itself, how it lives by itself. In the heart too, one can see how the aspiration lives. But in the body? How can one awaken that aspiration in the body?

But good God! it’s fully awakened! It’s been for months in me! So it means they’ve felt it, they are feeling it.

How it’s done? – It’s being done.

But how can one in oneself …

No, no, no. If it has been done in one body, it can be done in all bodies.

Yes, but I ask how…. Yes, how?

Well, that’s what I have been trying to explain for months.

It’s, first of all, awakening the consciousness in the cells….

Well, yes!

Yes, but once it’s done it’s done: the consciousness keeps awakening more and more, the cells live consciously, aspire consciously. I have been trying to explain it, good Lord, for months! For months I have been trying to explain it. And so, that’s just what pleased me: it’s that they have at least understood the possibility of it.

The same consciousness which was the vital’s and the mind’s monopoly has become corporeal: the consciousness acts in the body’s cells.

The body’s cells grow into something conscious, entirely conscious.

A consciousness which is independent, absolutely independent of the vital consciousness or the mental consciousness: it’s a corporeal consciousness.


And this physical mind, which Sri Aurobindo said was an impossibility and something going round in circles which would do so forever, without consciousness, precisely, like a sort of machine, this physical mind has been converted, it has fallen silent, and in silence it has received inspiration from the Consciousness. And it has started praying again: the same prayers that were earlier in the mind.

I quite understand all that can take place in you, but…

But since it’s taking place in one body, it can take place in all bodies! I am not made of anything different from others. The difference is the consciousness, that’s all. It’s made of exactly the same thing, with the same elements, I eat the same things, and it was made in just the same way.

And it was as dull, as dark, as unconscious, as stubborn as all other bodies in the world.


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  1. donsalmon
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 13:56:07

    I’ve had some interesting experiences on Auroconf. A number of people are perplexed as to why I talk about the brain and the nervous system – “what does that have to do with Yoga?” they ask.

    This post of yours, Bhaga, suggests to me that this wave of worldwide interest in the brain and nervous system – and the related interest in the understanding how the nervous system evolved, and the parallel evolution of consciousness – is very closely related to the need for the transformation of the physical. I think it is the pressure of the supramental force that is driving this new “brain” interest – and there are some, like Dan Siegel (with his interpersonal neurobiology), who are putting out clues that show how very closely the new understanding of the brain is related to the yoga of self perfection.

    Jan and I are spending this morning and the next few days revising the text on our site to bring the larger evolutionary vision more into the foreground. And we’ve completed some breathing videos that I find gloriously beautiful. one is a 2 minute kaleidoscopic array of brilliant constantly transforming colors for which i’ve composed a Renaissance style piece of music with trumpets, strings, and Indian flutes. Putting it up on the site is still months away but progress continues!

    Thanks again for your wonderful posts.



    • Bhaga
      Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:20:29

      In full agreement with you about the Supramental very much bringing about all this wave of scientific research… also on the cells, the DNA, the epigentics and all that…Busy, busy, busy! 😀



      • donsalmon
        Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:25:44

        yes, the cells, DNA etc, incredibly cool stuff!

        We at one point (i think it was maybe 2003??) had 10 or 15 pages of notes from various research sources on the cell. It was TOTALLY amazing – it’s the most incredible thing imaginable. if you have any pages on scientific knowledge of the cell, let me know the link, if you have the time. it is such a compact world of conscious-energy – Chit-Shakti. Absolutely amazing:>))


  2. donsalmon
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 13:59:04

    I should have worded the “Auroconf question” a bit more arrogantly: “”What does the brain and nervous system have to do with THE yoga”



    • Bhaga
      Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:27:32

      Oh my!!! Aren’t we Human Beings hilariously funny… even – or is it particularly? – when we take ourselves so seriously… 😉



  3. donsalmon
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:26:58

    hah, it’s funny, it just struck me. I think you and i have in common is that no matter what our age (I’m 61: i assume although you seem eternally young you are somewhere close to me in earth years) we both easily access a childlike enthusiasm, and you may recall “enthusiasm” literally means to be filled with Divine inspiration! I enjoy that quality in your posts and comments.



    • Bhaga
      Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:39:51

      Let’s keep at it, for it is obviously what keeps us youthful… and all these childlike qualities are very much part of THE Yoga anyway!…
      I am really eager to see your site, you know… I might be quite enthusiastic about it too when it is ready, from the little you are telling me describing it…
      My warmest encouragemets to Jan and you for this.
      Thank you for taking those five minutes to write me these great comments!



  4. donsalmon
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:27:36

    and I didn’t mean that comment about being filled with Divine enthusiasm to be taken in an egoistic manner. i think all little children (whatever age their bodies are) have that quality.



    • Bhaga
      Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:53:21

      You are quite right about that, I would say. It expresses something of the Psychic Being, or of the psychicized Vital, but usually the ego takes over later on, with its tendency to be blase… The poor Psychic then has to retreat deeper in and hide its enthusiasm for inspiring and beautiful things that speak to it of the Divine, but that the jaded outer consciousness will shrug about, or not even notice any more… Too bad!!!.



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