29 March 1914: A Hundred Years Ago, Those Two Met

 images  On this day, March 29th, in 1914, the Mother, then Mirra Alfassa,images met Sri Aurobindo for the first time, in Pondicherry, South India, where he had been living since 1910 to found the new way of Yoga that would help, not our evasion as usual from physical life, but our conscious evolution as individuals, accelerating the terrestrial New Step in Evolution, that would transform Life itself.

What makes this meeting an important event that we celebrate the Centenary of today?

That day marked the coming together of those two Beings representing the same Consciousness, one in feminine form, the other in masculine form, both needed for the Evolutive Work that had to be done in our time. They had grown and developed inwardly each one in an independent manner, without knowing the other. Their meeting was the sign that the Work would come to full fruition, through the powerful collaboration that would now start between them.

They inwardly recognized each other at once, Mirra recognized in Sri Aurobindo the unknown being she had been working with as a youth during her night’s sleep, the being of Indian appearance and clothing she had for herself named ‘Krishna’; she had come actually all the way from France, to check if this Sri Aurobindo she had recently heard about could indeed be that ‘Krishna’, as she had felt intuitively; and Sri Aurobindo recognized in her as well a full embodiment of that supreme Divine Consciousness that in India is called ‘the Divine Mother’.

Here is what Mirra noted down the next day in her ‘Prayers and Meditations’:

‘He whom we saw yesterday is on earth; his presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, and Thy  reign shall indeed be established upon earth.’

Because of WWI erupting in August, although the collaboration did start through the publication of the ‘Arya’, a monthly magazine, in English and in French from August 15th (Sri Aurobindo’s birthday) on, still Mirra had to leave temporarily. After the end of the War she was able to come back for good in 1920. The growing crowd of would-be disciples led Sri Aurobindo on November 24th 1926 to ask Mirra, whom since long already he was referring to as ‘The Mother’, to organize an Ashram, in which she would henceforth take care of the disciples’ inner and outer life, while he would go into seclusion in his room, taking care of the other monumental task necessary: to establish the required direct connection between the Earth and the Supramental Realm.

In 1927 Sri Aurobindo wrote a series of Letters about the Divine Mother, which in 1928 were published as a booklet entitled ‘The Mother’. About a decade later, some questions were put by some disciples (‘sadhaks’) to Sri Aurobindo, his answers to which make quite clear a few important points to always remember – and I will end on that:

Do you not refer to the Mother (our Mother) in your book
The Mother?


Is she not the “Individual” Divine Mother who has embodied
“the power of these two vaster ways of her existence”1—
Transcendent and Universal?


Has she not descended here (amongst us) into the Darkness
and Falsehood and Error and Death in her deep and great love
for us?


There are many who hold the view that she was human but
now embodies the Divine Mother and her Prayers, they say,
explain this view. But to my mental conception, to my psychic
feeling, she is the Divine Mother who has consented to
put on herself the cloak of obscurity and suffering and ignorance
so that she can effectively lead us—human beings—to
Knowledge and Bliss and Ananda and to Him.

The Divine puts on an appearance of humanity, assumes the
outward human nature in order to tread the path and show it to
human beings, but does not cease to be the Divine. It is a manifestation
that takes place, a manifestation of a growing divine

consciousness, not human turning into divine. The Mother was
inwardly above the human even in childhood, so the view held
by “many” is erroneous.

I also conceive that the Mother’s Prayers are meant to show
us—the aspiring psychic—how to pray to the Divine.

Yes. 17 August 1938


Am I right in thinking that the Mother as an individual
embodies all the Divine Powers and brings down the Grace
more and more to the physical plane . . .


and that her embodiment is a chance for the entire physical to
change and be transformed?

It is a chance for the earth-consciousness to receive the supramental
into it and to undergo first the transformation necessary
for that to be possible. Afterwards there will be a farther
transformation by the supramental, but the whole earthconsciousness
will not be supramentalised—there will be first
a new race representing the supermind, as man represents the

The more we open individually to the Mother’s Light and
Force, the more her power is established in the universal—is
it not so?

It is the transforming power that is established—the universal
Power is always there. 13 August 1933

The Mother does not work on the sadhak directly from her
own plane above, though she can do so if she wants to—
she can even supramentalise the world in a day; but in that
case the supramental Nature created here would be the same
as it is above, and not the earth in Ignorance evolving into
the supramental earth, which will not be quite the same in
appearance as what the Supramental is.

That is a very important truth. 17 June 1935


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    One very essential information I have realized I had forgotten to mention, is that they recoginized each other inwardly…! So now I have added the needed small extra paragraph towards the beginning.
    But perhaps then you would need to copy the post a second time, now that it includes that so crucial piece of information?…
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