Cellular Awakening Doesn’t Mean They, or You, Are Supramentalized!

There is a misunderstanding and utter confusion in some people’s mind between the awakening of the body-cells, and what Sri Aurobindo calls the Supramentalization of the Being, which will be the final stage of its full transformation.

It is quite important to see clearly that the two things aren’t the same at all, and none of us needs to be fully supramentalized before our cells can start awakening – it is actually the contrary!…

What is true, and confusing for some people, is the role of the Supramental for both these things:

The Supramental Manifestation on February 29th, 1956, has been the absolutely necessary condition that made possible  any awakening of the body-cells  in a physical body on the scale needed for a gradual transformation.

If Sri Aurobindo took, for decades, so much pains to achieve this direct connection between our Earth-Plane and the Supramental Plane, it was because he knew very well it would have tremendous consequences for the Earth, starting with a new step in its Evolution, with beneficial results not only for us human beings, but also for everything else: animals, plants, minerals… even what we call ‘objects’.

With this direct contact resulting in the activation of the very same Supramental Consciousness-Force dormant since ever inside Terrestrial Matter itself, that momentous event allowed at last the obscured consciousness present everywhere in Matter to start being freed from its obscurity, enabled to awaken again to the Divine Presence, and to its own secret Divine Nature.

None of the previous Divine Powers activated within Matter during Earth’s earlier stages of Evolution (the Life Power and the Mind Power) had been able to do that.

Only the Supramental Power was intense enough in its vibratory frequency to initiate this gradual freeing of Matter.

Which means that now the Body too, and not any longer only the Mind and the Emotions and the Life Energy in ourselves can, through the Integral Yoga, raise above their ordinary nature, by undergoing a series of gradual transformations in their consciousness and way of functioning, as described by Sri Auroindo and paraphrased here by me:

– First a Psychic Transformation called ‘Psychicization’, thanks to our Psychic Being’s taking the lead from deep within, and filling all those outer parts of ourselves with an ardent and sincere love for the Divine, aspiration to change and surrender to the Divine Will. Ideally, through the Psychic influence, our whole being will turn like a loving child towards the Divine Mother – our eternal Mother – and ask Her to orchestrate, in her divine Wisdom and motherly Love, all the many changes that will be needed for our full evolutive transformation. This is the only safe way to get it done, nothing else can  make such a huge and complex process safe for us at every step, Sri Aurobindo warned all his disciples.

– Then (or more or less at the same time) a Spiritual Transformation proper, or ‘Spiritualization’, thanks to the spiritual influence received from above,  from our Higher Self and the luminous Higher Planes in general: Peace, Vastness, Power, and many other qualities must be developed in us before we can assume fully again our secret divine nature. For this part of the process too, the Psychic Being plays an essential role, as it helps all the other parts to open themselves to what comes from above to transform them.

– And when the two first transformations are well under way, the third and last one, the Supramental Transformation or Supramentalization, thanks finally to the direct action from the Supramental Consciousness-Force nowadays active right in the atmosphere and very matter of the Earth. Only this Power can stabilize and make permanent all the progresses already accomplished through the two first transformations,.

And – very important – it is the only Power that could make the entire process truly integral from its start, by enabling  the Body too to join in.

Yes, because Terrestrial Evolution has reached the Supramental Era, even the Body now, the Physical itself, is able at last to join the other outer parts of our being and undergo the same ‘Triple Transformation’ – only at the end of which will anyone be truly supramentalized, and so, truly transformed too.

Quite a long way to go, as you can see!…

But which can be started in each of us any time if we are interested, and which will include from the very beginning the same capacity to awaken and start changing, for our body, that before was possible only for our mind, our emotions or our life-force. Now our body too can participate… and if it so happens that for some reason in a  certain individual it is the cells that have the most aspiration, well, they might awaken before even the mind of the person, or the emotions! The cells might very well be the part of us that respond the best and the quickest to the influence of our Psychic Being, for example.

So it is truly a stupendous change that the Supramental has brought since 1956: a stupendous change for Matter as a whole, and first of all for the matter that our own body and its cells are made of. In the same way now as any other part of our being, the body too, through all its cells, can undergo exactly the same gradual transformation as all the rest of our being, and be part one day in some distant future of what Sri Aurobindo called ‘The Life Divine’…

In the meantime, our cells can start awakening in their own way, and perhaps even turn already towards the Divine, with the wonderful simplicity and sincerity we will discover our cells have, if we turn our attention towards them to begin exploring that whole new dimension of our being… microscopic-pictures-of-human-body-cells



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