Easter: From Palm Sunday to ‘Ben-Hur’

Tissot: Jesus appears to the Holy Women

Tissot: Jesus appears to the Holy Women

Palm Sunday passed me by a week ago, I was unaware of it when it came and I did let it go by…

And yet it is one of the days dearest to me in the year, for I strongly suspect it was on that day, 2000 years ago, that I met the Divine on a road, near Jerusalem (see my much older post, https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/meeting-the-divine-on-the-road/) and that was understandably the most wonderful day for me in that whole lifetime.

Perhaps I have witnessed also the terrible events that followed that blessed day, but those terrible events were nowhere to be seen or lived in this incredibly deep-seated, eternal memory my soul revealed to me one day – or rather one night – in this present lifetime.

No recall of the Resurrection either.

The important, indelible moment for me as a soul seems to have been just the moment when I met that Being of Light and Love walking our Earth, a man they called… I don’t remember. Perhaps I never even learned his name then.

‘The Messiah’ I know now people called him – or so  say the texts kept by the Church that still exists, still strong, that started growing around his teachings, after he supposedly resurrected his dead body, and some time later went with it up to Heaven.

In this lifetime I grew up in that religion, happy as a child and youngster with what I perceived of it, that suited the needs of my soul for a while. As a young adult though, I started noticing in the teachings some unacceptable things, so I discarded them, and soon discarded the religion altogether too, to embrace rather a free, ever-growing Spirituality based on direct personal experience – but I never discarded the inner relationship that united me to that Being of Divine Light and Love whom I met one day long ago on a road…

It was some reviews I have recently posted (https://labofevolution.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/a-four-year-old-nder-now-on-the-big-screen/), of the new film, ‘Heaven is For Real’, that made me vaguely realize we must be already during the Holy Week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday: the reviewer, obviously not a devout Christian, if a Christian at all, was noticing how cleverly the release of the film had been calculated to happen precisely during this week, when it would for sure feed the general Christian fervor, and be fed by it as well.

But by then I was myself focused on my own schedule for the CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS Workshop I am in the process of giving, for the first time online: I knew what would be the precise topic for the Third Session I would email around as always from Friday on, and I knew this topic would call for a specific video-clip from the old 1959 huge and hugely beautiful movie, ‘Ben-Hur’.

As pre-teenagers my elder sister and I had of course both fallen in love with Judah Ben-Hur, embodied as he was by superbly strong and handsome Charlton Heston; we were hopelessly jealous of Haya Harareet, the pretty actress playing Esther, his love-interest; and we loved to sing together the very inspiring musical theme that accompanied their few but intense if very chaste romantic scenes; I still resonate powerfully to that particular theme whenever I hear it again… Such things are somehow part of us for ever, aren’t they…

But beyond Charlton Heston and the music, the story in itself was extremely beautiful too, and tremendously appealing for my young soul. That story, taken from the book with the same name, focused indeed on Judah Ben-Hur’s life, yes, but with the immense historical background of the Roman Empire and its domination of Judea and Arab countries among others; its development followed actually from afar the life of Jesus of Nazareth, from his humble birth to his life as a carpenter and his teaching time and death on the cross: for Judah Ben-Hur’s own life was to be touched, a few times only but very deeply and significantly, by the presence and inner influence of Jesus.

Today the entire Christendom is celebrating Easter Sunday, when to the agony and horror of so-called ‘Good Friday’ have succeeded the triumph and jubilation of the Resurrection.

This is a fitting day when to celebrate that body made divine by the inner power of the spirit that was embodied within it.

Such a victory has been and remains a stupendous event, the only one of its kind perhaps, although there are some other claims of physical bodies made immortal by some other individuals, for example by a ‘Saint-Germain’ in Europe, and in India a few great names.

But it is not my purpose today to focus on those earlier victories, as exceptional  and important as they may be: for in our times what is being attempted is a victory by another method, through which the body-cells themselves will learn how to reveal and manifest their secret divine nature, and will find the key to gradually making the body immortal, in a way that other cells in other bodies can also learn.

It so happens that I am myself at the moment giving this online workshop, in which participants from various continents discover the world of their body-cells, following the directions I am giving them, based on the indications left by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the two great Pioneers of this new method, and based also on my own personal experience of that process, started quite unexpectedly and spontaneously in my own body towards the end of 1976.

To complete the Third Installment I began sending around on Friday night, yesterday night I had the deep joy to look again at many scenes of ‘Ben-Hur’ that I cherish, their profound emotional contents still amplified by the powerful musical score of Miklos Rosza.

This morning it all came together in my being, a nicely rounded unique event:

I have found the specific video-clip I will use for this Session of my CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS workshop, and it will go on  for another two weeks for giving the maximum to the participants that they will be able to use immediately in their own life with their own body-cells.

But today I feel already a sense of completion somehow, beyond time. Or rather, of oneness: linking the tremendous achievement that Easter Sunday meant when it happened, with our present humble explorations of what the cells themselves may begin to do on their own, that will some day, after centuries perhaps but that doesn’t matter, enable a human body to conquer disease, deterioration and death… A new acquisition for the human species that, being acquired by the cells themselves, will have the capacity to spread endlessly among those whose bodies will become ready as time passes.

Sri Aurobindo announced it, calling it the ‘Life Divine’, with all the tremendous other changes in the other parts of our being needed as well for an integral transformation. And Mother and her body-cells have done all the harrowing first breaking of limits, and huge first steps, that nowadays enable our cells to go faster in their own small following steps…

May today, Easter Sunday 2014, be a celebration of all that together, united in the common elan that springs from the very core of our beings, to manifest ever more fully on this Physical Plane our eternal Divine Nature!



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