Bruno Groening, Channel for Healing / Canal de Guerison

A few weeks ago, an American friend with German roots who has visited me several times in Repos and is faithfully following this Research Blog of mine sent me a link to some info about someone I had never heard of until then:

Bruno Groening, a simple man but totally dedicated to the Divine, whose very presence produced extraordinary, often instantaneous healing phenomena during his lifetime (1906-1959) and still does, although he is not in a physical body any longer.

As I was too busy at the time with my first “Cellular Consciousness Workshop Online’, which is coming to completion, it is only now that I could find the time to explore the biography and other pieces of documentation about this man; and my conclusion about him is so positive I am making him the subject of this new post here.

I’ll let the video down below, the one I liked most of all, speak for me… and for him:


As you can see, all the teachings from Bruno  are quite compatible with the Integral Yoga taught by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; and Bruno’s emphasis on the body and its health, as well as the way he advocates, including the power of Positive Thought, to reach that state of Health,  are right in the correct direction too for that physical dimension indispensable for an integral transformation of our being.

So in my eyes this is a highly recommended subject of study and practice for whoever happens to feel a special connection with this very inspiring personality. Even Science will have some day to give justice to what this man has accomplished in all his remarkably simple sincerity, and recognize that whatever may have caused all those healings, and be still causing them, the man himself wasn’t a charlatan, and he shouldn’t be still branded as ‘controversial’ just  because official Science doesn’t know yet what to do with such cases it cannot explain within its present materialistic limits.

To me, this Bruno Groening is yet another example of the wonders that can happen when one has a total faith in the Divine. Examples like that are quite precious to us all in this new evolutive era, for they indicate a kind of gift bound to become more and more frequent among us in our terrestrial future.




Il y a quelques semaines, un ami americain aux racines germaniques qui m’a souvent rendu visite a Repos et suit fidelement ce Blog de Recherche m’a envoye un lien pour une information au sujet de quelqu’un dont je n’avais jamais entendu parler jusque-la:

Bruno Groening,  un  homme simple, mais totalement dedie au Divin, et dont la presence -meme produisit des phenomenes de guerison extraordinaires durant sa vie (1906-1959) et continue a le faire, bien qu’il n’ait plus de corps physique.

Comme a ce moment-la j’etais trop occupee par le Stage de Conscience Cellulaire que je donnais pour la premiere fois ‘en ligne’, et comme il s’acheve, c’est seulement maintenant que j’ai pu trouver le temps d’explorer la biographie et les autres documents concernant cet homme; et ma conclusion est si positive que me voila en train d’ecrire cet article ici a son sujet.

Je vais laisser la video ci-dessous, qui est celle que je prefere, parler pour moi… et pour lui:


Comme vous pouvez le constater,  ce qu’enseigne Bruno Groening est tout a fait compatible avec le Yoga Integral enseigne par Sri Aurobindo et Mere; et l’importance que Bruno donne au corps et a sa sante, aussi bien que la facon de s’y prendre qu’il recommande, incluant la Pensee Positive, pour arriver a cet etat de Sante, sont completement dans la bonne direction egalement pour cette dimension physique indispensable a une transformation integrale de notre etre.

C’est pourquoi a mes yeux voila un sujet d’etude et de pratique hautement conseille pour quiconque se sent une connexion speciale avec cette personnalite si inspirante. Meme la Science aura un jour a rendre justice a ce qu’a accompli cet  homme par sa remarquable sincerite simple, et a reconnaitre que,  quelle que soit la cause qui a produit toutes ces guerisons et continue a le faire, cet homme en lui-meme n’etait pas un charlatan, et ne devrait plus etre etiquete comme “controverse” juste parce que la Science officielle ne sait pas quoi faire de cas comme ceux-la, qu’elle ne peut expliquer dans ses limites presentes materialistes.

Pour moi, Bruno Groening est un exemple de plus des merveilles que peut accomplir une foi totale en le Divin. Des exemples comme lui sont precieux pour nous tous en cette ere d’evolution nouvelle, car ils indiquent un genre de don qui ne peut que devenir de plus en plus frequent parmi nous dans notre futur terrestre.

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  1. gopal.M
    May 11, 2014 @ 17:22:16

    Hi Bhaga,

    you see its a co-incidence and i heard co-incidences are the knock of the brahman. This man, with this man, my memory of this Life’s spiritual journey started. My mom brought him his picture on some belief, from someone that meditating on this man will bring good fortunes. This was back in my college days. Now we lost the photo and recently i was wondering who this man could be cos’ i didn’t know his name that time. Searched all over the Internet mistaking him for a reiki master. And lo’ here am making a connection with you and rediscovering this man. Am gonna see all the videos about him to my hearts content. Thank you from the heart. Bhaga.





    • Bhaga
      May 12, 2014 @ 13:44:37

      Hi Gopal!
      I am so glad to have been the instrument for one of those happy ‘coincidences’… My best wishes to you as you reconnect with this man who had been such an important starting-point and then memory for you in this present lifetime…



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