The Drugged Children of the Future


Have you seen my just previous Post? You need to.

(Don’t worry, it’s a short one! But to the point.)

This new Post is about the same topic as the previous one, because it’s so important.

The more the New Kids arrive, the more the Governments try to dumb them down into mere obedient citizens by labeling all rebels as having ADHD, and then drugging them down, supposedly “for their own sake’… Too many parents don’t realize yet that for kids who are naturally faster, to be condemned to sit for hours at school when their very body urges them to move around and use that tremendous energy they have, is a veritable daily torture. Most of the school systems everywhere are already obsolete, as they aren’t child-oriented, person-oriented, but government and society-oriented, that is, they try to mold the children into whatever the society around them happens to want them to be, and not what each child is truly, really the Seed for. That Seed of Being, within each child, is bound to try to manifest if it is not constantly negated and denied and suppressed and covered over with all the stuff school programs feed the kids mercilessly all day long.Our present schools are nothing but prisons for most kids with a normal vitality. Under the constant aggression of being forced to go to those schools whether they like it or not, kids obviously will revolt, either at school, or at home, or both. Nothing to be surprised or indignant about, it is only the most normal reaction and attempt to keep or recover their inner balance. It is not the kids who need to be changed, it is the schools that need to be completely reviewed so that they fit the real needs of the kids. But as long as the parents themselves are like slaves to the system they have been educated into, and are unable to see how those old style schools are dangerous and murderous for their kids, they will rather drug their children than renounce the old models. The victims anyway are the kids, alas, in spite of the Human Rights they are supposed to have and in spite of so many organizations supposed to protect them. Babies arrive into families where no one knows about true parenting and true education, so they survive as they can. If they don’t get bored to death by the system they finally submit to, still that means they are crushed, and it is such a waste of what could have made great adult human beings instead of adults who then have to go from psychologist to psychologist, trying to repair the inner damage.

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  1. donsalmon
    Jun 01, 2014 @ 12:28:52

    ah, finally, I thought, I have a profound disagreement with Bhaga, and we can have a fun shouting match (almost 98% kidding, of course, but wait).

    “arggh,, yech, “children of the future”, more Auroville nonsense, cultism, blah blah blah”, I thought when I first saw the title.

    Then I read the post.

    Hmmm, I agree with this, and that, and the horrible school system, and slaves to the system.

    But wait, what about this cultish nonsense about the children of the future (and surely she doesn’t meant present Aurovillian children – I’ve met a few who are, well, I’ll be kind, children of the past would be too kind a label:>))

    But no, I couldn’t find a word in the post I disagree with.

    Too bad. Was looking forward to a spirited debate.

    But now a few words about ADHD and drugs.

    I was hoping you’d make some ridiculous sweeping statement the implied you thought every single child labeled ADHD was a child of the future. But no, you were measured, calm, wise, intelligent.


    (Or as WC Fields used to say in those sanitized movies of the 30s when he wasn’t allowed to swear, “Godfrey Daniels!”)

    Oh, I was going ot say something about drugs and ADHD.

    Well, I just met with the “psychiatric” team for someone on a whole slew of medications who cries everyday because her stomach hurts (side effects) and she is so exhausted she can hardly go for a 10 minute walk (side effects of yet another 2 or 3 drugs).

    And I explained to the psychiatrist that I’ve succeeded in getting people off drugs for insomina, depression, anxiety, all kinds of pain, behavior problems (!!! – drugs for behavior problems!!!!), asthma and ADHD (and just recently stopped my blood pressure meds altogether – my BP went down afterward!!)

    Nope, didn’t budge. “She’ll have to be on a mood stabilizer for life” the psychiatrist told me. Just like I had to be on BP meds my whole life, several doctors have told me.

    So here’s my slight argument.

    1. I agree that the present school system is criminal. I started to suspect this somewhere around 5th or 6th grade (that’s age 10 and 11 here in the states) and was convinced of it by age 14.
    2. It makes perfect sense that making a child sit for 6 hours in a stultifying environment (or for that matter, even in an inspiring environment) is going to make them restless, and perhaps 90% of the “ADHD” symptoms are a healthy child protesting against this inhuman behavior.

    HOWEVER!! There are some children who really have trouble concentrating, even in the best of environments.

    And at least some of them are truly learning disabled and by no means “special children of the future’.

    BUT – does that mean they need drugs? Personally, I suspect that anywhere from 95 to 99% of children getting ADHD drugs wouldn’t need them if non drug means (better environment, radically different schooling, learn mindfulness or just exercise, etc) were used.

    So I’m afraid our only disagreement (and I imagine we may not even disagree here) is that there may be a child here or there who could benefit – TEMPORARILY!!! – from a few weeks or months of drugs – ONLY if concurrently they get the necessary changes (maybe take them out of school altogehter and create a true learning environment) were made.

    So nothing to debate really.

    Too bad.

    One can dream:>))))

    Ok, all kidding aside. Good, important post. Thanks!



  2. Bhaga
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 06:53:18

    …And thanks to YOU for your spirited and informative comment!!!
    I’m soooo glad you didn’t find in my post anything to start an argument about, for I don’t think there is any way I would survive one against you, Don!… 😀



    • donsalmon
      Jun 02, 2014 @ 07:14:55

      ah you wonderful mischief maker:>)) I think you’d do just fine n a spirited debate. We’ll see when we meet in Auroville (and you introduce me to these alleged “children of the dawn”.

      Seriously speaking, I am deeply impressed with many of the people I meet in their 20s and younger here in Aurov….. goodness, I almost wrote “Auroville” instead of Asheville (or “Akashville, as some call it).

      Many if not most under 30 realize the system is not just working, it’s not going to work, and in fact, it’s not worth fixing. You go into Dobra Tea on Lexington Avenue here on most days, and you see such conscious people, people who are very aware of the need for a different money system, a different education, science, medicine, business, government, community, etc etc etc.

      Or go to the Ponderers Cafe meetup, or centering prayer, or Bill walz’ awareness meditation, or Blake’s gnostic classes, or any number of remarkable places (there are dozens of groups here experimenting with permaculture, alternative energy, alternative community, alternative integral spiritualities which are in no way in any conflict with the most material manifestation, people who love the Mother even if They don’t call Her That.

      Remarkable. And not just here in Asheville, but all over, all over the South, the US, the world.

      I am more optimistic than I have been in a long time. It’s happening. We may not see the fruits in our lifetimes (“we” meaning you and me and those over, well, 30:>) but I suspect if we drop back in around 2060 or thereabouts, the old late 20th century ugly science fiction vision of a cold world filled with mechanistic technology will have given way ot a beautiful world, that “more beautiful world hour hearts desire” that Charles Eisenstein talks (though not always in the clearest, wisest way) about. (actually, by that “time” our sense of “time” and “space” may be so different we won’t be talking about “years’ or “21st centuries” but rather many co-existing “times” and “spaces” in multiple layers in countless varied manifestations.)



  3. donsalmon
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 07:15:44

    that was supposed to be, “many if most under 30 realize the system is not just NOT working..”



  4. donsalmon
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 07:17:30

    oh and one more thing – I’ve had a few very wonderful letters from others who read this blog so i thought I’d once again invite personal comments if you like – I just received an offer from someone helping us with an ebook. If anybody knows about how to create a multimedia ebook, or has experience putting up a youtube (or vimeo) channel or creating a store on a website, please drop a note. Our aim is to be doing this later this year, toward the end of the fall.



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