Flavio Cabobianco, child & soul-teacher

‘VENGO DEL SOL’, read the title of the little book. by a Flavio Cabobianco.


A surprising title, to say the least. But on the back cover, even more of a surprise was the photo of the author:  it was that of a child about 8-10 years old, a striking face with penetrating eyes and an immense forehead, and a somewhat shy countenance. The photo I am using, with my thanks, is courtesy 244 × 293 – metamorfosistransmutacion.blogspot.com

Inside were a few more photos of him and his elder brother Marcos, amidst amazing texts and drawings they had both authored when they were merely 3 0r 4 years old to start with, gems of soul-knowledge at first written down by their bewildered parents, respecting their wonderfully simple vocabulary; and later, when they could  themselves write, couched also in their own childish handwriting. All of it was said in the family’s mother tongue, Spanish, except the occasional word the kids themselves invented for concepts they couldn’t find expressed in that Spanish language.

The parents they had chosen to be born to were living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, united by a deep bond of true love that, the boys told them, was what had attracted those two souls to them. Nestor and Alba noted down carefully the strange but beautiful statements their two sons kept uttering quite matter-of-factedly about souls, their origins, our other embodied lifetimes, on dense planet Earth or other planetary environments with easier conditions, their own nostalgia of the True Reality where God could be felt so easily, etc, etc.

Finally someone visiting the family declared all this was important and it should be made into a book; by the time it was all clear what that book would be like, young Flavio was old enough to start using the computer he had just been given, and in that way he was able to himself participate in the last stages of the actual making of his book. It was 1991 and he was 10 years old.

A copy of that book in its French translation was shown to me at my ‘Laboratory of Evolution’ desk a few years later; just leafing through it made me realize with awe how precious this little book was… but the other person knew it too and wouldn’t part from it, which I could understand, so I got it all photocopied in black and white as the only way I had to keep at least that much of it for our own Specialized Library.

I read it first of all myself, avidly and with often tears of inner recognition at the feelings expressed by those two simple kids whose souls still remembered that other Reality of blissful love and unity most of us quickly forget about when we incarnate once again here.

I made a separate copy of it for myself, which I read again whenever I felt the need to. I wished everyone, also other kids, would read that book, but strangely, although a German and a French translation had been made rather soon from the Spanish original, no English one seemed to have ever been made, that would have enabled more people to read it everywhere, even in Auroville too.

So today I want to begin translating for this blog at least some extracts from that remarkable and so useful book. Please keep in mind that, not knowing Spanish, the only basis I have is the French translation, so my English version is bound not to be very close to the Spanish original, but I am very faithful to the spirit and the childlike style of what is being said.

I’ll start with the Prologue, as written by Flavio himself, when he was eight:

‘Children of a new kind are being born. They are humans of a different sort, although nothing would make you expect this. I am only one of them, one of the first ones. Humanity is in the process of changing. The connection with the spiritual world is more open. All the children can nowadays keep themselves united to this spiritual source, to their essence.

Babies cry because to live on this planet is very difficult. A baby keeps trying to express itself in the telepathic way, but it doesn’t work because everything is much too dense down here. The baby sees everything, the bad and the good, the true and the false. On other planets, one sees what one wants. “See” is a way of speaking, as physical eyes do not exist; the being concentrates on whatever interests it, and can stop whenever it likes. The newborn baby is terrorized by its being imprisoned into the physical reality. It regrets the essential unity of where it comes from, and so it unites quickly with the persons who take care of it. It transfers the relationship that it had with the Supreme Being, to its parents. In the  case of parents believing only in the material world, they will imprison it every time more into the physical plane. When teaching him to speak, they will limit his thinking. While growing up, the children will lose their connection with their origin.

To help the little ones, one must help the big people. If the parents remain open, they will take care of their children without imposing on them their own ideas, their worldview.  The main thing is to give them space, to give them time, to let them do their own thinking, to let them express themselves. It is important to speak of God to them, but at the same time to let them free to find their own truth.

The human brain is like a computer, that has a limited memory, a reflection of  the physical brain. But the spirit is the reflection of the Divine Spirit, which is infinite.

Humans are taught to utilize a single point of view: the daily life one, that is used for physical things and for living in a society. Children, through playing, practice that reality. To remain open is to allow for other points of view. For example, the External point of view consists in “seeing” things from the external side of the Earth, and even more from the external side of the part of the Universe that is manifested. The Central point of view consists in “seeing” things from the nucleus, energetic essence of God. The Internal point of view consists in ‘looking’ from the inner nucleus of one’s own being, and to see the nuclei of the other beings.

The only thing children are made to practice is the Daily Life point of view. In this way, they limit the uses of their mental waves and learn to focus on the physical plane. It is like using hardly a tiny part of a computer. Once they are programmed in that way, it becomes very difficult for them to reopen themselves, they can make mistakes. A lot of patience is needed afterwards to re-establish the spiritual contact.

Most human  beings live their entire life forgetting the totality to which they belong. They are aware of the higher unity only  when they are babies, and in some cases they get it again a little while before they die. They seek happiness outside because they have lost it inside. They suffer because of their desires and also because of their dependance upon other human beings.

A child of the new kind knows it is a part of the Whole. If someone tries to teach to it the idea of  ‘mine’ or ‘my own’, it doesn’t understand. It cannot dissociate the ‘mine’ from the Whole, and believes then that everything belongs to itself. One ought to let it share. There is only one Me for the Whole, although the individual Me is of an infinite variety.‘ (Flavio, 8)



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  1. Aimee Curtis
    Aug 16, 2017 @ 06:06:14

    Thank you for this…you are beautiful in every way!

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