‘Vengo del Sol’ – ‘I Come from the Sun’

On the cover of his little book with this beautiful title, young Flavio Cabobianco put one of his bright colored drawings from when he was still younger, representing the Sun right up, and under it what looks like a house.

I have reproduced down below both the book with its cover-drawing, and under it the drawing itself, big size so that one can see the details without difficulty. The inside of the book has many other drawings in it, either from Flavio or from his elder brother Markos when he was little and was also saying things that seemed very strange to their parents. Luckily their parents were very good parents, they never told their two sons to stop telling nonsense or inventing lies, on the contrary they took down and they kept carefully what the two boys were saying, so Flavio later on has had also things said byMarkos to include in the book along with what he himself had said from 3 years old on.

Inside the book, when explaining how he came to be making such a book, about this cover-picture Flavio wrote:
‘Drawn by me when 5 years old with the following comment:
I am starting to develop my Me.
The Sun represents both God and my soul:
The house represents both the Earth and my Me.’
When 8 years old I added:
At the time of writing ‘I come from the Sun’ I was very little and knew only a small amount of words. I must clarify that it is not the physical Sun I am talking about, but the spiritual Sun. Before my coming to the Earth, I stayed for a while in that source of light, so as to be able to enter the physical plane.
It’s not just me who is coming from the Sun. All the children now and also all the adults who follow a transformation process have an open connection with the light.’
In another piece of writing inside the book, titled ‘The soul and the mask’, it is a dialogue between Flavio at 7 with his mom, which is recorded; I selected it because it speaks of the same thing:
– Flavio : I have to find a different definition for the word ‘friend’. We are putting together a personal dictionary.
Mom: Recently I have read a beautiful definition: ‘the friend, is the one to whom we can say everything of ourselves.’
– Flavio: It is beautiful, but it has no use for me, at least not regarding my school-mates. You know very well that Alexander is my best friend, and yet I show him only my mask, he doesn’t know the most important of myself.
– Mom: What is it, your mask?
– Flavio: My mask is my personality. I am Flavio,  an almost 8 years boy, a rather good student, a good comrade, not very good at sports. But that is only a very small part of what I am.
– Mom: To me, can you tell what you are really?
– Flavio: I am telling you that since I am 3 years old. I am a soul who comes, with many others, to help in the present times. Now I am on the Earth, this planet so physical which is starting on its spiritual path. To reach the Earth, I have had to pass through the Sun in order to enter the solar system. Then I have experimented with density on planets less physical than the Earth. The universe is the physical body of God and the humans know only a tiny bit out of it.
We can say that a soul is born as a soul when it separates itself from the nucleus of divine essence. It goes through a lot of ways of being, various forms of existence, and then goes back to the nucleus, enriched with its experience. In that sense, my soul has a lot of experience, but I have little practice of this so difficult world. This is why I need so much help.'(Flavio, 7)




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