From Marcos’ and Flavio’s father, Nestor

‘The birth of Marcos had given me an experience of plenitude. I thought that the coming of my second son wouldn’t bring  anything new, besides the joy of being a father again. A few months before the birth of Flavio appeared in Marcos a clear and personal connection with the spiritual. Until that time, although of catholic origin, I had had no devotional practice. I was an intellectual man, immersed in the western scientific tradition, an agnostic as far as religious matters were concerned.
When my elder son begins to speak about what he knows, I suffer quite an emotional and intellectual shock. It becomes evident to me that the concepts he is transmitting in his still very childish language represent an exocentric and supraphysical view of reality. I listen to him, trying not to interfere, trying to accept without criticizing, to put questions without insisting.
The dialogues become free and spontaneous. In various circumstances Marcos catches entire sequences of thoughts or images from my own mind or that of his mother. Nevertheless, this telepathic capacity is the least astonishing of all of them. Marcos has his own personal ideas and a great force to transmit them and defend them. Moreover, he seems to have a very strong connection with some subtler dimensions. He tells quite naturally about his ‘night travels’ during his sleep and about his link to angelic beings, invisible to physical eyes. All this forces me to a profound revision of my theoretical references. Doubts or fears about his mental balance vanish for he is a joyful and well adapted child, although slightly shy. During that period Marcos gets our full attention while Flavio grows, serene and peaceful.
When he became three, Flavio too started to ‘speak’. The two children carry the same basic concepts. Many times we listen  to Marcos giving Flavio information about the characteristics and the rules of the game of this world. Flavio admires and respects his elder brother, but very soon upholds animated discussions with him about small differences regarding their ‘metaphysical’ ideas.
Both of them have the absolute certitude, the full conviction that they are part of a totality: ‘God is everything, and everything that exists is a particle emanated from God’.
As they grow, they prove to be different but complementary personalities. (…)
To educate my children and at the same time to learn from them is a difficult but fascinating experience. My conceptions about reality have undergone a complete revolution. I am growing with my children. Nevertheless, despite their inner light, they need me to orient them in the concrete and daily world, or, as they say, in their experience with the ‘dense’. The formation of the personality of each one requires different criteria, firmness and correct limits.
This book is a faithful testimony of but a few among the many moments lived with them. To share that, I believe, can be  useful for the transition we are going through towards new forms of humanity.
I am sure many children are like Marcos and Flavio, only waiting for the possibility of an open attitude to be able to express it, to not be obliged any more to lose their connection with the light.‘ (Omar Nestor)

Flavio and his elder brother Marcos


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