Flavio’s Way to Know the Truth

Even after several posts already taken from the same book, I like to linger more into the deeply beautiful and yet so simple atmosphere of little Flavio Cabobianco’s small book, ‘Vengo del Sol’ (‘I come from the Sun’). Today I have chosen this so significant  conversation between 6 year 0ld Flavio and his father, on the Truth:

The way to reach the truth for Flavios’s Dad


(From the notes of my dad)

I am surrounded with books, preparing a lecture, very concentrated. Flavio comes near me. He tells me:

– Flavio: What are you doing?

– Dad: I’m studying… I’m preparing a talk.

– Flavio: Why so many books?

– Dad: To see what has been written on the subject, and prepare what I will say.

– Flavio: All this  is the truths of other people. You have to look inside of yourself and say your own truth.

– Dad: For me it is not so easy. It is by reading a lot that I have arrived at my own truth.

– Flavio: Of course, to you God transmits the truth through the books. Me, I don’t need to read books.I have a direct connection. I feel the truth.

– Dad: Sometimes I think that my own ideas may influence you and I don’t want to do that.

– Flavio: No, that cannot happen to me. Human beings get ideas, they cling to their ideas like me to this cushion. (He grabs a cushion and holds it tight against his chest). Sometimes, they change their ideas for some others tht they like better or that seem to them more interesting. Me, I cannot change my ideas because that’s the way I am. Those ideas are in my nature, they are my nature, they are part of me. (He puts the cushion down on the floor and sits on it). That’s why you cannot influence me. But you can help me a lot if you teach me words that help me to explain what I know already.

– Dad: How is it possible that you come with the knowledge of concepts that have cost me years to discover and understand?

– Flavio: It is the love which helps. Mom and you came through the love of your parents, who loved each other enough. But the love between you and Mom was still greater,, because it was less personal. It is because of that, that I have been able to keep the connection open.’ (Flavio, 6)

‘The Tower of the Universe and the Journey of the souls’





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