Bob Monroe’s Guardian Angels

Bob Monroe hadn’t always been able to converse telepathically with those evolved beings he called ‘INSPECS’ or any other being invisible to our physical eyes. That was to come much later.

But there had been some occasions in his recent past when he had had the definite feeling that something had happened that wasn’t explicable in terms of ordinary physical laws. In two of those mysterious occasions, which he lists out and narrates at the beginning of his second book, ‘Far Journeys’, the inexplicable event had been one of protection of his life


‘Item: In our house at Whistlefield Farm, there was a screened porch off
the living room. To get to the porch, one had to go through two double
doors and down a series of flagstone steps that led to the porch at a lower
level. These steps were quite steep, the difference in floor height being
approximately four feet.
One morning, with my arms full of books and papers, I walked out the
entrance to the porch and stumbled. My left foot crossed over in front of
my right, and I dove headlong in the direction of the flagstone floor of the
porch. As I fell I was unable to get my arms out in front of me. I remember
thinking, “Well, this will certainly end up with a fractured skull and a
broken neck.”
About six inches from the floor, my fall was suddenly arrested and I
landed on my head and shoulders very lightly on the flagstone floor, no
heavier than if I had simply put my head down very carefully. The rest of
my body then draped down afterward, drifting as gently as a feather. I lay
there for a moment wondering what had happened. I felt my head and my
shoulders and there was no pain, no mark, no bruise, nothing. I stood up,
picked up my books and papers, looked at the place from where I had
fallen, and tried to figure some answer. Something had cushioned my fall,
but I certainly was not consciously aware of what it was.
Some months later in the middle of winter, a similar event took place. I
was walking down the front steps, which had been reportedly cleaned after
a snow, slipped, and started to fall. This time I was not quite so surprised

when I again landed very lightly. There have been only two such events,
and I don’t think I will deliberately try to fall experimentally.’

When I read this passage in Bob Monroe’s book, the incidents he described reminded me immediately of the very similar incidents narrated about her own childhood by the Mother in her ‘Agenda’: the ones I just posted up in my previous post. I am now deliberately posting those two specific extraordinary incidents in Bob Monroe’s life, so that all my visitors can see the obvious similarity.

In the first case mentioned by Bob, the ‘angels’ or whatever they were had to override not only the strong probability of the accident, but on top of that also Bob’s own quite negative inner prognostic on the outcome of his headlong fall towards the stone!… At least in the examples from Mother, she was still a very young girl, and, as she herself says, she still had the inner strength of her inner beliefs or rather certitudes, based on the strong inner influence of the Psychic Being, the Being of the Soul. For Bob, an adult with all the now normal materialistic beliefs of our contemporary scientific world, the angels must have had quite a tougher job at protecting him!… But still they did…


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