Live with your Guardian Angels!

One of our contemporary world’s greatest woes is loneliness. The deep and desperate loneliness of all the individuals who for one reason or the other find themselves alone in life, and forced to fend for themselves constantly.

To have good, strong, cheerful relationships with some friends, preferably in one’s neighborhood, has been found to be one of the main factors leading to good physical and mental health, continuing even in old age – but only as long as this cluster of friends was still around. If the close ties and happy relationships faded for any reason, all the ‘normal’ cancers and heart-attacks of the general population started to take their toll like anywhere else.

So why depend on the human friends only? They do what they can, but they will not always be around or available when you need them. On the other hand, just imagine: your Guardian Angels are always there with you, and they can’t wait to help you! It’s their job, their assignment, but in most occasions they need your request to be able to come to your help; as most people don’t even know they are there, just imagine how frustrating it must be for their angels!… Luckily, Angels are very patient and very persistent, because they truly love you, with unconditional love. That doesn’t mean they will be blind to your mistakes or even your intentional wrong deeds; but rather than criticize and judge and condemn you like most humans would do,  their very presence will be an encouragement to do the right thing at every moment, or give you the inner strength to regret the wrongs you have done and find the determination and courage never to do it again – and so, to make every time an important progress in your personal evolution.

I want to quote here what Markos, the elder brother of Flavio, explained one day to his father, when he was only 3 years old and just getting used to having a tiny new little brother, whom he truly loved, but the easily flaring side of his temperament (he had come purposely under the ‘Mars’ influence to experience the fiery Red Planet’s way of being) sometimes did take over nevertheless in spite of himself. Here is, in ‘The Angels and the lamb’, how he said the angels were helping him:

– Dad: Markos, I would like to read for a while. I need to be alone. Why don’t you go and play?

– Markos: I am not going away, because it is with yourself that you are angry, not with me.

– Dad (acknowledging his feelings): Well, it’s true, I am a little irritated, but it has nothing to do with you.

– Markos:  Daddy, to be angry is not good; it is like having a hell inside. Me, sometimes, I have a heaven and a hell inside of me fighting each other. But I don’t believe in the heaven and the hell that Grand-Ma is talking about. Do you know something? Yesterday night I was angry with my little brother and I didn’t want to fly in my dreams. But the angels came to fetch me and they took me with them to fly, to be near God. They took me to a place where they had all gathered. Do you know what they said to me? That I had killed a lamb. I was telling them it wasn’t true. But they were saying it again. They were not doing anything to me, because angels don’t do anything to you; they don’t punish you, they only are. Then God came and touched me, but not with hands because he has no hands and no body. I wasn’t in my body either; after that I came back into my body, I became quiet. I know that I have to love my little brother and to take care of him, but sometimes I am very angry… It seems to me that the angels help me by taking me to God. The anger is like hell, heaven is to feel God.

(Markos, 3 yrs old)

When there are so many theological discussions about what exactly are what some of our religions call ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’, this little boy brought in by the New Evolutive Step has nailed it so simply and so powerfully in these few words straight from his soul, outside of any religious framework, only based on his own direct inner experience.

Don’t let any reluctance, because of past association of the word ‘angel’ with religions, prevent you from discovering your Angel; just start relating inwardly to the simple, wonderful reality of your Guardian Angel, and build up day after day, moment after moment, a strong and cheerful friendship with him-her, and your life will change for the better… This is one aspect of the future life on Earth that you can begin to enjoy and develop already from today on!… From this very moment, on… Just close your eyes and inwardly call your Guardian Angel… And after that, in deep silence, feel the response, the sweetness of love and companionship suddenly enveloping you, surrounding you quietly, bringing peace  and the same loving sweetness within you too…






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