Why to Celebrate the Day when Sri Aurobindo was Born

Sent to the Auroville News & Notes for publication last week:

Sri Aurobindo around 1916

It sometimes happens that people new here say with a little irritation, ‘But really, what new thing did Sri Aurobindo bring about, that he should be considered different from all the saints or yogis in Traditional Spirituality…?’
Before the 15th August comes, the date of both his own birth in 1872 and of Free India in 1947, it might be useful to explain what Sri Aurobindo has said, and most important, has DONE, which justifies that the Mother, his spiritual collaborator, has used such strong words about it:
‘What Sri Aurobindo represents for the Earth is not a teaching, not even a revelation, but a decisive ACTION straight from the Supreme.’
Especially on this coming August 15th 2014 the Laboratory of Evolution wants to present a Mini-Exhibition about the ‘Arya’, the monthly magazine that this day will mark the Centenary of, for in spite of the beginning of WWI, its first issue was published (deliberately) for Sri Aurobindo’s birthday on August 15th 1914, during the first visit of this remarkable French lady, Mirra Alfassa, whom he recognized as the embodiment of What in India they call the Divine Mother, and who recognized in him the mysterious being with whom she was working inwardly already since years.
But all the magnificent books Sri Aurobindo will write in the ‘Arya’ (all of them simultaneously, chapter after after chapter!…), from 1914 to 1921, those ‘The Life Divine’,
‘The Secret of the Veda’, ‘The Synthesis of Yoga’, ‘The Ideal of Human Unity’, etc, which have purely and simply revolutionized our human understanding of everything and have made Sri Aurobindo a most celebrated ‘philosopher’, all of those 6000 incredibly impressive pages still are nothing compared to what he has DONE for the Earth, so discretely, through the next thirty years of intensive, ceaseless inner labor, on a gigantic scale: sacrificing in the end even his physical body in 1950, he finally managed in 1956  to bring all the way down into the terrestrial atmosphere and matter, directly, this Energy from beyond all traditional spirituality, which he called the Supramental Energy. This all-powerful specific vibratory frequency, just as he had foreseen, activated then in the depths of Matter the very same Supramental Energy that, like a Sleeping Beauty, had been since eons waiting for that kiss from her Prince Charming, to start manifesting upon Earth that Power, inaugurating a new evolutive Era, the Supramental Era. This Power will in time give birth to a new species, moved by Divine Love and the Unity between all that is: the Supramental Beings. But it will be the Human Beings interested (ourselves, if we so desire, and all Humans have the same potential) who will constitute the bridge, with the possibility of reaching finally a full supramental transformation which will enable them to share in the life literally divine that those Supramental Beings will spontaneously live.
This new race will manifest upon Earth the divine all-powerfulness, in its wonderful Truth: not a Power cruel and terrifying as in Hitler’s Nazism, in which all the true characteristics of the new evolutive step were horribly inverted, but on the contrary at last a Power full of Love and Compassion, expressing a spontaneous Joy of living in a divine Harmony with all
other forms of Being.
It is this evolutive future of happiness for the Earth that the ‘Arya’ was already announcing. Sri Aurobindo had dedicated his whole existence to it, it is for the birth of this New Era that he finally gave up his life, knowing that once started its growth would be irresistible: no one can stop Evolution.
This is why on August 15th, the day when Sri Aurobindo took birth in his physical body, deserves to be celebrated with gratitude not only by all his disciples, but actually by all human beings as well, for all, whether they know it or not, are now benefiting from the secret but massive spiritual help brought in, also for our bodies, by the ever-growing action of this Supramental Power that Sri Aurobindo came to activate upon Earth.



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  1. truthyoga
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 08:01:29

    Thank you Bhaga for writing and posting this, especially in News and Notes, for I have felt the need for writing also such an address to people who still mix up Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with all other ‘teachings’ and Gurus, etc. Best wishes to you and Happy Darshan!



    • Bhaga
      Aug 12, 2014 @ 11:59:26

      Glad that this clarifiaion article seems to you useful and timely! Thank you for this omment of yours appreciating it, and Happy darshan to you too! 🙂



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